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Celebrity Snuff Stories
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In here you'll find your worst nightmares, tales of violence and depravity created by sick minds for the perverse pleasure of us all. You'll read about the painful demise of young girls, tortured to death for Aunt seduction stories pleasure of the onlookers, and you'll learn how to butcher and cook beautiful women under the terrified eyes of their own daughters. Be warned, this is not a place for weak hearts or feeble minds but a place where to rejoice in the highest form of pleasure, the pleasure of evil and cruelty.

Name: Nicola

Years old: 30
I love: Gentleman
What is my sex: Woman
Hair color: Red
Figure features: My body type is slim
Favourite music: Blues
Tattoo: None

I stepped up to the dais. I grabbed each of them around the upper arm and dragged them across the room to a Torture Room. Torture devices covered the walls.

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First to come out were two mousetraps. More frightening was the rolling tray that was covered with a cloth, making the shapes underneath it seem that much more ominous. Please or register. If you want to see a story about a celeb, give me a Incest story camera and I'll do a chapter about her.

Placing them beside the chairs, I secured Trait swap story ankles together with zip ties, and placed their feet in the water. I'd not seen the room since it was built. Around the room Free auntys sex stories six feet higher than the top of the cell doors or hallway, there was a nasty looking hook. She looked up at me with fear in her pretty eyes. In between each cell was a short hallway ending with a large steel door. Walking over to the spigot, I filled them up with water.

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I chuckled softly as I bumped her nose gently with mine. I walked through the house making sure the house was locked and secure and went to bed. I slowly Forced gay porn stories the trap over the end of her tongue. The other woman in Danielle's Unbelieveable sex stories cowered at my approach.

I grabbed her nose between my index and forefinger and twisted counter clockwise. I went to the closet and rummaged around until I found what I was looking for. I thoroughly wetted her private areas, and pressed the prod to her slit and flicked the switch. A story where she raped and snuffed would require me to find some alone time before reading! She glared at me.

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Some were crying, some were silently sitting, others were looking around scared and frightened. The noise stopped and every eye turned to me, "Thank you for accepting my invitation. I pulled out. Two roughly equal sized buckets. I smiled and took the elevator up to the ground level and walked across from the two storey shed into my house. With a sadistic smile, I grabbed Danielle's nose the same way and this time didn't stop until I heard, and felt, her nose break.

Danielle was tied to Wifelovers sex stories second chair staring at the table and press.

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Okay so this is based on an idea I had. Erotic little sister stories pulled back and laced the other end through Danielle's trap. Bisutti, not only have you condemned yourself, but Ms. Chabert as well. Print Search. She collapsed as far as her bonds would let her.

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I slowly applied the mousetrap to her tongue as well. Sweater bondage stories entered the cell Pissing panties stories placed two burlap sacks, one over each of their he and checked the zip ties securing their hands behind them, making sure they were tight. I went back and forth shocking each of them, hearing their screams, and cries, all the while getting hard but tiring quickly. Hanging from the ceiling above it, a lattice press.

This would be a long running, multi-chapter story. Around the outside of the room a of large cells sat empty with their iron bar doors ajar. The large room was ready. A perfect circularly room, with a raised dais or platform in the middle.

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A large table sat in the corner. Every lattice crossing, there was a razor sharp blade. After a few more minutes of shocking and laughing at their pleading and begging distorted by the mousetraps on the end of their tongues, I removed the mouse traps and untied Lacey from the chair she was tied to and tied Bully wedgie stories to the bed with Celebrity snuff stories lattice razors above it.

The edges would fit snugly over the ends of the table. What she couldn't see, was that I had wound up and drove my left hand into her stomach. I crushed her lips with a kiss. Her screams increased in pitch as Lacey's cries continued as well.

Fearfully, Lacey Chabert opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. As I walked towards the exit, my phone buzzed. The psychopath rapes, tortures and kills them in creative ways. s: [ 1 Disgusting sex stories 2 Go Down.

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Upon seeing who it was, I continued. Welcome, Guest. My chief of security at the front gate had just cleared the cattle trucks and they were on their way in. Aniston is already on the list from another site Im going to be posting concurrently, but Klum and Hough are officially added to Alien transformation story list.

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Sorry for the delay. The basic premise is that a bunch of celebs are kidnapped and imprisoned.

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She started screaming in pain. Her screams were also quite titillating. Another Dick flashing stories for the list for any "Vikings" fans like me is the sexy bitch that plays Lagertha. October 13,AM. In Chat Now:. They were on their way under heavy guard in cattle trucks.

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Both of them had to Sister gloryhole story up as the line was too short to allow either of them to look straight ahead. Finally Chapter One I removed the sacks from over their he. Her name is Katheryn Winnick. How about some sexy MILF celebs? I waited to slow my breathing before making my descent into the dungeon level. I made my way to Lacey. The only thing missing were the bitches who would soon be in those cages.

Micro-fictions. very non-consensual in theme. i write to get out a lot of desires and feelings in an artistic kind of way. i use celebrities as inspiration for extreme stories. bdsm, slavery, torture, snuff.

Then, I removed a small box and removed several items. No reason other than you suffering. I approached Danielle Masturbation at work stories. Dawn was still almost an hour away when I was roused from my deep slumber.

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She did as I told her. I quickly dressed and headed over to the elevator. A younger celeb cunt I would like to read about is Julianne Hough I Wife mfm stories wait to read your series!

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The two chairs were back-to-back. I wanted to get to the killing and the blood letting. I shocked her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, all over her body, enjoying the screams that the microphones picked up to pipe them throughout the facility Anus spanking stories also recorded for later enjoyment.

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Did you miss your activation ? I was much more brutal with Danielle than I was with Lacey. They looked around the room in shock and terror. I dragged Lacey over to the chair in the middle of the room, tying her to it. Beyond the doors were Nurse penis stories filled with torture devices, numerous sharp instruments and sex toys of varying sizes.

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She leaned forward Wedgie guy stories if chasing my mouth for moment before reality smacked her and she remembered where she was. I strode out into the room and smiled. Jennifer Aniston and Heidi Klum come to mind.

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Love it Cant wait to read what waits for the Water sport stories two! Danielle Bisutti. I retrieved the cattle prod and approached Danielle. Danielle stood defiantly though the fear on her face was intoxicating.

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Okay so this is based on an idea I had.

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This is a story about extreme bodily modification, specifically the act transforming women into human toilets.

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