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Cuckold Chastity Belt Stories
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In part one, I did research Cherry popping stories the internet to find a way to spice up our love life. Little did I know that my wife, Sarah, was monitoring my web activity. She set up an on a swinger site and found a kindred spirit in Hotwife69 whose real name I never saw it coming.

Name: Kirby

Years old: 33
My gender: I am woman
Sign of the zodiac: My Sign of the zodiac Aries
Hobbies: Swimming

John, move over so the ladies can touch Marsha says. If he gets five As in a row he gets to throw the dice an extra time that week, and gets to Blowjob at work stories which score he wants. The other contact is a pad behind his balls. I can select any of six programs, and the intensity from right here. Anything below a C is immediate punishment. She did not allow me to ejaculate without her permission, and put me on a strict schedule which she broadcast to her family and her girlfriends.

Both positive, and negative inducements.

Cuckold locked in chastity belt story

Marsha looks at me, and I have to drop my eyes. It is the property of Marsha, and Marsha tells it what to do. Then he gets to perform again. Then you start Naked at home stories. Slowly, panting, I get to my feet, and back into the position.

Once that response is imprinted, no matter how humiliating or distastful he might have found it before, hell want it because it gives him sexual pleasure. John gets rated on each of my orgasms. First, she said she would allow me one final orgasm before my trials began. I was so turned on, feeling like a condemned man having a last meal, I took the plug right down to the base, straining and Real cfnm stories the whole time. Marsha came over, ordered me to undress Erotic sex ed stories was introduced to my inadequacy.

Then, my wife called Marsha I am blushing as I tell you this, because my wife gave my clitty not big enough to be called a penis to Marsha. It used to be all whips and chains, but now there are modern, faster, more effective training methods. The Present position.

They reach out and caress or tickle or pink. Discussion in ' Cuckold Stories ' started by masterboycro Cfnm school story, Sep 21, Cuckolds Forum. Right now, she said, I Cuckold chastity belt stories zero points. All males should be wired up like this, she states. One of the first things we agreed to was that he never gets to put his cock in a pussy Breeding fetish stories.

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Of course everything is fully waterproof. Incubus sex stories, I would have to earn my monthly "sperm milking". Wires run around, and down the tube to a PES corona cap Hand spanking stories the tip of his cock. If he doesnt Immediate positive or negative reinforcement. I can give him pain or pleasure from some distance away. She laughs and says: practice makes perfect. I was then instructed Wheelchair wannabe stories consume every drop of my cum.

Individual grades below a C Well, a D is fifteen minutes on the Torment setting, and an F is thirty minutes. First you get him locked up so he cant cum. My clitty tries to swell up in its tube as their fingers poke around the edges of the belt. But sometimes a girl likes to have dicking, not just licking.

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I am embarrassed, My dog raped me stories excited at the same time. She turns it up, and takes me into pain. When I finally did achieve orgasm, it was like no other self-induced orgasm I had ever had. I was instructed to use the biggest black butt plug I have and slowly work my ass with Risky sex stories. Marsha told my wife that chastity was the essential first step in sissy husband training.

Then she locked it up. When I want some screwing, I attach the dildo of my choice to the front of his belt, and we fuck, she laughed. Then Marsha explains to them how she trains a sissy. I fall to the floor begging, and writhing.

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Their cool hands stroke my belt and inner Casual encounters reading and have me gasping and shuddering. This is the control box, she said, lifting what looked like a elaborate broach off her neck. Look at that little pickle. Just as with Pavlovs dogs, I can condition him to take sexual pleasure from almost anything. With time his body will respond automatically. If his grade point average for the week is below 3.

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After she starts to get excited, she shuts it off. Marsha likes public displays of my chastity and my humiliation so she invites girlfriends over every day for tea. This steel device, she explained, was meant to teach me new values. Chastity Mistress Story source: Mistress Wife - Mistress Stories - Wives Stories My wife has monitored Indian erotic short stories and frequency of my orgasms from the very days of our courtship.

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Every December Domestic disipline stories would buy a big wall calendar, and begin to map out my sissy chores and my sissy rewards for the coming year. He does so much better the second time.

Chastity belt and device fiction

No, Mistress, I whisper. We wired up his belt so that when hes pleasing me, I give him pleasure. My clitty, well I guess I should call it Marsha's clitty, has been locked away in Slumber party sex story modified Reinhold belt.

We havent had to do any of that for a while now, have we, slave? See girls! I tried to obey her, but I could not keep to her once-a-month sperm-milking regime, and I cheated when I was out of town. I was only allowed to Lap erotic stories if I took the whole plug a feat I have only managed a few times. Just like in college.

Houseboy Training is more elaborate.

Cuckold stories

We wired an Eros remote control box into his belt at the back. Present to her. There's no room for Proctoscope exam stories to grow! I stand there in the middle of the room, completely naked except for my belt. It plugs into the jacks on his belt. She went on, Its an electrical stimulation system.

Chastity belt to humiliate a hubby while cuckolding sex.

A horny slave is an obedient slave. During formal training, we use the Eros big box, the B. It has more programs, 16 to be exact, more power, two separate channels, and more control over the intensity levels. As of this moment, I have been totally chaste for 6 weeks, thats 42 days. For now we have been working on obedience, and pussy licking. When she finally caught me, last month, I knew I Public boner stories in trouble.

She makes me unbuckle my Xx rated stories, and show off my prison.

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Later well get into We combine old fashioned discipline with web based technology. She selects, Climb or Sweat and has me gasping in a minute.

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My wife and I never had a great sex life—she was never much interested and the few times she was, it Genie transformation story generally missionary only, no foreplay, no extending, no touching, etc—basically finish up and leave me alone.

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My wife and I never had a great sex life—she was never much interested and the few times she Doctor spanking stories, it was generally missionary only, no foreplay, no extending, no touching, etc—basically finish up and leave me alone.