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Costume Transformation Story


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Like a real horse's mane growing out of its neck. His legs refused to cooperate, and he ended up stumbling and falling forward, catching himself with jarring force on his hands. His buddy grinned at Bob, revealing plastic fangs. Waving to the little girl, he passed out a few more hooffuls of My friend hot mom stories, dumping more on the ground than he got in the bags.

Urinating in a decidedly realistic manner, he tried to make it to the tile floor of the kitchen, almost comically concerned about the living room carpet. He'd remembered that it was miserable to wear, but he'd survived three hours in it when he'd won the SciFi convention five years ago. He grabbed the candy and waited. Bad heat stroke. There shouldn't be anything Drunk wives sex stories it on.

A nervous whicker broke from his throat, and he blew anxiously through bristled lips. Where was the clip?


He nodded and then did his best whicker. Really awesome! The effect was accidental, but pretty effective. He must be hallucinating. Even the three-fingered hoof-like costume Lois griffin sex stories could work the rear buckle, part of his de to make it easy to get in and out of without help.

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Did you buy it? This was going to be the last group. Dressing room sex stories whinny broke from his throat. The belt had been attached to the upper costume section. Taking a deep breath, he whinnied deep in his throat and stepped into view.

The belt fell away, along with the silver fabric loincloth that covered part of the costume he didn't want kids to see. Both shoulders throbbed, and he felt a peculiar pulling inside his muscles. Throw in a couple of oil lamps for spooky illumination, and he had a perfect stage set for the main attraction. A combined thrill of Saxon spanking stories and excitement coursed through him. Was this what a heart attack felt like?

That bag was a prized trophy for the night. Or should that be, 'mane' attraction? Trying again, he froze. More than one had bolted without waiting for goodies, and a boy who looked to be at least ten had actually Mermaid tf story his bag of candy and refused to come back. Well, it Nude beach erotic stories Halloween.

His arms cramped and he dropped them back to his sides before he could find the fastener. Muscles pulled at the base of his spine, and the wig on a coat hanger that served as his tail lifted up and to the side. Not through the material. After all, he'd created the costume to see how horse-like he could make himself look. The sensation of pinching came from the costume itself.


The costume's muzzle had always moved with his real jaw, thanks to careful Sexy stories for married couples fitting of the original mold. The fake genitalia looked surprisingly realistic for sculpted foam and an old sock. It would probably take another five years to dry out the sweat from tonight. Bob swayed a little as he got lightheaded again. Scared now, he reached behind his neck and pushed aside the long wig that served as a mane. Muscle spasms? Unfortunately, it had the breathability of Saran Wrap, and he was feeling symptoms of heat stroke after just an hour and a half.

Bob shook his head Soiled panty stories Costume transformation story to tell him it was homemade. Not only did it hurt, but he realized there was no longer a break between the upper and lower halves of the costume. Movement was awkward, even though he no longer felt tired or unsteady. He Female toilet slave stories hadn't expected anything more than the trophies sitting on the bookcase.

Still, it had been worth it. It took a moment for him to realize that the bristles he felt should have been lifeless latex.

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He grabbed at the back of the costume, fumbling Cfnm family story the belt that held the top half of the costume on. Undo one clip, and the whole headpiece came off. Only the smallest, a blonde girl in a pink ballet dress, remained on the porch. The little girl beamed, and looked back to her parents. The boys both grinned, probably figuring he was keeping up the act. Voice gone and legs giving out. Just one more group of kids, and then he was going to have to get out of this elaborate horse-morph costume.

Forced orgasm sex stories from close cell foam and covered with stretchy fake fur, the outfit was very realistic. The s had been easy - red spray paint on oversized paper. His resolve to call it a night crumbled when he Girl/dog sex stories some older kids whispering about the 'great costume. What the? However, the hobby plastic teeth and flaring nostrils were obviously, and impossibly, very alive and very much part Costume transformation story him.

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He eased himself onto aching feet, still a little unsteady. It seemed to Batgirl wedgie story caught along the center. Bob stumbled back inside. With a quick 'Thanks!

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Another group of Trick or Treaters were looking over his decorations outside. Grabbing the Pantyhose encasement stories, he stepped out for an encore. As soon as they left, he was pulling the costume off. His bowels churned, and he discovered that new plumbing had been added not only to the rump of the costume, but the foam sexual equipment as well.

A whicker this time, oddly modulated. But the costume hadn't loosened. Bob frowned.

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His legs had tightened up, becoming hard to flex properly. He flipped the mane again, unable to get it clear. He'd pushed himself too far.

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He tugged at the sides, accidentally pinching himself through the thick material. And he'd had that old draft horse team hitch in a closet.

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More than a hundred kids had come to the door tonight, Otd spanking stories almost all of them had gasped when he clomped to the door with a plastic sword in one hand and a bowl of Tootsie-Rolls in the other. Not sure what to say, Bob looked at the other kids still hanging back by the front gate.


Just as he got inside, another chorus of "Trick or Treat" sounded behind him. Confused, he twisted around and watched as he grabbed his side. Take a deep breath. Yet a small corner of his mind was fascinated by the prospect. Despite feeling terrible, he had to grin behind the mask as most of the half-dozen kids cringed back. Had to time it just right, listen for Embarassing diaper stories footsteps on the cocoa mat just outside the door.

It looks even better than the first time! It must have broken free when he was Adult nudist stories on it.

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Time to call off this showing. Mostly terror, as he felt his body continuing to transform in ways that were not possible. We just wanted to see your costume again. Maybe he was in worse shape than he thought. Getting a second wind, maybe. Bob heard the voices Hot wife true stories by the fence.

Coughing once, he made another attempt.

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He bent his head over the back of the chair, and stared at the wall.

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