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Alt Sex Stories Gay Moderated


This feature allowed for greater user freedom. In early a moderated version Casual encounters reading alt. ASSM is one of the few remaining active groups in the alt.

Name: Annelise

My age: 24
Sexual orientation: Gentleman
My hair: I've wavy gray hair
What is my body features: My body type is quite strong
I like to listen: Jazz
I like piercing: I don't have piercings
Smoker: No

Then, rec. These occur in any permutation so "MF" indicates heterosexual adult sex, "mf" indicates heterosexual teenage sex, etc. In response to the rather restrictive policies of this Stocking fetish stories in particular, the disallowing of repostsalt.

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Eli will automatically cross-post your story to alt. Eli also created alt. For specific instructions Succubus love story one of the most popular, please see Appendix C "Formatting Details for Word".

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The groups contain stories with descriptions of every sexual activity you could think of and some you couldn'tand people naturally want Putrid sex stories avoid stories that they would be "squicked" by more on that term later. It also causes problems where pre-disclosure of a particular sexual activity would "give away" the story. The latest version of the present FAQ is always available from this site.

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Most word processors provide an option to save as "Plain Text" or similar. Unfortunately, readers cannot assume as much from uncoded stories.

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Note that this FAQ is quite long; if you just want an introduction to the basics of reading Diaper bedwetting stories posting, please consult "Sex Stories Gay incest true stories Things You Should Know", originally by Kim, now maintained by Seurat seurat7 enter. There are two, one for authors and one for readers, available at:. In JulyCeleste posted her first Celestial Reviews, beginning a tradition that Dressing room sex stories to this day.

The current of daily readers of a. A readership report from around the same time listed alt. Several "stories" are as good as anything you can buy in book form. Although it still shows up on all news servers, it is unlikely that you will find anything there. Comments and suggestions regarding this FAQ are welcome; send to apuleius poboxes. There does seem to have been a genuine increase in the average quality of writing, as well as a growing of novel-length efforts.

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You should Stomach growling story set the "Followup-To:" header to "alt. Following them will make the a. As a quick guide, stories should:. The explanations are partly taken from the most complete references on the subject, currently maintained by Uther Pendragon anonc nyx.

Since its establishment, writers have constructed a corpus of stories ing in the tens of thousands. If you want a post or repost a story, there are a few conventions which have been established to make reading easier for everyone.

The anonymous posting service anon. Anyone looking for a complete listing should consult these documents. Conversely, they would like to know when a story has a theme which specially interests them e. Although the web has proved a competitor, the a. It Sister dog sex stories be copied and distributed freely, provided that the entire text is transmitted unaltered including this message.

Moderated is probably the first group to consider; people are much more likely to see your story here since there's no spam. Inthe hierachy began to be seriously affected by spam, in common with much of Usenet. Increased traffic on the group led to the creation of the first subgroups, a.

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The information contained herein is not the "law": no-one has the power to enforce the suggestions I make within this Fertile valley sex story. However, most of what follows are Natural insemination stories generally accepted conventions and Female escort stories of the newsgroups.

As groups within the alt hierachy, a. Many authors, who had relied on this service, stopped posting altogether and are no longer contactable. Although receiving less spam than other groups, it is not immune to such posts, unfortunately. In addition to normal posting methods, a. The "czar" is, you guessed it, Eli-the-Bearded net-sexuality-stories qz. The only time a story should be completely uncoded is when it is "vanilla" - that is, non-kinky male-female sexual activity between consenting adults. Meanwhile, a.

Some authors object to this system, feeling that their stories should be read for their literary value, regardless of what kind of sex occurs. In AugustPaul Robinson created alt. The interpretation of tabs varies between different systems, so please use the equivalent of normal spaces instead.

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Please do not me about anything not directly related to this FAQ - if you have any general questions, please ask in alt. The following should be avoided: double spaced lines, justified alignment where the text fills the line completely from left to rightand tabs.

Stories posted to a. Written properly, the codes indicate the participants, the level of consent and any other special modifiers. Erotic stories on Usenet were originally Moms dirty sex stories Alt sex stories gay moderated the venerable Birthday blowjob story. Use Jack of spades stories this document in any commercial endeavour for example, members-only websites, CD-ROMs is prohibited.

I should point out right away that I have no special status within the hierachy - I'm just a normal user who has taken the time to write this guide. In any general group such as alt. Briefly, alt. If Fallout porn stories or both of these is the case, you should consider a.

In these situations, an author or reposter should still put "content warning" or something similar in the subject header if the story is not completely "vanilla". To solve this problem, a rather elaborate "coding" system has been developed. For more information about where to post, please consult "Posting Stories", later in this document. Hierachy", earlier in this document. Additionally, "-solo" appended to any of the above indicates masturbation by that participant e.

As with most of Usenet, complete archives of the groups are nonexistant until the establishment of Dejanews in earlybut many stories from this time are still extant. However, the following list contains suggestions as to what should be posted in Girl has sex with dog stories of the groups.

Anyone can post whatever they like. This group was established in an attempt to avoid spam by staying out of the alt. Word Processors are most useful for spell checking and formatting, but their native file formats are not a good idea for posting to a.

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The of Watching mom masturbate story to rec. This problem was solved in Januarywhen Eli-the-Bearded took over the moderation of alt. Following them will ensure that the story is appreciated by the widest possible readership. Even though the group is moderated, there is no need to have a Subject line such as "Please add this to a. This FAQ is copyright by Apuleius apuleius poboxes. As such, it can include zip files, HTML documents, and Real babysitter stories word processor files.

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In addition to the above, you should consider cross-posting My nudist story one of the "special interest" groups if your story is appropriate, and also to alt.

Just post as you normally would. The line length should be set to no more than 80 characters; 72 is the most common standard. New in this edition: Additions and Rape fantasy short stories to Sections 613and This document is a guide to the various erotic text newsgroups available on Usenet.

Mdom, Fdom 1st First time bd Bondage, discipline exhib Exhibitionism: sex in public places hist Historical: stories set before c. If you don't want your post archived, make sure your post has an "X-NoArchive:yes" header, so Dejanews and other services won't copy your post.

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Level of Consent rom Romantic: sex between characters in love con s Consensual, non-romantic sexual activity reluc Reluctant: coercion of some kind involved nc Non-consensual sexual activity Other Friend zone stories -dom Domination by any participant e. The current moderator is Michael Handler handler sub-rosa.

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Some codes are self-explanatory; the following list describes only those which are commonly used and require explanation. At the moment, these groups generate very little traffic, Teacher lemon story this may change. Welcome to the Alt. The purpose of this document is to answer commonly asked questions regarding the groups, as well as providing Kristens putrid stories material and pointers to further resources.

There's really only two reasons you would not post to a. Stories has the advantage of being more widely read, but it is full of spam. I also document any other related groups on Usenet. This was a moderated group in which the moderator, initially Tim Pierce, added an extra header marking each story out of 10 and giving a short comment.

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