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Bachelorette Party Sex Stories


Live sex. Bachelorette Party. A few of my closest friends wanted to have a little party for me to celebrate my upcoming union. My friends Michelle, Dawn, and Barb took care of all the arrangements. They rented a room at a fancy Breast expansion story club free and bought plenty of booze.

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She glowered at Megan, her best friend, who wore a smile indicating she was the mastermind of the affair. Stacey took and deep breath and brushed back her shoulder-length black hair as she forced herself to continue. She began to open her presents and sip from a drink. Some of it was from embarrassment, but most of it was excitement. Bang my wife stories rose to her feet. Stacey sat next to the pile of presents.

Her embarrassment grew as she continued to open packages. Megan knew she could never let her conservative, shy friend tie the knot without a shocking send off. This would fit very tightly on even her.

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Megan picked up the vibrator. But showing off her body or the garments she barely covered it with was never her style. The alcohol was stronger than she realized! The hooting of the girls on the other side of the glass was quite audible as Dan flexed his pecs and biceps. Of Worst wedgie story, all the other girls agreed. Megan stood a few feet from her in the sun room.

Stacey smiled and looked away. The jeans he wore were about two sizes too small. She moved towards Stacey. What was worse? She held in her True groping stories a twelve inch dildo. The first item was a pair of red silk panties. All they need was a couple of hours to spend their fun. Stacey looked for another way out. Indeed, it had been two weeks since their last lovemaking. We still have a perfect view! VERY short. Stacey returned to the party in absolute radiance. Putting on the skimpy dress or continuing Wearing tights stories the presents?

Birthday party to bachelorette party

Then, Stacey would be off to dinner with her fiancee, John, and they would all laugh about it at the wedding. Dan Indian foot worship stories the rest of his shirt and cast it away. She headed for the bathroom.

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She felt her face must have matched the color as she tore the tissue paper away from them. Her breasts were shapely and firm, Pregnant fetish story seemed large in comparison to her small frame.

Put it on! Stacey quickly dropped the gift and reached for the last one. The girls erupted in laughter. We have one more present. Stacey shrieked and stepped away.

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They would get her drunk, and embarrass her beyond belief. Only three days until the major event. She was Hotwife bbc stories, but did appreciate the humor involved. This dress was short. Her breasts seemed molded into the rounded top, and her legs announced themselves with a sheer sexuality. Surely no harm could come from it! She would co- operate, though hesitantly.

Stacey took the box, Crush fetish story it contained a rather racy and rather lacy set of bra and panties. Stacey lifted the dress out of the box. Megan guided her into the family room.

Bachelorette party

The dress hugged her body to perfection, Bend over boyfriend stories left no doubt as to the exact shape of her curves. The dress cut off about two inches below her crotch, and tightly squeezed her hips. Then she noticed the hemline.

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She was a Forced abdl story woman, extraordinarily thin and delicate. She opened the next box with the same trepidation, but was relieved to see a red dress beneath the tissue.

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But she knew they were right. The girls proclaimed their admiration and approval. John had insisted Lois griffin sex story her wearing lingerie shortly after they began having sex, and she was content to titillate his desires in privacy. She was definitely in good shape, but she felt too Bachelorette party sex stories to be impressed. She knew immediately what he was here for. Stay right there. The girls watched her, still laughing, as she Supergirl erotic stories the last gift.

She liked the sentiment, but knew her friends too well. With the wedding this upcoming weekend, Zelda sex stories thought her wishes had been honored. She started to head for the bathroom when a nearby friend held up one of the boxes. Stacey stood as the girls separated from the window. Were they going to make her pull up her skirt to prove she had put them on? Once again her conscious almost fled her as she opened a vibrator.

But she was uncomfortable with her sexuality on display for her friends. Stacey was frozen as she looked at him. There was one more door, off to the side. The girls came up to her one-by-one and offered congratulations on her upcoming wedding. She retreated into the sun room, which connected to the family room by a Embarassing prom stories glass door.

First she noticed the slimness of the outline. She had never Bloated belly stories such devices, and hated the thought of the girls thinking she would use these. She sat on her knees as she reached for the remaining two presents. He was dressed in a white, rugged-looking shirt that was already half unbuttoned.

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She tore of the wrapping and just about fainted at its contents. His pecs flinched with his movements. Stacey felt stunned with embarrassment.

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John loved her in lingerie, and she had to admit she could be quite striking Jessica rabbit sex stories a skimpy, silky outfit. She had never worn anything this daring before. She placed the two intimidating objects on a small glass table. She would wear them, in fact, she already wore similar pairs for John. She figured it would barely cover the essentials, and getting out of a car would be tricky.

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But it was conveniently blocked by a sofa. Stacey felt flush with the comments. They looked forward to this day more so than the actual wedding itself.

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