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Captive family sex story, Scot girl seek boy especially for Captive family sex story

Captive Family Sex Story


Introduction: Story by John 2, Posted because I felt like many people havent seen it before. The Bruner family was on their way back home from vacation, and all of them were rather tired. Rock Bruner was proud that he had been able to finally afford the cross-country trip that he Ymca shower stories always promised to his family, but until this year they had been unable to go.

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She nearly fainted as she saw the pearled drop of pre-cum form at the tip of Dad's penis. This was sick, but she had to do what the thug wanted or he might hurt Dad. The sexy brunette slowly smothered Darrell's cock, her lips pushing downward as her tongue cradled the underside of his penis. As she continued to hump Darrell's Dog licks pussy stories, Diego reached over and began skillfully rubbing at the girl's clit. He saw the delicious agony and panic in the brunette's eyes.

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A family's captivity

Lick Daddy's cock! Her tight young pussy engulfed Darrell's cock like a snug-fitting glove. Tell your dad how good it feels, having his cock nestled Stories of family nudity your tight wet cunt. She was beautiful, with her mother's green tinted chestnut brown eyes.

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Now it looks like I'll have to take payment another way. She continued to slide her slowly-moistening pussy on her dad's cock, pumping on his lap like a shameless whore. I loan you money, I expect to get a return on my investment. Please don't hurt us! Now that you've gotten it nice and slick, it's time to RIDE that cock. She couldn't believe it. A show like this and I may consider Sons big dick stories of your debt paid off!

Register here to post. Darrell groaned, his naked body covered in red marks from the constant lashing of the whip.

Captive family

She lovingly flicked her tongue against the bulbous tip, then smothered him again, impaling her cute lips almost to her dad's balls, gulping and slurping louder than before. Take it out! It was fully aroused. Now isn't this special, Dad, seeing your slut daughter's cock-sucking skills Women headshave stories close and personal?

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They had been at their vacation house on the beach, having a beautiful day in the sun…and when they'd returned these cruel men had ambushed them. Show him what happens when he messes with El Jefe? Tears filled her eyes, but she refused to give Joquan and his two goons the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Pumping back and forth, sounds of wet Fiction kidnapping short stories began to fill the Son rapes mom sex stories room as the teenager slurped on her dad's shaft.

He turned to Darrell Submissive couple story gave the father a meaningful look. No, it had to be a cruel dream. I swear! Ashley had a slender body, small-to-medium breasts, and long, lustrous, brown hair tinted reddish. Ashley's eyes widened in fear, her body tensing as she felt the flat of the cold blade against her skin…then felt it tear away her panty with Accelerated pregnancy stories brutal slash.

He didn't have a secret stash or anything else he could tap into. He'd drained his back dry feeding Captive family sex story gambling habit. He sliced down her bikini, letting the wisp of cloth fall away as her breasts spilled into open view. Despair seized his heart and he hung his head in shame. You can give your arm a break for a moment. I don't…I don't have the money to pay you now. I'll pay you back. Reaching a hand around, he began to flick his fingers across her joy button, occasionally slipping them between the labia of her sex.

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He knelt beside her and put the knife to her left nipple. He groaned louder as Ashley's face bobbed up and down, pre-cum coating her lips as she sucked harder. He stood naked now, his cock full and erect. Posted Wed 20th of July Report. Mother spanking son stories pussy throbbed as she felt her dad's cock stretch her more with each downward slide.

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He was tied to a sturdy, wide chair, his wrists bound to the armrests, his ankles bound to the legs of the chair. You've had 12 months to pay up, and what do you give me? She slowly licked up to the tip of his penis, then swirled Slut teacher stories tongue around the tip, the same technique she did with her boyfriend.

Ashley squeezed her eyes shut, Natalie portman sex stories through her gag. The girl's breasts shook as she began to grind on her father's hard shaft, sliding her pussy up and down, her body betraying her as her nipples puckered. Ashley's wrists were Attribute theft stories behind her back, and she had duct tape across her mouth.

Now this is HOT. Dad's teenage daughter stuffed with cock, sitting on his lap with her pussy stretched. He palmed one of them, tweaking the nipple between his thumb and index finger. Okay then. Her lips formed a tight seal as she sucked, her tongue licking and traipsing across the surface as she came up for air.

Captive family in chains - free erotic stories, porn stories

I'll do anything you want! Not a DIME! Joquan was holding her hair back. Then he grasped her by the neck and dragged her over to her father tied to the chair, and thrust her to her knees. The lithe teenager moaned as she felt her Erotic shrinking stories shoved hard onto her dad's hard-on.

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She felt a strange warmth in her loins and tried to ignore it. Don't hurt them! Both of his girls were wearing bikini bras and panties.

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Look at this fine, fine girl you helped make, Darrell! It's me you should punish. He ripped the tape Conjugal visit stories from the girl's mouth, tossing it aside as she squirmed.

Captive family

Keep this up and I might even let your little cunts live. I said LICK it. Tell him! He handed off his knife to Gurrero and knelt behind Ashley. It was sickening to see it, to Furry inflation stories that seeing her naked had somehow awakened this primal animal in him.

He squirmed in his bonds, looking with agony across the way at his helpless girls, 18 and 19 years of age.

Captive family dad dau mom son inc.

It looks like maybe you CAN Husband wife spanking stories me back after all. Are you hard of hearing, bitch? Introduction: Dad's debts land family in sexual captivity. I'm the one who didn't pay you back! You have my money, Darrell? Just give me more time.

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Diego, help this slut get off as she rides Daddy's meat. She groaned when Joquan's knife flashed out of its sheath. She leaned forward, closing her eyes as her tongue made contact with Darrell's rigid pole. Then he yanked off his boots, socks, and slid down his boxers, chucking them across the room.

Give me something concrete or this game gets Wifes first big cock story little more interesting. Ashley groaned.

Nonconsent/reluctance stories

The now worthless fabric fell away, revealing her finely trimmed pubic hairs and the exposed slit of her teenage pussy. Do it now…or I slit Dad's throat. Do it. How you like the taste of Dad's dick, girl? Don't listen to him. They were barely solvent financially, a secret he had been Hot love making stories from his wife Gloria and their children.

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