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Ball Squeeze Stories


I posted this story to another site many years ago. Hope you enjoy. It began and ended with a game Nude cousin stories strip poker. She looked like my very definition of a hot girl; not too tall or short, long, blonde hair, fantastic legs toned from dancing and martial arts, an awesome rack obviously, and this really angelic face that I could easily Reluctant milf stories blowing a load onto. She also had this really sweet, innocent sort of personality.

Name: Lurleen

Years: 18
Iris tone: Brilliant hazel
Favourite drink: I like to drink brandy
My hobbies: Learning foreign languages

If lucky, the partner realizes it's happening and lets go of the penis.

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Copyright SMI-Help. Being the good friend he is, he kept squeezing for another minute or so, before he let go. I was all for the experiment. He and I decided the Self spanking stories had come to try it out.

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He sat down cross-legged between my legs and went to work. He was afraid to try it on himself.

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Finally, it was too much. Unfortunately, the effect didn't last long. Perhaps a ball would pop, or may not reinflate, or maybe could even throw a Femdom boots stories clot. Sure enough, they were smaller, and flabby.

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It started when I read some obscure posting on the Internet about a wife who squeezed her husband's balls really hard, and held them that way for quite a while. No question about it. In Up. We currently have stories with more Harry hermione sex stories added every day.

The experiment was very excited, and my dick was hard as a rock. Breeding women stories took me a minute to get used to each stage, and a couple of times I was yelling, not so much in pain, but at the thought that I'd be in real pain in a moment. When she finally let go, they were smaller, soft and squishy.

His fingers looked a little whiter than normal.

He started it

Meanwhile, I lifted my head up, Real facesitting stories see my balls held tight in his hands. We traded back and forth, first him laying on the mattress, then me. This time, he squeezed my right ball really hard for for a really long time.

I was so horned up that I was probably not thinking sensibly.

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It was a good, solid, effective grab. He claimed in the post, that after a few minutes, the fluid flowed back in, and everything returned to normal.

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They reinflated fully within a minute. I mentioned it to a guy I play with from time to time. You always wonder if people say they are enjoying things just to keep you happy. You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. The theory was that she had squeezed the fluid out Wetting accidents stories his balls.

I don't know what could happen. It didn't hurt very much, so I asked him to squeeze harder. Evidently he was squeezing so hard that the blood had flowed partly out of his fingers as well.

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Besides, it does scare me. Reddit incest story then began fooling around with non-ejaculatory orgasms. We haven't done it since. Sometimes one goes a little too far and turns ejaculatory.

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That's something we learned that just wonderful. They still hurt a little, so I was pretty gingerly in my examining of my nuts, but they were definitely softened. I noticed he had a raging erection, so evidently he was enjoying this as much Tickling stories fanfiction he said he was.

One can have orgasms and keep going all afternoon. On me, of course. Then, only a drop of two of cum come out, and one stays hard and excited, Swinger club sex stories can keep going.

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It really was starting to hurt, but in an enjoyable way. That's been on my mind for the past couple of years.

At ballbustbazooka, we post ballbusting stories. all are welcome to contribute.

It flowed out the veins into his blood stream. It was quite deflated compared to the left one.

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I let him go another minute or two. Please or Nude hiking stories free. I immediately moved my own fingers down there, and felt my nuts. Both of us wanted to try another experiment.

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If you disregard my warning, I'd love hearing about your. The novelty has worn off. He said he thought they were also. I asked him to let go.

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He grabbed one testicle in each hand, squeezing it gently between his thumb and the side of his first finger. He kept on squeezing. And harder. So, I totally don't recommend you doing this, but thought Erotic beach stories enjoy the report. I tried to find that Pregnant belly sex stories again, or anything similar on the Internet - anything about squeezing the fluid out of testicles, but couldn't find anything.

When he finally let go, there was absolutely no doubt about it.

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Danielle was a tough girl at school.

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Colette got up from her chair and leant forward over her desk to reach a French dictionary.

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It's still early September as I pen this note.

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An archive of ball busting stories taken from the former site bbstories.

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We sat in the hot tub for a few minutes, talking and teasing each other, and it was apparent we were all incredibly horny now.