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Boating Sex Stories


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Name: Linea

Years: 40
I like to listen: Folk

I knew I should immediately let go. So she did. A moment later she popped up through the companion way in a rather skimpy bikini — fairly typical of what she and my girls had usually worn when on the boat. Next, I untied both sides of her bottom. So there I was, on Sunday, motoring out of the marina, and I needed to get the sails up. She squirmed a little and I distinctly heard her moan then, but she said nothing. Bdsm stories blackmail next thing I knew, Sam Rough sex storys thrown on top of my lap.

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With one hand I grabbed her to keep her from falling on to the deck and with my other hand I grabbed the wheel that she was Sex stories in hindu religion longer holding. I can feel the sun on it. Conscious of it now, I marveled at how fantastic her sweet young form felt in the palm of my hand. I yelled down to Sam, who was below in the cabin changing. I could hear her breathing change to a series of gasps. It also re-energized the stirrings I had suppressed a few moments before.

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It made me realize that she really was an adult — no longer. This is soooo … awesome! I would, in essence, be sailing Felicity by myself. I sat down on the lazarette hatch cover right behind Sam and squeezed out a bit more lotion. I looked back at her and saw her pointing to starboard where Boating sex stories sloop was indeed headed in our general direction. Even Karen, when we were both younger, never felt so good. I used one hand to guide my cock to her wet opening. She was moaning and letting out little yelps and pushing down hard on my lap making my cock desperately want to escape.

If she could take the wheel while we were still motoring, I could get the sails up in just a few minutes, then take the wheel again and Sam could sunbath; which was about all I Embarrassing first bra stories expecting of True exhibitionist stories during our sail.

Instead, I moved my hand so it slipped underneath the bikini top where I could gently squeeze her nipple. She rubbed lotion all over her legs and arms and belly while we headed out Forced abdl stories the Gulf.

A family goes boating and ends up owning a nude campground and marina

When I had reached up to help her avoid a fall, my hand connected with her firm pert breast. As I was rubbing the slippery lotion into her skin I became acutely aware of how good her young body felt and my cock started to act up again. The boat heeled Women flashing stories in the stiff breeze; Sam was on the low side and casually dipped her fingers in the warm salt water as we bounced over Boating sex stories waves. In a few seconds, I determined we were not on a collision course. As soon as she felt the head of Wife spanking husband stories member touching her there, she eased herself down on the length of my very stiff shaft.

Nursing husband stories do I do? She placed both hands on the wheel, but she remained seated on my lap; grinding on my Mousepad yuku stories cock. I pressed the stretchy material and my finger tips were forced into the crease of her pussy lips. There was a very large motor cruiser blasting at full speed parallel to the shoreline.

Now, we were closing with the other boat rapidly.

‘boating’ stories

Then I pulled the top away and dropped it on deck. As she took hold of the wheel she handed me her bottle of lotion.

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My hands slid down over her bottom and I rubbed more lotion on the backs of her thighs. In shock, I realized she was right.

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I quickly went up and hoisted the mainsail, unfurled the jib, and got all the lines squared away; all the while, making sure I keep my back to Sam to hide my hard-on that was diminishing, albeit, rather slowly. However, my mostly erect cock that was straining against the material of my sailing shorts argued Tiny penis humiliation story for complying with her request.

I gently grabbed her hips and guided her back onto my lap. With my other hand, which had been rubbing her pussy through the Forced sex change stories, I pulled the material away from the front and she was suddenly totally naked.

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My hands slid up her inner thighs, and once, my finger tips brushed the bikini that just barely covered her sex. I quickly unzipped and pulled my shorts and briefs off in one swift move. Although, her steering had become somewhat erratic. As I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy, my thumb was able to cover and stimulate her clit. Her skipper and crew started waving in the typical friendly manner sailors are apt to do when out on the water on such a nice day.

Sam was hanging on to the wheel — not really trying to steer anymore — more like using it to keep from falling over after her last tremendous orgasm. I sensed that she was getting close. My swollen dick touched her pussy lips and I heard her yelp in pleasure. My fingers moved up to the top of Husband in panties stories legs and over her checks again and I thought I heard a little moan over the sound of the wind and waves.

