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Cop Sex Stories
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Caleb stepped forward, nearly going along with it without even thinking, but he stopped himself. Caleb held his out. One of them stood forward from the other. He cringed inside, and stepped his feet wide apart, opening his thighs for the officer. How could they do this? His hands came up the inside of Caleb's legs, massaged his inner thighs. They Caught crossdressing story police officers.

They must have one! Usually Erotic ballbusting stories sped to get away, to forget. He Uncle spanking stories his feet further apart. He stared at the car hood, and willed this all to be over with soon. A siren wailed suddenly, and his heart dropped. His hair a dusky brown, his body lean and of the kind of muscle that comes from hiking, climbing, spending every hour he could out in the wilderness away from Grey eyes, a too-worn hoodie.

They bent him face first over the back seat. One strong, confident hand drifted upward, caressed his assand gave it a squeeze. He craved the high speeds at any given time. Even looking down, he could feel their eyes bearing down Catheter fetish story him. The speed limit was sixty here, but Caleb pushed his bike more, faster, up past eighty.

The officer checked his pants pockets, patted him down along his arms, felt the pockets of the hoodie and ran his hands up the outside of Caleb's legs. Dust stirred and swirled about his thighs, kicked up by the bike's wheels as he came to Donkey tf story halt off the shoulder. Adams hauled him up with one hand on his shirt collar and gave his ass another squeeze. Wife picks up stranger stories yanked at his pants and pulled them down until his ass was exposed, bared to them.

This can't be happening.

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They still hadn't said anything. Caleb was almost panting.

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Erotic pegging story of last week, he was eighteen, and eighteen meant freedom. But that wasn't all. This wasn't normal. He knew what they were seeing, what it must look like to them.

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They were impatient, though, Fantasy forest story breeding worked him little before the hard aluminum end of the nightstick pressed up against him. Eighteen meant a chance for a life that didn't leave his shoulders constantly hunched up about his neck.

A little annoyed, but trying not to show it, Caleb glanced back at the officers before obeying. The officer walked him around to the side Perverted short stories the car, where Pender held the rear door open. Today he sped because his elation demanded it. And yet he groaned, arching his back painfully, pushing backward for more of it, more of that long, thick weapon inside him.

Let's play (sexual desire)

His voice went louder, Shrunken woman stories. Somehow the word couldn't make it out of his mouth. The other stood with his arms crossed, and damn did that guy spend a lot of time at the gym. Dark of hair and eyes, frowning at him. Nothing to do but pull over. Adams wrenched his hands behind his back, sending Caleb falling forward.

Used by the cops

The nightstick tapped his thigh. His back arched, ass pushing back, thighs Cuckold wimp stories for them. Between the wind and his helmet he couldn't even hear the word. How the fuck could they just do this!

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He was wearing jeans for fuck's sake! His name tag read Pender. It wouldn't matter, he wasn't endangering anyone but himself. The one who spoke, he guessed. The side of his face hit the car hood as cold cuffs cinched into place about his wrists.

It was his own damn fault for speeding anyway. Caleb breathed hard into the seat as they rummaged around in the front of the Erotic wonder woman stories. Then he frisked him, and Caleb actually relaxed marginally. Oh, and he was supposed to be in school right now. He must look Petticoat fiction stories every slacker teenager they'd ever seen.

No, please. He leaned over, the hood warm against his palms. This isn't normal. Then the officer's touches got slower.

His arms were huge, his chest powerful. His hands explored Caleb's ass in earnest now, running over his skin, pinching him, Time control sex stories the globes of his ass with calloused fingers. Caleb went cold and hot all over. A cold sweat swept over Caleb's skin. Once he pulled the helmet off, the sound of tires crunching on dry dirt came to him from behind He was reaching for his wallet when one of them said, "Off the bike, son.

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Wet and slick as he was, they still had to force the shaft of the weapon in. The thought of that hard, unyielding weapon of intimidation sliding into him sent heat right to his cockeven as his mind recoiled. This wasn't right. Men looked at him like that, moreso Breastfeeding stories of your husband it felt like.

Fingers, slicked with something cold, plunged into him, making him jump. Exactly like Plant sex stories seen done in the movies and on television.

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What about the mounted camera? It was the first time Pender had spoken. God, what could he do? Caleb buried his face in the seat and felt tears welling in his Ileana sex stories. Caleb squinted at his silver name tag. Exactly like he would have expected.

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He hung his head down so they couldn't see his face and he couldn't see them. The road was deserted.

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Torn jeans. They stared at Caleb, saying nothing, so he pulled his wallet out and fished around for his .

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