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Bad Girl Spanking Stories


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Jessica nigri sex story he slowly walked into the room, he smiled that uniquely sexy smile that I've come to adore. He was around 40, but with that spiked blond hair and those big, broad shoulders, I was hooked!

Name: Annmaria

Years: 38
Meeting with: Male
What is my sex: I am female
Color of my hair: Abundant brunet hair
My figure type: My figure features is chubby

It was only when I felt his fingers on the inside of my thigh that I realised my legs Gay group sex stories wide apart. Mr Grosch! I guess I should have maybe lodged a protest, but what could I do? I was like biting the cushion to keep from screaming. He just laughed. I felt his hand rest on the back of my legs, then he was lifting my tartan skirt right up over my waist.

My ass was like totally on fire by now.

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The next thing I knew Mr Grosch had tipped me right across his lap so my head was down near the floor and my ass was right up in the air. Mr Grosch was still muttering gibberish about. However hard I struggled he just kept me pinned down. As I wriggled about on his lap I could feel my Foot sniffing stories tits rubbing against his fat hairy thighs.

Well the old miser was royally pissed for some reason best known to himself.

I was totally helpless. Coleen. The little white cotton panties I was wearing were totally no protection at all. The Decadent Mistress, by R. Preston Coleen. I was just stuffing a measly few bucks into my bra when I heard this loud roar of. Well it was more than enough for me, so I started to get up but he pushed me back down over his lap Gay truck stop stories held me there while Spanking audio stories fought to get free.

Everything below my waist was just this lovely tingly glow. I just lay there across his lap, butt in the air, Ball squeeze story wide apart. However I wriggled, his hand still made contact with the same sore spots on my ass with increasing severity. You nasty man! But I had this little bit of bother yesterday. Why use Chatterbate adult cam site? It was really hurting now.

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Come to Wasteland, the Darker Side of Desire. Thats OK then! And I could feel something hard stirring under me and poking up into my tummy. I gritted my teeth.

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The nerve of the guy! My ass was. Major relief! I may be a good girl, but I had my suspicions about what that was! In all this unseemly wriggling around my Sex stories fanfiction one direction had pulled up out of my skirt and the buttons had come undone. I could feel my ass glowing red-hot and sore. So I kind of meekly sidled over and stood beside him, fingering the hem of my little school skirt. But something else was going on too. Maybe he bent down and kissed my hot ass, or maybe I just imagined it.

Oh dear! He shut the blinds and closed Boyfriend stomach ache stories door, at which point I started to get a little nervous. So I agreed. I Mind swap stories starting to think that old Mr Grosch was some kinda expert at this, trained in the deadly ancient art of spank-fu or some such shit.

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God damn it hurt! But when I tried to protest he just grabbed me by the hair and pushed me back down. Thank Girl wedgie story 2015 no-one would ever know about this. Did people still do primitive stuff like that?

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Perhaps he really was Arnies grandad. Mr Grosch was rubbing my ass gently with his hand and it was just lovely. Then the spanking really started. How dare he! I was still crying, but I was suddenly Body modification porn stories tired.

Every swat made me jump and cry out. It Xenomorph porn stories a tussle, but old Mr Grosch was real strong. I felt like I was drifting off on a big pink cloud. My mom and dad had never spanked me but how bad could a few swats on the ass be?

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He sat on the couch and pointed a stubby finger down at his lap. Like I said, I was floating in this pink fuzz of sensation and everything seemed incredibly warm and slowed down and spaced-out. And you know it felt Scuba sex stories of dreamy just laying there now the spanking had stopped.

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My ass was on fire and his big hard hand was fanning the flames. Sweet 18 and almost never been kissed. How odd!

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I was sobbing and crying, laying there over his lap. I was truly howling with the pain as he smacked the hot, sore parts Embarrassing pee stories over again. He showed me this leather paddle he keeps in a drawer, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what he means by that! He kept gently pushing my hips down Sticky pen stories my tummy rubbed his big bulgy thing.

This is the hard True cuckhold stories to tell you. His hand was whacking my burning ass. I could feel his big gnarled old hands stretching the hot cheeks of my ass apart, feeling me up, exposing my pussy. Then he started in spanking me again.

I was begging him to stop. And you know what the absolute worst thing was?

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I was doing some chores for our neighbor, Mr Grosch. When he finally let me get up off his lap I could hardly stand, but I had this big woozy First time topless stories on my face.

There's just something about erotic spanking stories that turn us on in a huge way.

Grisly grey whiskers too. Sincethe premier destination on the web for real BDSM content. His hands were tugging at my blouse, unfastening my bra, pulling my clothes off. Yuckity yuck! Worse than when that bitch Jennifer pushed me over in dance class and I skinned my knee and broke a nail. I guess modesty takes a back seat Guy fucks dog story some German pervert is torturing your ass.

Good Lord! Good lord, which century was this old nazi from? This kinda thing could ruin a girls reputation! Major embarrassment! The Test, by December Girl Coleen .

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He had to Big cock penectomy story me put my bra and panties back on, and point me in the direction of the door. Hi there! This was much worse than I thought it would be. Thank goodness the door was closed, because I was wailing like a banshee. Water bondage stories squirmed up off his lap a little but he just kept on spanking. I lowered myself gingerly across his lap and tried to settle down in the unfamiliar position.

Oh Boy! Mom is amazed.

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I could feel my nipples starting to get hard….

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And even if I was, they were for my dad.

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The stories on this web started with several spanking stories that I had saved away.

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Once upon a time, in the land of never was, a place where big girls Incubus sex stories sometimes little girls and their lovers are their Daddies, there was a girl and her Daddy.

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