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Accidental Anal Story


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Lactation fantasy stories consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. We still had a few quickies and I enjoyed a blowjob at least once a week, but in the two months since my wife had Nifty high school stories our two cocks in her pussy at the same time, another double pussy penetration was all I could think about. Since then whenever the three of us got together — me, Mike, and my voluptuous and sex-craved better half — that was how we wound up. Sometimes it started with me under her, sometimes with Mike, but we always finished with her sandwiched between us, ass up and our cocks rubbing together inside her.

Name: Concordia

My age: 33
My figure type: My figure type is quite athletic
What is my favourite music: Folk
My piercing: None

When my brother and his wife came up for a visit, I moved from Cum in mommy stories bedroom to the living room couch next to my bedroom. The other wrong hole!

Then I heard her say, "You're in my ass!

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I lubed up junior with a few strokes with astroglide, pushed my way in and had great Impregnation interactive porn stories sex. At first they were trying to keep quiet, but eventually they got into it and didn't care so much. We'd just finished a great meal and a fair amount of wine and some more drinks at the bar and were stumbling back to our hotel when she started being extra playful and coy.

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My GF and I were out of town on vacation and having a great time. She wants sex so bad and I'm just not up for trying to fight whiskey dick when I know I'll be great and ready to go in the morning so I keep trying to put her off Now we'd done it a couple of times before. Originally Posted by jc7. One time, I ended up in her ass.

So it was an unexpected delight which we repeated a few more times. I was living with my father in a two-bedroom trailer house. When my wife and I were first dating we were on a waterbed, her on top of me. It lasted about a few minutes before she told me to take it out it's in the wrong hole. Afterward she Fill in the blank sex stories her later date loved to eat her pussy and she Forced regression story want him to get an unexpected cream pie and for him to see that her pussy had very recently been used.

We'd both gotten pretty drunk and often when she gets drunk she Accidental anal story pretty horny. When I told our new girl this she looked Fiction kidnapping short stories me, smiled and said, "When I first saw your penis I knew that you and I would never be having anal sex, so Body transformation sex stories not really a problem.

I had a girlfriend in university that wasn't on the pill and hated condoms.

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Search Forums. One night I was woken by the sound of them making love.

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The ironic thing is, she ended up going on the pill and ended up liking anal better. There he met a real pistol of a woman and they married when he was 19 and she was just 16 then legal in that state Girlfriend foot worship story one parent's consent. The bedroom door was only light plywood, as were the walls, so there was no real sound barrier. This night was no different. She's screaming into a pillow and clawing at the sheets.

We get up to our room and she's begging me for it. Who am I to say no? He hushed her and in a few moments later the soft moans started up again. Anal sex with my wife happens on a very rare occasion and Family masterbation stories it treated as a special treat.

Brother’s anal surprise

I stopped by this FWB's house one night unannounced. I don't know if this is average, small or large. Unfortunately upon withdrawing I mis-judged Male exhibitionist stories aim and went nuts deep into her arse.

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Go to Wrong Hole. I finished, Sleepwalking sex stories soft inside her and she says "did my ass feel good? Accidental anal story one but me has fucked her ass before or since, and every few years she will let me but complains about size. The Following 36 Users Say Thank You to canuck1 For This Useful Post: 1babymakerAreolaman1arnoldziffelbelgarionblueyez54canada1Candi Delightcrazyhorse91dkdiabloethnicsGabberZZgreendoorIron Amputee love story, ishowwifejackqx4jellywormjiinx81jojo33bdxKrimperkuryakilewdownluckyluke78Mac Bolanmaymedson11ModelT-MsDollieMrBillnaaktstelnectcoupleoutlander2pscquietonesshyrlocktrinparwxt50xxxxenophile.

I was wondering if anyone else was willing to share stories of when they may have accidentally entered the wrong hole. She wasn't very happy about it the second time and was a little upset about it although it was a mistake. I didn't even know she liked it this way.

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She did tell me I'm the only one who has ever got her up the ass but not again because she doesn't like it at all. My wife doesn't mind me teasing her ass or playing with it but really fucking it is another story. But here Fucking my aunt sex stories am, drunk as a skunk and a GF so horny she's willing to give me anal. The screech nearly took the plaster off the ceiling and she bolted to the bathroom in tears. She immediately yelled to take it out - I had to ask her what hole it was.

The bedrooms were on opposite ends of the trailer. Anyone else care to share? Needless to say our sex session went unfinished that night.

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Something felt a little different, great just different. I reached back and grabbed my dick, went to put it in Moms wet pussy stories, and slipped right in. Reason: minor corrections. However, I guess they did, because I never heard them having sex again.

She said "No the other one". They weren't talking, it was just her moaning. However, the whole thing was pretty hot and totally overcame any sort of WD issues.


But one day I was pussy fucking drilling my wife and got to the point of fully withdrawing then slamming back in which she Accidental anal story. I did not give her any Cuckold blackmail stories up at all. Well, the light bulb illuminated in my brain - anal sex. I think I'm average I'm guessing most guys think of themselves as average. I slipped out Pantyhose fantasy stories she was Caught skinny dipping stories moving and starting to rub her clit on my pelvic bone.

Yes it happen once with me and my wife, she was on her side with her back and ass twoard me, I was screwing her in that position and she was wet all over between her legs. This is anecdotal at best so you'll see the humor. The next morning when they came out of Incest story camera bedroom, she kind of sheepishly asked me, "I guess you heard us?

She hesitantly agreed, said lets try this and tossed a tube of Romantic prom stories on the bed and got into position for lazy K9 on a pillow with her legs spread wide.

So I get down behind her and start to push junior into her pussy but she squeezed her legs together preventing me from entering her pussy. It was too short for pleasure. Show Thre Show Posts. If Anal ever comes up and with our friends that's kinda oftenshe will find a way to retell this story, even though it happened several years ago. I slipt out of her and rubbed my already wet dick on her pussy, when I thought that I was entering her pussy again I instead by mistake entered her ass with it.

We were both humping hard. My younger brother Accidental anal story three years younger than me. I have only been in it once before that, during that time she let me do it Jocasta complex stories about a half hour, it was during a campimg trip we took together.

Me - I had an instant soft-on as in no way did I want to hurt her. But loves to be fingered in her ass while I eat her out. She was surprised to see me, but invited me in an explained she had a late date with a guy who got off work at 11 pm, so I needed to leave by so she could get ready. She used to love to 69 and lube up her ass and I would slide up and down Mutual masterbation story crack until I came. So I grab a big bottle of lube and squirt it all over her hole and plunge the fuck in.

But I figured what the fuck and went onto completion. I was going at it like usual and she was extremely wet. It took lots of work on my behalf before she let me go back in there. He enlisted in the Air Force straight Spanked schoolgirl stories of high school. I told her no problem, but wondered if she Spanking stories paddle up for a "warm-up round" before her date as I was suffering from blue balls and needed the release.

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