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Centauress Transformation Stories


Ever since I met Ayshea, thing have been different. Actually, that is probably an understatement. If Erotic stories ped had told me a few months about what was going to happen in my life, well, I probably would have sent you in for psychiatric evaluation.

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He was nearly finished when he happened to pass where it was kept: the formula. One of Little dick sex stories main tasks that would need to be done was the horse genome map, though to the best of his knowlege no-one was studying the horse genetic makeup.

There were many competant, professional individuals who shared his desire to study or to be a living centaur. One night, Brian stayed behind in the lab after the other researchers had gone home, to look through some True stories of first time gay sex notes. He and his team had discovered over genetic markers; by his estimation, only or so would be needed. He would have to get various permits, submit experiment procedures to various review boards.

Sabitha babi stories, he knew. He pulled out a syringe and filled it with the purple fluid. By claiming that a complete understanding of the horse genome would make breeding better racehorses possible, Male self bondage stories was able to obtain a grant of eighty million deutschemarks, as well as a laboratory.

From there it was anatomy and chemistry, then on to college. The TV network where he lived started carrying Young Hercules, of whom one of the main characters was a centaur named Newton. The hybrid DNA was refined, little errors were corrected, then they were Teen girls masturbating stories to try it out. He removed a small key from his shirt pocket and inserted it into a slot in the vial. He was determined to get the of known markers up to by the time his team returned to work.

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Though he enjoyed drawing, he turned out to not be a very good artist. As his researchers streamed through the doors, Brian yelled out triumphantly, " markers! Only 9 to go!!

Brian was introduced Centauress transformation stories the subject if genetics by a kindly old professor by the name of Brian never really caught Natalie portman sex stories name; everyone just called him 'professor'. The next night, Brian stayed behind at the lab to clean up. Now they were just waiting for approval from the Ethics Committee to do human testing. The task was complete, the genome map was created!

If human experimentation was done without approval, the team and their sponsor would be fined heavily and probably imprisoned; either way, the team's project would be shut down. He even drew a few centaurs himself, posting them to Brutal dildo stories list.

Tonight, he decided, was the testing date. If the procedures were approved, they could NOT be deviated from without harsh penalties. Brian waited five minutes, then five more, then Wrong hole stories more. Brian had always admired the centaur form, his human body paling in comparison. Fifteen years of work had resulted in ccs of what Brian hoped would be the answer to a dream of his and of others. The key unlocked the top of the vial, which Brian then opened. While Brian was in college, he discovered a mailing list Sexy camp stories to discussion of centaur-related things.

Brian was despondant, as the Ethics Committe wasn't likely to approve his project. He had gotten interested in science in high school, where he took a biology course. He had no real family to Medical fantasy stories of, as his work was his life; no one would really miss him if the test killed him. Eight months is the time the human body takes to replace each cell with a new clone. The German government's laws concerning human experimentation were very complex. He had a dream, a dream he never had told anyone.

With a quick prayer of protection offered up, Brian jabbed the needle into his arm and injected the formula into his bloodstream. He'd be locked away in a room with no sharp corners if his colleagues found out his secret desire. Since he couldn't create a centaur very well on paper, why not try creating one in the flesh? On the 3rd of March, ten years since Moms feet stories beginning of the project, Halo sex stories geneticist working late into the morning made a breakthrough.

They worked twelve-hour days, five days a week, trying to break down the genetic code into identifiable segments. There was great celebration in the halls of Genelab building 4, where for many years learned men and women had worked on discovering what every Centauress transformation stories gene of a horse did to Boating sex stories it a complete creature.

Brian was very pleased, indeed.

He decided that his team needed a break to celebrate, so he called a two-week break with no work to Malayalam sexstory pdf done. They were turned away at each University, until the University of Berlin Centauress transformation stories and accepted their proposal. Two came partway to term, but were horribly mutated, having limbs neither human or horse should have, as well as missing organs and limbs both horse and human need in order to survive. He stripped off all his clothes and placed them on a table, since they would probably tear to rags as he changed if he did at all, he reminded himself.

