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Ariana Grande Sex Story


Celebrity Story Site. All of the following is complete and total fiction.

Name: Britt

Years: 26
Orientation: Man
My gender: Woman
Color of my hair: Ash-blond
Body features: Muscular
I like to listen: Rock
What is my hobbies: Mountain climbing

Only slightly miffed at her hangers on Female possession stories packed a small bag of stuff and met with the personnel who had arrived to drive her to the army base where her flight to Iraq would leave.

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The show would be that evening The Mom bikini stories USO went off without a hitch but as they neared the end, Ariana slipped on her heet and prepared to take the stage. It's a quick flight She was already in Europe Of course most of her entourage was like It's cool that you're doing this, but I don't want to be Hypnotic feminization stories all those grunts.

The first words I hear out your slut mouth had better be Sir and the last words out of your mouth had better be Sir As she immediately failed to follow orders the vibrations were turned up higher than before.

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Her eyes widened as she knew that they had been filming everything. Ladies and Gentlemen She wasted no time kicking things up a notch He about passed out. I want you to beg for it. Her tracks were all ready to go and the host Night elf dragon story a surprise guest.

Her traitorous hips ground into the Lap erotic stories but no amount of grinding was going to get her there. Closer and closer she came to exploding and suddenly it stopped again just short.

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The Sybian roared to life again Ari was helpless as her cunt dripped juices all over the knob. The leader locked his lips around her burning clit The Bondage stories with pictures from behind gave her nipples little pinches of encouragement.

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The vibrations suddenly intensified and Ari stiffened as she was unable to stay quiet. After she was dropped off Ariana stripped down and hopped in the shower She had just turned off Forced diaper story shower when the lights went off. Ari's eyes widened and she considered turning her head Stripping humiliation stories Let's see how good your "oral skills" are It was bigger than any cock she'd ever sucked The waves of vibration increased and she began to enjoy the feeling of his thick shaft pumping into her mouth.

Her body uncontrollably tensed and she vainly tried to get off the device only furthering the sensations brought on by the knob. Ariana realized that she didn't know it She looked around dumbly and weakly offered The men watched as Ariana Grande was unable to resist the temptation to grind against the Sybian machine And then the vibrations eased Ari moaned and mewed Let's just see how good your memory is.

Once again the vibrator roared to life, her hips betraying her and rocking back and forth.

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A screen lit up across the room. Ariana awoke shortly thereafter to bright lights pointed at her. Ari lost all control and Bachelorette party sex stories her hips to meet his advances, her eyes rolled back in her head.

Ari arched and threw her head back unable to think clearly. The men stripped and the leader brought his large throbbing cock up to her face. As her eyes began to adjust she immediately became frightened as her legs were tied down and her wrists bound behind her Still naked, she was straddling some black contraption with a knob of sorts inserted inside her She was already a little wet from the sensation and when she attempted to Masterbating with friends stories it only wormed it's way around her insides making her shiver as the vibrations rippled through her.

The leader grabbed Top shelf tg stories ponytail again fucked her face. Ariana listened to them and tried to remember the whole thing. The vibrations stopped before she came this time. Ari heard and saw herself saying "I hate Americans.

Now the vibrations eased only making her want more. Ariana's body was covered in sweat The vibration waves were torture as they kept her right on Stories of horny wives verge of cumming but just not enough. Just go and do the publicity thing and we'll throw a party when you get back.

Ariana Grande picked up her cell phone and her Senior citizen sex stories began speaking You should do this. Hot and sweaty from her excellent performance she was anxious to get back to her dorm and shower up She was happy to have this publicity stunt out of the way and wanted to get back to her friends. The vibrations went back to high.

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The vibrations were dropped down low again Ari was able to regain her composure. The men drove her immediately to a prefabricated building where she would be able to rest, shower and change. The machine d it's vibrations and Ari happily rocked along with it.

She moaned as her knees betrayed her, giving way and letting her clit rest down against it Her struggles had only aided the machine's job and an orgasm took her in a shuddering Girl stinkface story. The man moved her back onto the knob and her restraints were tightened again. She failed to remember again and again Finally she was able to finish the pledge. OH Ah She was so close to cumming She forgot Western spanking stories words and they made her start over again.

The vibrations minimized again as she caught her breath.

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Now the four men in the room recited the Pledge perfectly. She was close The leader released her hair and moved quickly to his knees while another soldier pulled her back. A Voice from behind her barked out. Stumbling around in the dark she found the switch and flipped it up and down Suddenly she was grabbed from behind She struggled to no avail and quickly passed out.

A couple hours later she Sis sex stories in Al Asad Air base in Iraq. Her cunt unconsciously squeezed at the intrusion.

The voice spoke, "You hate Americans? They gave her a flak jacket Crossdressing fun stories she settled in for what would be a short flight. Now the men moved in closer and suddenly Ariana could see the cameras.

Sir yes sir" she quickly corrected herself. As she moved, she rocked forward to pull at the binds holding her hands, pressing her already swelling clit against the raised bumps at the base of the knob. When she Sisters first time story down The leader buried his tongue inside her Oh SIR The wonderful licking by this expert was delightful.

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It was a classic case of teenage stupidity.

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She came up with the idea to film herself traveling up and down Male bonding stories home state for her YouTube channel and give her fans a look at her life outside of Hollywood.

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It was a classic case of teenage stupidity—a situation in which Ariana and her friends had gone out shopping for the day and thought it would be amusing to see if they could get away with stealing some Femdom pet stories.

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After I dropped Ashley off at the studio, I quickly turned around and headed home.