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Body inflation story, Host girl seeking guy Body inflation story strangets

Body Inflation Story


Melissa had worked for the Chen Frontier Corporation for nearly nine years. She ed Story to make you cum after finishing flight school at 18, firstly working in orbit around the earth until she had enough experience to do the long haul journeys to the outer rims of the solar system.

Name: Darcee

Years old: I'm 34 years old
Sexual preference: Gentleman
What is my figure type: My figure type is fat
I like to drink: Lager
Music: Pop
In my spare time I love: Travelling

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Or so it would seem. Dayle is a warewolf who preys on vunerable young women, fattening them up to eat.

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Fit and attractive Dayle had being dating his bubbly, beautiful, slim girlfriend Hot gay incest stories for the last 2 months and she has no idea of his dark side. Jack a pompous feeder, makes fun of his ssbbw fiance.

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When a woman's need to breed rises above all else. May add to it or open up to collaboration on an ending.

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It seems too good to be true. When a woman's body desires to meld with life and there's nothing that she can do about it.

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However, her interest was greater than most. Although she's been secretly in love with the girl for quite some time, she can't quite get her head around Bbw domination stories crush's new taste in men - the first of many big changes to come Abbe soon realizes that his lover, Dusty, is the target of Darius' fat aspersions. Yet, he finds himself too preoccupied with the project to keep Dusty from falling under the spell of this wealthy predator.

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Stories Stories Authors Search. No one is more shocked than Laura when Marie dumps her boyfriend.

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No one is more shocked than Laura when Marie dumps her boyfriend.

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Body inflation is the practice of inflating or pretending to inflate a part of one's bodyoften for sexual gratification.