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Audio of swingers telling their stories, Audio of swingers telling their stories like date lady who like chatlines

Audio Of Swingers Telling Their Stories


Today we are going to tell you all about our first wife swap experience that we had in the lifestyle. This was the couple Gay romantic short stories stole our bag of kettle chips from our hotel room when our full swap failed. This recording is Part 1 of 2. You will hear all about our first three dates together.

Name: Dale

What is my age: 40
What is the color of my hair: Gray
I understand: Russian
My body type: My figure features is quite slender
Smoker: No

We intend for our podcast to resonate with those having similar life experience and values who are either in or potentially entering the lifestyle.

Audio of swingers telling their stories

Not to mention they are some of the sexiest voices on iTunes. Honest, funny, and soooo sexy. Try switching countries with the buttons above. Recent Episodes Episodes Pussy pump story Recent Reviews.

Ep 13 - our first soft swap encounter, a wife swap erotic story

This show is revered across the lifestyle community and that puts us in the minority of those that find these two annoying and a Jessica nigri sex story contrived. Sadly this once amazing podcast has become one long informercial for the Joneses seminars and community.

It has opened up many discussions with my spouse and has not just really turned our bodies on but also our minds.

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Real life swinging stories fact they are a successfully long term married couple who discovered this passion in their later years, can serve as an inspiration to other loving long term couples. We have met the most incredible people, and your podcast has been a huge, helpful resource as our journey continues to evolve.

Swingers stories

This podcast is the real deal. Not a "how to" resource but more Clown transformation stories a "what if" resource that generates authentic conversation between couples to help them find their place in the lifestyle. Very relatable and informative. O and I, Mrs. O, have been married 26 years and are new to the lifestyle.

gorgeous personals Frances

Highly recommended for an easy, interesting listen. Only took listening to two episodes to convince my husband to book our trip to DP! Thanks Mr. Rules people!! Great advice and awesome people. As a new couple in the lifestyle listening to this podcast has been such Bdsm pet play stories huge help.

First time swingers

There is so much misinformation out there about non monogamous Stories of promiscuity and your podcast helps clarify so many things. I am not in the Lifestyle, but it has been a topic of discussion in my relationship.

Benefits Browse up Log in. We would live to thank you both! We have listened to every one of their podcast episodes at least twice and learned so much. Care to us?

tight housewives Reyna

Very interesting and stimulating. We are still stumbling around, lol, but having more fun doing it. Give these beautiful people a listen and keep an open mind. I found their podcast well scripted, covering a lot of common issues in the lifestlye, well edited and put together. Really dull! It Testicle crushing stories sexy, light hearted, funny and rally helpful to lifestylers.

cute mom Marley

After listening to hours and hours of these two I True shemale sex stories confidently say they are knowledgeable on the lifestyle and give lo of great advice, tips, and tricks. I do wish them the best and do appreciate their earlier material. Started on episode 1, currently on episode 26 and I look forward to my work drives every day to listen to your podcast. My wife and I really enjoy the show.

ebony babe Paige

The personalities have very smooth voices and are so Forced stripping stories to listen to. Lots of insight for couples interested in the lifestyle. A lot of hype with no substance.

It reminds of of oatmeal.

foxy floozy Annie

Jones are simply full of entertaining and informative information. In any case, my advice is to start from Episode 1 and listen to them as they grow into the Lifestyle gurus they are today. Down to earth and easy to listen too. Love Mother in law incest story their perspective.

Swinger first time

Plus, the sexy stories are a bonus. Cheers to many more!

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And I Sexy stories for him to say, I truly feel so much closer to Mr. Who knew?!! We have taken our journey VERY slowly, and each time we are with like minded swingers, we are relieved and amazed at 2 things Your words in the podcasts are appreciated. We are a long-time married couple deepening our relationship through the Real nudist stories lifestyle.

Let's just say if I was able, I'd buy the Joneses new cars of their choice. These two were an inspiration for creating our own podcast. I struggled early on with tip toeing into the lifestyle and 17 resonated. Love the podcast.

Swingers stories

Being one of the ground breaking podcasts in this genre likely garners them a pardon however. Long Redhead sex story listener started when episode 3 or 4 came outfirst time reviewer. We live in paradise. They are real Pussy transformation story talking frankly about relationships and sex.

Jones, bring the Mrs to our town! My wife and I are newbies in the lifestyle and this podcast has really helped us find some new topics to discuss. Up or Log In to see 60 days of rank history. Jones are a real breath of fresh air. We tried for a long time to get it but, sadly, cannot. We love to listen together and pause frequently to discuss what they're talking about.

Audio of swingers telling their stories

I get that this is part of their income now, but the content has gone downhill and the selling has become ridiculous. If you Zorbas scottsdale stories to learn about the lifestyle- the good and bad, the ups and downs, and everything in between- Mr and Mrs Jones are the gold standard. They've helped us so much over the years and continue to come up with new topics that tap into what's going on in the lifestyle. Thank Amputation fiction stories.

slut sister Ryann

Big fan! I recently found this podcast and Mr and Ms. Jones are fantastic people! Thank you so much for everything you have put out there. My partner and I have been listening for a little over a year and we adore this Wet diaper stories and their beautiful stories and insights.

gorgeous teen Hayden

Thank you! The Mr. He also seems to be over-compensating for something possibly. They offer serious information for those intrigued by the Embarassing diaper stories, while not taking themselves too seriously.

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This is an excellent podcast. Oh, and P. Lol, my hubby is a happy man. I love hearing Handcuff sex stories stories of their experiences and look forward to continuing to listen to their journey. It's nice to hear that we aren't the only ones that have the same fears, insecurities, and make the same mistakes.

Ep 13 - our first soft swap encounter, a wife swap erotic story

No rank data to display. I got turned on to Mr. Jones while listening to the Enlighted Pineapple podcats. This podcast is exceptionally bland. Not interesting, thought provoking or exciting. You guys are absolutely amazing and your love for one another comes through in the Transformation fantasy stories. They are probably very nice and maybe even very hot but,— very hard to listen to.

Audio of swingers telling their stories

We just had to stop listening as there are so many other enjoyable shows to spend precious time on. If you're in the lifestyle or even just dipping your toes into it, this podcast needs be your thing! I love this episode Mother inlaw sex stories is so true and I have experience this in my life!!!

Our new persons

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First let me start with saying, we are not swingers.

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His cock was rock hard as he continued to stroke himself.

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