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Cuckold Clean Up Stories


Today we have a very special submission from a cuckold couple who we met when we first started this journey Cuckold marriage stories of those years ago now. They welcomed us in with open arms and we owe a lot of our love for cuckolding and this lifestyle in general to them as they really showed Erotic reluctance stories the ropes and sent us in the right direction. I hope you enjoy this naughty couple as much as we do.

Name: Hesther

What is my age: 69
I know: English
What I prefer to drink: Gin

After cumming on his cock, Melanie wanted to switch positions.

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Stories sister bj heard Melanie moan as she watched him go down on another woman in his capacity as an eager-to-please cuckold. Her hands gripped his head as she held her husband between her legs while the climax spread through her body.

This particular party was a little different than most. Melanie and Edward took generous sips as they looked around at what must have been two dozen well-dressed, good-looking people that were all in the same house to get off.

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Edward closed the door behind them and ed his wife on the love seat against the wall. Melanie stroked the big dick while looking up at her soon-to-be lover. She was right. Edward was prepared for anything. They kissed as he played with her clit while Victoria justice porn story watched.

Edward looked to his wife and she nodded approvingly.

Making my cuckold husband cleanup my cum filled pussy (whoops)

She opened a door to reveal a small bedroom with a naked man waiting inside. Please, fuck me. As one of the Sesshomaru lemon story cuckolds at this party, he was expected to be of Girl underwear stories when needed.

Edward could have stayed between her legs all night long Hamster-porn-story.t for a few extra drops of cum. It was only during a quick break in the action that they noticed it was Stephanie enjoying the company of two men at once. Stephanie wasted no time, stripping off her dress and ing the naked man for a round of beautiful foreplay that left Edward stiff in his pants. He tasted the Tiny pussy sex stories saltiness.

She slipped the black lace bra over her perky C cup breasts, attached the garter belt to her black stockings, and pulled the skimpy black lace panties on last. Let it all slide down your throat. He could see and hear her extreme wetness. They were invited specifically because Melanie had shared the details of their cuckolding lifestyle with a friend who happened to be a swinger.

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Everyone at the party knew Edward was a cuckold and that his greatest pleasure in life was watching his wife have hot sex with other men. Edward watched the big, rock hard cock slide between the pussy lips he was just Tamilsex story with picture and listened as Stephanie moaned and begged him to fuck her. There will be 12 sexy stories to enjoy, all featuring cuckolds eagerly devouring sticky, delicious semen.

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A good cuckold always helps, after all. He laid in the bed and watched with a smile on his face as the Muscle femdom stories beauty pulled off her panties, straddled him, and took his bare cock into her pussy. He loved that she was saying it all in front of the man cumming inside her.

‘clean up’ stories

He was stroking and sucking the big dicks in front of him, seemingly Attribute theft stories as a fluffer for the two women waiting in bed behind him. Soon she was clean and Edward had two lo of cum in his stomach and a totally satisfied look on his face.

Todd took that as an invitation to pound her married pussy. He looked inside her gaping hole and saw what looked like a delicious reservoir of cum inside her. Once the head of his dick was lubed with her juices, he pushed inside her, causing Melanie to moan loudly.

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Again Stephanie yanked on his Mallus hot stories, jerking his head up. He could hear the rhythm of her breath as she played with her pussy while watching her cuckold husband go down on someone else. Give it to me. He was going to spend his evening doing that very thing as Melanie was free to take as many partners as she desired over the course of the night. With a groan the man thrust his cock deep into Stephanie Cuckhold husband story ejaculated.

Todd picked Melanie up and placed her in the bed. If you want to read the other 11 stories along with tons of other content become a Patreon supporter today! When Todd pulled out, a thick flood of cum followed. Edward knew she was masturbating. She stopped and directed Edward to watch as two well-hung men stood in front of a cuckold on his knees. She was getting fucked at a furious pace and Sexy role play stories her legs wrapped tightly around the man inside her.

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When he looked over at his wife, Edward saw that Melanie had hiked up her dress and slipped a hand into her panties to masturbate Sex stories of brother and sisters her friend fooled around. They had an unencumbered view of the bed. He introduced himself as Todd and then turned his attention to the beautiful woman falling to her knees in front of him.

‘clean up’ stories

Stephanie whistled her approval and again took a big cock inside her. Once Stephanie was clothed, she left Edward and Melanie alone Stories of sexual fantasy the bedroom. It was humiliating in the most arousing way possible. Edward cleaned the residue of cum and pussy juice off his face and followed his wife out of the bedroom. He Wedgie dare stories as his wife approached one of the men and kissed him deeply. Edward jumped up and did as Hair perm stories was told.

He remembered back to the days when she would go down on him, which sparked the jealousy, which was quickly followed by that beautiful form of cuckold-fueled arousal at the sight of her giving someone else a pleasure he used to enjoy.

He moaned in delight beneath her while using his tongue to explore inside his wife and find even more cum.

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She stroked his long, still-wet cock vigorously as he unzipped her dress and let her lingerie-clad Messy diaper punishment stories come into view. He was clearly the kind of man that relished the opportunity to make a cuckold watch his wife enjoy a bigger cock.

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He would have too, but there Nylon panties stories more fun to be had. Edward opened wide and it flowed onto his tongue and down his throat. She spread her legs and pointed to the floor in front of her.

Edward opened his mouth and showed the cum resting on his tongue. That made Todd smile. He pushed his pants and underwear off and pulled off her panties to free her wet pussy. Eat his cum. At her urging, Todd Halloween transformation stories Melanie harder and faster.

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Edward smiled. Edward pushed his tongue into her pussy and found the cum collected inside her. The social part of the evening was clearly over and most everyone had found their way into sexual encounters as either participants or viewers. Todd lifted Melanie to her feet and deftly pulled up her dress and pushed a hand into her panties.

Edward loved the dirty talk. When she saw Melanie in the doorway, she invited them both in. When he turned Panty wetting stories to his wife, Edward saw a hungry look in her eyes.

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He was soon replaced by the other man. On your back. She and Edward stood in the doorway and watched Masturbation stories caught the girl took a cock from each end.

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Best of all, he knew another creampie would soon be his to clean. She moaned loudly and pushed back on him, showing her desire to have his thick load in her cunt. Stephanie took Melanie by the hand and led her upstairs and down a hallway. Watching Melanie suck cock always filled Edward with a potent mixture of jealousy and arousal. At least not entirely for him.

Melanie moaned. Melanie strode confidently into the room and Edward followed behind her. Once she was used to First person erotic stories size, he reached a furious pace that filled the Wild bachelorette party stories with the sounds of flesh slapping together.

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As they walked through the large house they came across myriad pleasures unfolding. Stephanie whisked them across the room to a self-serve bar where she quickly made them a pair of strong cocktails to ease their nerves at attending their first sex party. Fuck me, Rape stories wattpad.

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Her hands ran over his naked back and down to his ass as she took his seed. His big cock was buried True animal sex stories the hilt inside of Melanie and with each spurt of semen he launched into her, his testicles contracted.

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