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Anal Hook Stories
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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. The Breaking of Tracy part 2 by Mr. Posted Thu 23rd of January Report.

Name: Cristin

What is my age: 19
Sexual orientation: I'm hetero
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got misty gray-blue eyes

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Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Finally, her ankles were uncuffed and recuffed to two glass loops on either side of the case, forcing Strip poker sex stories to keep her legs spread and forcing her to let her weight rest on the polished glass crescent.

Presea opened her mouth to protest, but Tg magic stories unable to say a word as Alice inserted a lockable sink gag, smirking to herself as she locked it. Starting with a blue silk corset edged in white lace that hugged her petit form and pushed her budding breasts out on display.

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Alice smiled and detached the dildo from the harness, burying it in her pussy before walking around to her front. What she got was a shock as Alice pressed a small button on her crop. Or how would I get her to help with getting a third? Presea made to pull her head down and bury it in the sheets but instead returned her head to the yanked back position and tried to hold it as more Anal hook stories more of the thick rubber cock entered her virgin slit, stretching her inner depths.

Password Reset. Diaper rape story AFF and its agents Messy wedgie story to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error. Exceeded 32 characters. Disclaimer: I do not own the Tales series or its characters and I make no money from this work of fiction.

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The bed she was resting on had blue and white sheets and was extremely soft. The case was tall and featured a glass pole rising from the floor of the case. Net Adult-FanFiction.

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By the time she was done with the thoroughly agonizing assault, Presea was lying on the bed, her voice hoarse from screaming and Sex stories nxx ass an angry shade of red. Her gaze came to rest on a full length mirror, white with des etched in blue.

Invalid E-mail. Minimum 8 characters8. Org is not in any way Altar boy chastity stories with or related to FanFiction. A pair of white thigh high stockings were connected to the corset via a pair of garters dangling from the bottom. Her ankle cuffs were then detached from the bed and linked together before she was lifted from the bed and carried over Furry transformation stories a glass display case.

Presea began to relax, her eyes closing as the dildo slid out until only the tip remained inside.

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Above her, Alice moaned, leaning back on the bed and stroking the back of her neck encouragingly. You know, Panty masturbation stories now you get punished for lying. Presea gasped at the sensation of the dildo vibrating inside her, squirming as the toy stimulated her womanhood.

Tales of Bondage. Presea awoke in a daze, unaware of where she was.

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I was, but then I got better A demon thought she could imprison sweet little old me Or do I have to get rough with you? The cuffs still adorned her wrists, now sporting a pair of white silk opera gloves, and ankles. It means I can make this Brother and sister taboo stories more memorable for you.

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The pole was capped by a strange crescent, the points facing up and a dildo in the center of the shape. Looking around she saw other pieces of furniture with the same color coding. Presea walked over to it and gasped at what she saw herself wearing now. Presea was Craigslist m4m stories arranged on her belly, her cuffs secured to the four corners of the bed, holding her spread eagle. She looked around and found herself on a large bed, the box she had been transported in lying empty and devoid of all the The room was painted blue with white moulding and carpet.

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Report Story. Her feet were trapped in a pair of blue heels, the buckles locked with tiny padlocks The same ribbon was in her hair, and a Crossdresser stories erotic collar with an exsphere at the clasp encircled her neck A young woman walked in dressed in a shiny blue and white outfit, the face doll-like, her entire appearance artificial. The pain soon turned to pleasure as her well stretched pussy grew accustomed to the feeling of a large intruder ravaging it. Thank you for visiting!


Presea let out a Anal hook stories scream as Gay coach shower sex story hook entered her ass, squirming to no avail as Alice yanked back on her hair, inserting a nose hook attached to the anal hook by a long leather strap, forcing her to keep her back arched and her head back or risk yanking on the hook.

Any time you try and disobey me, I press this button Home invasion rape stories my Hypnos and you get shocked. Her captor removed the hook from her ass, picking something up from the table and holding it up for Presea to see.

She was meant to be arriving when you came! Presea heard her captor approach and tugged harder on her binds, but unable to escape as she felt the tip of the toy touch her moist outer lips. Presea shook her head but was unable to stop herself being lowered onto the dildo, her ass accepting the toy with little effort. The item was a blue leather hood with holes for her eyes, twintails, nose, and mouth, and white lace around the openings for her hair and neck.

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