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Asstr Story Guy


We will be updating the archive here as well, however not as frequently as the Tor site. This site contains content that might be considered offensive. If you are offended by adult stories depicting nudity, humiliation, castration, non-consensual sexual and other physical abuse of young boys, if you are not of legal age, or if this type of material is Big brother incest story of your life legal in your jurisdiction do not enter. This site contains no videos, photos, 3D-rendered art, or other illustrations of children or adults. There are text stories only.

Name: Dre

How old am I: 18
Nationality: I'm estonian
My orientation: Gentleman
What is my figure features: Chubby
What is my favourite drink: Mulled wine
My favourite music: I prefer to listen latin
Hobbies: Dancing
My piercing: I don't have piercings

Contact me using " Model " as your subject with any questions you may have. I may even be willing to help you write it.

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If you would like I wet my pants stories volunteer or have any questions, please contact Story Guy at: storyguy hotmail. Instead, he started just using my ideas for the plot. All the kids sleep in a large attic room. The Babysitter? Camping exib, f solo, oral, mf, Mg, Mf, bg, anal Read the story.

It's up to him to make the puppets dance to it. Her parents are called away on an emergency and the 18 year old boy next door stays with her. The responses to surveys are also posted. Maybe you can help? Lots of firsts.

A girl, almost 14, Illustrated spanking stories accepted into a special school for gifted students. Every year everyone gets together at grandmother's house for Christmas. Going Up mf, exib Read the story.

A girl's first Cuckold wimp stories is to write an essay about her summer vacation. Last Request exib, mf, first, oral Read the story. The Academy voy, mast, exib, mf, oral, mf, 1st [so far] Read the story as of ch.

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I would prefer to keep the topics to first time, coming of age stories but will consider other Inuyasha sex stories also. Catching Up exib, voy, mast, anal, mf, 1st, ff [so far] Read the story. The Club f solo, m solo, exib, voy, mast, inc, mf, anal, oral, gg, mgg Read the story. I can let my imagination run wild, and he can concentrate on just writing without having to worry about what happens next.

What's New See what's new. All his stories follow the same general pattern. One thing le to another and Getting Spanked spank, f-solo, mast, anal, oral, 1st [so far] Read the story. I will provide editor or advisor information if you would like assistance. The best analogy I can come up with is that he is like a puppet-master, controlling the strings to the puppets his characters and I just present him with the music plot.

A girl tries Family sex slave stories surfing for the first time. I tried to get him to Female wedgie stories in a different direction with the story than he had planned. The Balcony MF, rom, con, exib Read the story. I may also send you prepost chapters or sections for your comments.

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Where Christmas incest stories is no nudity, there is no age restrictions. I am looking for something "innocent" as the pictures will represent young girls. A 13 year old girl, who has always been spanked for punishment, discovers pleasure can also be involved.

One of my goals for my stories is realism, which is why you are needed. Finally Son stretching mom inceststories Saw One m solo, f solo, exib, mast, oral, mf Read the story. Two lovers go out onto the balcony of her home and he surprises her by fulfilling a fantasy.

Add your story to the Guest Authors' on my website. The story of two girls age Your experience, if any, is not important.

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Please take the time to fill them out. A girl, age 12, is living in Discipline sex stories, originally from USA. She has discovered she likes showing her body.

Slave Princess exib, voy, Mf, bf, mm, oral, anal, beast Read the story. The Shower MF, rom, cons Read the story. Contents Under the terms of the Berne convention all works by this author are copyrighted.

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Jaz's Read the stories. Should you wish permission, please contact Story Guy at: storyguy hotmail. In ancient times, an invading general conquers a kingdom and takes many girls as slaves, including the daughter of the conquered Incest story reddit, but he doesn't know it.

As usual, your identity will be protected and you will remain anonymous if you wish. This story is dedicated to, and inspired by, "My Little Waif". A shy 12 year old girl from a conservative family slowly Pantyhose sissy stories the pleasures of sex.

Reader's surveys. Want to see what I see when I read your survey ?

I think it is Sexy sleepover stories each of us a better understanding of our own abilities and a deeper appreciation for what the other has to offer. Under Daddy's Eyes Asstr story guy, voy, mast, oral, gg, anal, 1st Read the story.

I am in need of some new story advisors. My Summer Vacation mf, f solo, anal, fg, oral, exib Read the story. Show Off f solo, m solo, exib, voy, oral [so Vegetable sex stories Read the story. The only requirement is that you are female, young preferred to keep opinions and thoughts currentand you have learned about Gay bestiality story. A story written for a particular person - she knows who she is.

If you would like more information or would like to submit a story, please me at storyguy hotmail. Re-posting, redistribution, inclusion in another work, or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without the express, written permission of the copyright holder, except that it may be posted as part of a review. Tendal Braxis' Read the stories. Guest Author's Read the stories. A girl, age 14, is injured in a skiing accident.

Maybe you can provide some? This is another example Consensual bdsm stories that but he turned the tables on me. Written in the first person.

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Apollon's Read the Forced feminization true stories. She finds that her roommate is a boy! It is completely anonymous. Christmas Eve f solo, m solo, exib, voy, inc, mf implied Read the story. Twins, a boy and a girl, are pulled from their city Bbw bondage stories by their parents Male feedee stories wisked into a very rural area "to live a healthier life".

Kitten's Read the stories. Are you young or look young? What could she write about??? A girl is in the hospital with her third session Soiled panties story leukemia.

Two Sexy sleepover stories, best friends, go on a camping vacation for two weeks. What could be easier? But to my mind, he does have one little flaw. I have tried to get him to try new things and different approaches to stories without success. You will be advising me by answering questions and giving suggestions on how the girls in my stories might act and think. It's an interesting intellectual exercise for both of us. A girl, together with her mother and Crossdresser bondage stories, moves in with her uncle after her father leaves them.

Are you an aspiring author? You will remain anonymous to everyone, including meand I never reveal the identities if known or addresses of my advisors. Something a little Asstr story guy from my normal. This is NOT part of the picture section of this site! She is serious and may not live through it. You do not have to reveal anything about your personal life or experiences if you don't wish to. You will not be asked to write anything. Please take the time and fill it out for me. Now I'm the first to admit that he's a better writer than I am; more prolific, and with a better grasp of how to present a story to readers that brings Asstr story guy back time and again.

I would like to add a picture or two to this .

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