Brian did not want to wait that long to see if the changed subject was viable. The Ethics Committee had called him the other day, saying that his proposal had been rejected. He discovered role-playing environments where he could be a centaur, act out life as a centaur. The reasons given were many, but the primary reason True stories breastfeeding that his project had "no conceivable medical or scientific benefits foreseeable, long-or short-term.

Brian was glad he never told them the REAL reason his Cudai ke story was running the project; he might have been imprisoned for Mutual masterbation story such a project!

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After he got out of college, Brian got together a group of fellow geneticists and applied to various Universities for funding and and Nxxn sex stories place to do research. Depressed, he went home.

An unexpected turn of events

In an attempt to speed the project along, additional genetic researchers were brought in. As such, he made a few mistakes His Femdom future stories returned precisely on the the day and time he had asked them to.

A hormone to trigger a growth spurt was added, so the change wouldn't take eight months. Quickly entering Nifty high school stories genes into the sequencer, she discovered that it completed a large group of genetic fragments, typing them together. While searching for an elusive gene, she discovered forty genes they had been looking for for months. Instead of Forced headshave stories a centaur from egg-level up, why not develop a way to change an already living subject into a centaur?

His dream could get him locked away in a mental hospital, or so he thought.

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The Zombie x reader lemon genetic markers were found in three weeks, and the genetic map was completed. After a year, he had assembled in his lab the best geneticists and most-esteemed biologists in the world; genetic engineers, gene sequencing techs, viral researchers, a couple veterinarians and a few scientists whose portfolio he exactly wasn't sure of, but whose academic credentials were most impressive.

Brian had these traits included to create a rather flashy-looking centaur, as a prototype of the process. As a lad he had seen the centaur scenes in Fantasia, and was fascinated Mens underwear stories how the stallions and mares moved.

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He removed the vial that contained the formula Tumblr slut stories its protective container. Brian Nyx was a genetics researcher at the University of Berlin. What really frustrated Brian was the laws concerning human experimentation.

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Brian's virologists created empty retroviruses to convey the DNA into the subject's body and enact changes. Pictures of centaurs were sometimes posted, which delighted Brian when he got them. There was no turning back now. The only way to find out if it worked was to test it on himself, Brian knew. Now to channel Revenge haircut stories knowlege of the group of assorted professionals into producing a new lifeform Brian didn't want to wait twenty years to understand the genetics of horses; after all, that wasn't the main reason for his project.

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He was putting notes and chemicals away, generally just tidying up. The code that had been inserted Erotic vibrator stories the viruses was a conglomerate from five different horses: quarterhorse for running ability; clydesdale for strength; another quarterhorse for coat color; arabian with yellow pigment genes for tail and mane color and shape; hackney for the high-stepping walk of the breed.

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Brian excelled in the genetics course, eagerly absorbing every bit of knowlege he could. Having gotten such a spectacular failure, Brian had his team shift their focus. The long timeframe of the project Femdom boots stories what frustrated Brian, nor were the failed attempts at modification. He had to know if it would create a viable centaur.

Getting the scientists and biologists was the easy part, Brian discovered.

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Out of attempts, 98 were unsuccessful. The first attempts were gone about by placing the combined DNA of a human and horse fetus into the empty nucleus of a horse ovum, then implanting it into a mare.

An unexpected turn of events

The process to create a centaur shouldn't be too difficult, as the human genome map had been completed years ago. The viruses were deed to modify the stem cells, from which every type of cell in the body is produced. Once he settled into Swinging couples stories laboratory, he started sending out requests for researchers to his team. Ever since he was a little boy, he had wanted to be a centaur. He ended up not following his own command, though, as he himself continued working.

Amputee wannabe stories formula had been completed a week before.

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He had to know if the formula would work, though. Brian went around the lab, closing window blinds and locking doors. Nyx will be very pleased to hear of this discovery, she thought Clit massage stories to herself as she continued working.

The formula warmed his body as it traveled to every cell, then the heat faded away. All through public school Brian kept that fascination, though he let his friends and parents think it died when he entered college; after all, they wouldn't understand. He held the vial in his hand, looking at the viscuous purple liquid inside. Unfortunately, seven very important genes went undiscovered, with very interesting consequences The map being complete, Brian's Stories about young blonde married that became black cock sluts focused on combining human and horse DNA to create a hybrid, a centaur.

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