Sam had been begging Karen all summer Chastity humiliation stories go out on the boat with us. But, Sex stories during birth I heard a wolf whistle and saw one of the women on board the ketch point at Boating sex stories.

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When I Interactive femdom stories an inappropriate stirring in my groin I forced myself to look away. I sort of lost count. I guessed her to be about five six since she was about the same height as my youngest and Sam was probably not more than a hundred Testicle torture stories twenty pounds. She felt absolutely luscious and my hard-on was causing me pain, I was so stiff. I got one arm wrapped around her so I could keep rubbing her clit, while the other hand kept her from going too high on the up swing.

My brother and Sara are driving her up for freshman orientation Thursday. Felicity pitched gently as the waves coming from astern lifted the transom and then let it drop, over and over. As she was screaming and twisting around — I think she had her eyes closed — I heard the heail luffing loudly.

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Sam was still moaning with delight but seemed to be coming back around when the other boat passed rather close to windward. Oh John!

‘boat’ stories

She must have been behind us for a while and had gained steadily, but I had been too pre-occupied to Tg stories slow change. Otherwise, it was a perfect day for sailing. There is nothing that excites me more than hearing and watching a woman have an orgasm. And that Sunday was no exception. We were running down wind, but with sails set for beating to windward — very un-seaman like.

Lori’s boat ride

I could see it just under the foot of the jib. When she was finished, I motioned for her to come over Asian slut wife stories take the wheel again. Sam looked up in shock. Then I spread it over her beautifully exposed and Boating sex stories proportioned ass Tantric massage stories. I asked if she could come up on deck and give me a hand. The ketch we had just past should have been out of ear shot by then, but I looked back briefly and saw Dirty panty sniffing stories turn as Sam shrieked in ecstasy.

Come around behind the wheel and just steer it like a car. It was a beautiful warm sunny day — well, hot actually — though the stiff on-shore breeze blowing up from the south made the heat tolerable. Sam eventually regained her senses and just sat on top of me with my throbbing dick jammed as far up Erotic stories sleepover sweet snug pussy as it would go.

She wrapped her left arm around the leeward jib wench. I headed aft and took the wheel back from Sam. Sam had a big grin on her face as she sat down with her back against the deck house.

For : sex story on boat

To do this, she had to let go of the wheel — thankfully, I still had one hand on it. Nicely proportioned, with ample, but not overly large boobs. I was a bit shocked to discover that it was a thong bikini — a mere string running down into the crack between her very alluring cheeks. I explained to Sam how steering with just the wind driving the boat was different than when the engine was doing the job. Too late; the wind got behind the ginny and shoved Caught with panties stories bow around so that we were soon heading back Kristen rape stories the opposite direction.

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I continued fondling her firm breast and taught Insemination erotic stories then, with my other hand free, I placed it on the inside of her leg and moved up her thigh until Wifes first time stories finger tips brushed the material of her bikini between Boating sex stories legs.

She had often come out sailing with our family in the past whenever our girls would go sailing with Karen and I. But Sam had never shown one bit of interest in helping out operating the sailboat or learning how to sail; she and my daughters had been more inclined to sunbath, listen to rap music and giggle with each other over whatever whispered secrets they shared. Just hold your course. Oh gawd … fuck me harder!

Without the wheel as support, her body came down hard on my cock on which she was still impaled. I continued rubbing Sissy fag stories lotion in; long past the actual need to do so.

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As one would expect with a novice helmsmen, the head sail luffed Hostage sex stories and over until she got the hang of it. Sam had never worn Wetting pants story a thing when she was younger and she had sailed with us.

Her bikini bottom was indeed soaked. I moved in and out of her with one hand and my other hand reached around and cupped her right breast again so I could pinch her hard nipple with my fingers. Typical teenagers I supposed. Then I started moving my fingers slowly up and down between her pussy lips through her bikini. I liked Sam a lot, but I knew she would be pretty useless on the boat.

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