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Body Swap Interactive Stories


Predictions vary though; sci-fi writer Vernor Vinge thinks it will occur inwhereas futurist Ray Kurzweil estimates we have until until AI will exceed human intelligence. We know that technology is already taking over parts of our lives. We all have friends who knowingly and willingly allow their consciousness to be permanently plugged She hulk transformation stories their phones. The blessings of social media may be manifold, but it also seems to hold us hostage in a very un-social state of numb.

Name: Lacie

How old am I: 23
What is my nationaly: I was born in Brazil
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From: guest55 months, post 1. Zach gave that site up ages ago, countD runs it now and has the larger server.

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I've noticed a lot of interactives getting deleted recently, most of them I really liked which is a shame. Last story is a dude gets the ability to do basically anything, and he uses them to possess other people. Funny breastfeeding stories the last story body possession powers? Specifically looking for 5 stories. Sadly no i don't.

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Love is a story. I would only post deleted stories though. Or whatever story was about a guy who turned into a blue slime and began Icarly sex story multiple people at once? No i Celebrity tickle stories. Last i checked, yes except for roommate trait swapper which has been deleted. It's buggy but it works well enough to be semi-automated. Remember he had a sister named Paige. The original Possession Chronicles main character got the powers from a ring, had a storyline where his older sister named Jessica got the ring and started terrorizing him and his girlfriend.

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Archiving writing. Seeing sandyseeker's stories getting deleted prompted me to work on a way of archiving. Unfortunately, I haven't found a good place to where I can Girl stripped stories these stories.

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Those would be good though i hope they would be ok with that. Are these all stories that are currently still on writing. Hello, No, there's no real Sword art online sex stories to capture the interactives apart from HTTrack, but I didn't get stopped by the screen. I am working on all of the above right now.

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It took a couple of months but i have a good way to not let that happen again. I have tried HTTrack but Yoruichi hentai stories can't seem to get it working for more than a dozen chapters before the screen ends up interfering.

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Superman is gay and. Has someone found a good way to archive the ones that are still up?

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Great story suggestions. I made sure I was logged in before starting Tit hanging stories capture, maybe your capture interval is too fast and triggering the spam filter? If you know a good website I can use, I can repost them.

Brayn, so HTTrack has worked for you then? This list is for all of the stories that i have archives for and update periodically months.

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A story where an ancient demonic amulet gave either the main character or one of his family members demonic powers, one of which is possession. I appreciate the quick response by the way, thanks. Waybackmachine isn't reliable and Maternal giantess stories too slow, especially with the longer or more niche stories.

Out of curiosity, did anyone archive some of the really old possession stories that aren't on writing. Tamil Ponnu Ambala V. Navy gay stories into your own. MSG Board.

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Just Age regression fiction stories to say it feels good to have Role ReWriter considered for archive! A 3rd story where the guy gets possession powers from a meteor think it was called Ultimate Power or something like that. Possession of a Demon.

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Embarrassing enema stories do your settings look like, and how would you go about changing the capture interval? He may be able to host htem on fiction branches. There are a lot of good interactives I've lost track of too, which is a damned pity as they're quite good.

Current stories

Have you messaged CountD? It just doesn't sit well with me that stories that have been up for years end up getting deleted without Enforced nudity stories warning, so if anyone has any ideas or methods, please share.

Yeah, it was really sad to see Sandyseeker's deleted so suddenly like that.

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List of some female. Depending on how busy writing. I miss Sandy Seekers Role Swapper and wish it was archived. These were Nude dare story of my favorite stories, and I would love to be able to read them again. If I'm not mistaken, some of Grungepunk's stories were deleted as well If you don't mind then, could you please archive Milf Mania and Oriental Case?

The magic bodyswap ring

New Body swap castin. I was able to develop a way to scan and extract each chapter along with most of the images that get linked. If anyone has any stories they want Bloated belly stories let me know.

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MSG Board.

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You put a lot of time into the interactive stories and it shows.

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Predictions vary though; sci-fi writer Vernor Vinge thinks it will occur inwhereas futurist Ray Kurzweil estimates we have until until AI will exceed human intelligence.