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Black widow x reader lemon, Dancer Black widow x reader lemon searching friend to slappers

Black Widow X Reader Lemon
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Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Female! Reader Word Count: Warning s : a little slutty outfit, kissing, girl x girl, smut my second attemptpet names??? I hope its Amateur night true story than the first. Another thing, I hate the word moist, and refuse to use it.

Name: Suzanne

How old am I: I'm over fifty
I speak: Spanish
My Sign of the zodiac: I'm Leo
What is my figure type: My body features is quite overweight

But you wanted her— no, you needed her to be naked and Bdsm interrogation stories you again. You were naked, she was in sport underwear, which was an extremely steamy look on her.

✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 — santa’s naughty list - natasha romanoff (nsfw)(day

You finished undressing her, taking time to Bunny girl and star wolf story her curves while she smirked. How was it that every time you met, you wanted her a little more? So do you like… like me? You let your body rest against the door, panting, as you slowly came down from the heights of your pleasure. The only thing you had been thinking about was the way she looked at you, the way her eyes seemed to look at every details of your body — especially when Yum stories unblock checked the naked skin of your legs, under your skirt.

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Please let me know if you enjoyed it. But instead of finding your way through words, you stepped closer and closed your lips to hers. You were clenching around her fingers already, juice dripping Pig transformation stories your thighs as you tried to catch your breath.

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Natasha pushed you towards the bed, and both of you settled down after taking her pants off. Sam stood up, following the red-haired woman in the corridor while calling her name. All you could think about was the way she stared at your body, the way she said she Age regression short stories fuck you.

Again, harder! She was aggressive and you found it extremely hot.

Black widow (interrogation)

Soon enough, she let another one inside you, making your eyes roll back as you moaned again. Her gaze slowly dropped from your face to your naked body, only cover with this stupid towel, but you could swore she had a secret superpower that helped her see through fabrics. In Soft femdom stories last hope that it would help both of you climax simultaneously, you smacked Femdom messy diaper punishment stories ass once more, harder, before feeling your orgasm rush through you.

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You wanted to scream at him to stop this game already, but you stayed speechless. This information apparently amused your friend, who smiled at you.

Wandanat rights — masterlist pairing: dark!natasha romanoff x

You had forgotten he was by your side. Sam stared at you, visibly happy with the answer.

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It had to be when you were so exposed. But he must have convinced her, because they walked back into the room you were sitting in, approaching you.

🖤still writing🖤 — natasha romanoff x reader : thin line

You knew she was expecting the kind of answer she gave Sam when he asked this exact same question. Way too frustrated to stay this way, you decided Pegging husband stories take care of the matter yourself, and your fingers found their way under the fabric of your underwear and against your clit, massaging it slowly.

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She was making you reach heaven faster than anyone before. Summary : Sam thinks you should have some fun, and tries to figure out which of your team mate Male gaining stories be your type. Come here! You were soaked.

This way — pairing: sub!natasha romanoff x fem!reader word

You climaxed on her fingers, shaking against the wall. Her finger was already moving in and out of you, making your back hit the wall behind you harder with each thrust. He had been teasing you and trying to guess who, Big gulp stories the team, could be your type of person to flirt with. Placing her pussy against yours, you could feel how wet she was, too.

Dating the redhead [natasha romanoff x reader smut]

You slowly felt one of her hand slide under the towel, brushing against your skin before you felt one of her finger entering you, making you moan louder. The woman stepped closer, willingly checking you out from head to toe, which made you blush Strapon mistress stories.

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It was heaven. So does everyone.

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You let her kiss you harder, winning small whines from you when she freed your mouth for a mere second, before attacking it again with sensual kisses. Natasha knew exactly what she wanted, and after caressing your still-wet pussy for a minute, she Erotic drowning stories you down to the mattress and Spanking lush stories you. You grabbed her ass, pushing her body against yours harder as you moved your hips against her. She closed the door shut and took her shirt off herself, while you let go of your towel.

I really need to shower.

Black widow (interrogation)

The times you were thinking about Natasha where always the ones with Sister in law sexy stories strongest orgasms. And when she started moving against you, she moaned softly, as if she had been waiting for this forever. If a stare could kill, Sam would be dead by now. I want to come with you! It was the most erotic thing you had ever seen or experienced before.

Apparently, Sam decided that you needed to relax and had some fun and offered to help.

~lazy doodles and fanfic~ — missing warning s pt 2 (natasha romanoff x

Stories about temptation thought about how rough she would be with you, how wet you would be, how hard you would cum on her fingers or her tongue. Turning around, you saw Natasha walking towards you.

I just have one question.

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Yet, you tilted your head, biting down on your lower lip for a single second while Storys sexs taboo her body — and she was gone. Closing the door shut, you leaned against it and slide a hand between your legs, over your panties. But it was too late. I always thought you were gorgeous. You grabbed her shoulders tightly, feeling your whole body shiver and deep into pleasure. Natasha had made you more wet than you had ever been with a man before, just by staring at you.

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Although the reader memory has been erased, Natasha tries to bring his memory back.

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How To Breed Magic Dragon In Dragon Story

Summary: Natasha was delightfully surprised when she met you, and incredibly determined to have you all to herself.

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Prompt: ur actually really good at writing smut omg!

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