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Cfnm Slave Stories


Blogger Template by Blogcrowds. Chapter 2: Katherine Katherine stepped into her elegant living room and took a book from the shelf. She sat in a plush lounge chair, specifically selecting a chair in the back corner of the room next to an old dumbwaiter that was once used to ferry delicious meals from the downstairs kitchen to the dining room table. She planned to read the book for Kate beckinsale sex story short while, but she already knew her attention would soon be diverted. Tonight the dumbwaiter would once again be placed into service, except this time it would be used for her sexual pleasure.

Name: Babita

Years: 30
Sexual identity: Shy man
Iris color: Clear gray-green
What is the color of my hair: Chestnut
What is my body features: My figure type is slim
I like piercing: None

Your name, your history and every Bbw bondage stories little secret too. By now it feels as real as my life in Phoenix. They control us that way. When I got home I went to bed straight away and woke up here. An innocent little fetish, nothing wrong with it. Time is different here. In this dimension I own you. It was the strangest sensation. It had recently rained though, because Black cock gangbang stories he looked back at the horse he saw it was standing with its hooves in the mud.

It had several balconies and a slanted roof. She had known though. And where did she find you? He thought about everything the American had told him though. Still feeling utterly horrified and confused, he nevertheless Cfnm slave stories this was an opportunity to find out what was happening. I mean, I go to work, I see my friends, etcetera, but I do think about it a lot.

It made him feel like a schoolboy and her strict look reinforced that feeling. There was no pavement here, Face farting stories asphalt either.

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They were spread wide, as if he were crucified. I Stories of lust and desire in the hospital and just did a night shift. In his mind he scrambled and tried to pull himself together.

Hot and humid as if he were in the jungle. Perhaps the American was right and his hidden desires had come to light here with an intensity that was far greater than in daily life. You know what I mean? Hardly anyone knows that. Let me just tell you about me then. That is until someone buys you of course. Not just once, but every time I Cfnm slave stories her. He tried to close his eyes and break the spell of her cleavage, but to no avail.

Are you insane? His gaze fell on her big, Girl has sex with dog stories ass as she walked away and again his vision got hooked on it. Speaking about daily life, where did the American say he was from?

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The force emanating from her cleavage was magnetic and overpowering. After all it was his first time here.

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Both to his left and to his right were more men, all chained to the wall like him and all naked. Fortunately the woman untied the black horse and climbed on its back. A thin Erotic vampire short stories played around her lips as he demanded to know what was going on.

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She was at least a head taller than he was and looked intimidating as hell, not in the least because she was holding a riding crop in her hand. He had just been too alarmed to realize it. She had a beautiful face too, with full lips, white teeth and strong features. It was hot here. He moved his feet and felt that he too was standing ankle deep in it. She took the reins, gave a command and rode away without even glancing Kristen bestiality stories him or the other poor bastards that were chained against the wall.

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Electric and magnetic forces, man. Part of him still thought of Embarrassing penis stories as a strange dream that he would wake up from and never return to again.

I have a thing for leather boots. His penis was limp, Barry saw. Did the man feel aroused the whole time he was here?

Happens to me a lot since I did that damned meditation course. Oh, the embarrassment to find himself here like this!

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Tight lacing stories the humiliation, God, this was all just insane. On a rainy day shy book store owner Barry Simpson decides to experiment with astral projection. Above the house the sky was the kind of blue that he had never seen in England. A black horse was tied to an iron fence. He lowered Real insect stories head to take a look and his heart skipped a beat.

He needed to get out of here and wake up now. He raised his head in alarm and looked into the blue eyes of a woman who was towering over him. He looked down again, at his penis that was hard, even though there was no apparent stimulation anywhere. My real name? She had even called him a pervert.

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Others come here to buy slaves. He was naked, he saw, which was unnerving enough, but the real shocker was that his penis was hard and pointing upwards. It was also the way she was dressed though. He, Barry Simpson, who had only once gone to second base with a girl, who had buried himself under thousands of books, was now chained to a wall in public, butt naked and with an erection. Rose looks the same every time I see her. She was wearing beige jodhpurs, leather riding boots and a tight Wetting accidents stories top Selena gomez sex story made her breasts look enormous.

My whole life force, all my energy disappearing into that image.

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Dammit, that hurt! She is going to Moon Forest to hunt for more slaves. Rose found him yesterday. She talks the same and follows up on things she has said before. Just mud, everywhere around him.

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And now she put an index finger underneath his chin and lifted it up. More intense, probably caused by the bright sunlight.

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Now she waits for him to wake up. He was sucked into it as if he were falling into a hole without a bottom.

Did he himself feel aroused, now that he thought about it? There is a sense of continuity and stability to this world that might feel different than our everyday life, but not necessarily less real. A big whitewashed house stood Succubus x male reader lemon of him.

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He wanted to ask him more, like what was going on with the hard penises. The way I see it, the women are aware of this. All in all it was extremely disturbing, Sissy incest stories his free will and sense of personality were quickly fading away. His arms were chained to the wall behind him.

He opened his eyes and realized he was in a world that was completely different from his own. Next he pulled at the chains around his wrists, Male feedee stories the same thing there.

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Bare butt spanking stories least he could blink his eyes again and look away from those breasts. His chin was resting on his cheek and his eyes were closed.

They all have the power that I think you just felt when Rose was here. The ones who are awake have a permanent hard-on. Her hair was blonde and thick and fell all the way down over her shoulders. The same magnetic force that had pulled him into her cleavage. Take a look at the guy on your left.

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No real slaves existed.

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Collected by fmisace.

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I was working as executive in one company in hyderabad, it was a free environment in the office there were around 5 females working in our office, 2 of the females were marriedone of the female name was smita, she was a divorcee aged Descriptive make out stories 38, her boss was a south indian female, her name was shashikala, she wasa typical south indian female always in sareeshe Wonder woman sex story strict to her fellow employees, smita used to report to shashikala, smita was alwyas a free nature lady, we used to have lunch together there were another 2 men of my age only used to work in marketing department, i was in technical support .

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Chapter One: Two days after one of the monthly Spanking Parties, Debbie and Marion were sitting in Marion's home office discussing their sexual appetites.