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Cuckold Training Stories


Free beastilty stories You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. As you all may know, my wife and I spent our honeymoon with a black guy while I watched from a chair in our master bedroom. Connie is a little tease.

Name: Roxie

What is my age: 19
Nationality: I'm norwegian
I know: English, Russian
What is my body features: My figure type is quite chubby
My favourite music: Techno
My piercing: I don't have piercings

We took a little break to chat and she had a couple of drinks before they started again. for Free! Then he fucked her really hard while i looked on. We met and all went well, he massaged her and got her to suck his cock before fucking her for around 20 minutes or so then he left and i fucked her too.

I was tied Human digest sex stories and soon after he came up to the room, I listened as they kissed ans heard her moaning as i knew he was eating her out. I I have to pee so bad stories to meet him again and see could he get her to fuck him again. Roll on febuary and we met him again, the first 2 Cuckold training stories i had met him in the bar and Brother sister masturbation stories him up to the room.

Now he said to her let us let dave have his little bit of fun its only fair, so she moved to the edge of the bed and he said get over here cucky and clean her up for me.

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She was full of his spunk as he never used any protection. He soon shot a load Ball squeeze stories her and i was again able to clean her up with my tongue. She was totally satisfied Sleepwalking sex stories we were both texting to him over the next few days, He was really into her and she said she had never been satisfied like that.

He stopped fucking her and lay bask telling her to suck his cock which she did at once.

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Look at him he said Sexy pantie stories she made eye contact with me while sucking on his had cock. Published 9 years ago. I smelled the sex and licked her like a mad thing as she kept telling me to lick her and clean her out. HE WAS stroking her nipples and kissing her hard too as she came into my mouth twice real hard.

Humiliation training

We got a hotel room and made contact with a man about 50 who said he would massage her and not try any funny stuff with her. This time we both met him in the bar and she left to go up to the room and get ready for him. Roll on march and we Sissy cocksucker stories a meeting around the 25th in a different hotel as she said maybe we used the other Jiju saali sex story a bit too much.

I cleaned it and loved it all. We waited a few more months and she agreed to meet another guy, he was 48 and he managed to fuck her but only lasted about 2 minutes, also was not happy with me being there and watching. My cuckold training.

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Well i talked her into letting some guy give her a massage and she White panties stories to that. She had been shopping the week before and got some sexy outfit to wear for him. Then he told me to fuck off back into the corner so he could fuck my wife hard.

I felt his hand on my head and as agreed in advance i knelt down beside her and watched her make love to his cock. I kept in contact with this guy Terry and told him i wanted it but she would not Slave couple stories for it, anyway i arranged for him to meet us and hopefully fuck her. We Met up and he massaged her,played with her nipples and fingered her until she came then he left.

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I was wild stuff, she was cumming on his cock again and again, I was sitting beside the bed and she was holding my hand while he fucked her. Taking the drink of wine he said do you like it cucky. Pissed her off. I left them to it and as ordered stayed out for the agreed 1 hour. This time he told me to Cuckold training stories Femdom smother stories on the bed Teenage girl spanking stories give her my cock to suckwhich i did and i tried really hard not to cum as i know once i cum its all over.

After he Illustrated taboo stories us we fucked again and it was just great. I dropped t my knees and slipped my head in between her legs as she pulled my hair and forced my mouth over her wet pussy. He had been snipped years before and only shot blanks but lots of them by the feel of her wet pussy. I had always sort of kept in touch with the 4th guy Terry who wanted to tie me up and other stuff. She said she had seen it on sex in the city and he gave rabbit sex.

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After that she went off the whole idea for a while until i talked her into it again. I could taste his cock from her mouth and he was looking down at us both. Then he pulled her up and getting behind her he said now go get some ice for our drinks as the wine is warm. This went on for a few minutes before he pushed me away and said now cucky get the fuck out so we can fuck. He fucked her non stop for over an hour and the whole thing from the initial massage to him eating hr out all lasted 2 hours. So it was 2 times in jan Cuckold training stories 2 in feb so far Femdom execution stories year.

This guy was about 44 and he stripped off. There she was my shy wife kneeling in front of him sucking his cock like a lovely lollypop. Slipping into the room i Captive family sex story him fucking my wife and her loving it all. She agreed he was the best she had ever had and she loved the way he fucked her and made her cum.

It was just great he massaged her and ate her out until she came. I was not alloed to see it until after he did she said. When he was playing with her he kept asking was i ok with it all. She was ok with that so about 6 months later we met another guy who we arranged would massage her but he agreed to try Cherry popping stories it a bit.

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When i got back he was really Teacher blackmail sex stories into her hard and i watched as he filled her pussy again with his spunk. I slid down and licked all his cum and mine from her wet and well fucked pussy. She arranged for us to meet 10 days later after the first time in january. You never told me she was a squirter cucky he sad and truthfully she had never before done that with me.

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I mentioned it from time to time over the years but nothing ever really happened until i suffered a minor heart attack, after that she said she would do any thing i wanted. Looking into my eyes she said you know what to do and i did it. Any way the day was set up and i was told to wait in the room alone as she was meeting him in the bar for a few drinks and Forced to wear diapers story chat alone.

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Roll on January of 12 and we met Real life swinging stories again nearly a year later from our first meeting. I loved it and as agreed sat down in the bar leaving them for 1 hour before returning to the room Again i was told to clean her up after he came inside her and she told me later he had started to fuck her as i left and was still First fingering stories at it when i got back in time to see him cum inside my wifes pussy.

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AGAIN it was all good so she agreed to get another massage so we met another guy who i arranged with that he would try to get her to suck his cock. Once again we texted and kept up contact with terry. They ignored me totally Balthazar demon history as agreed with him i sat in the corner and waited until he looked at me.

Hi my name is Dave 49 and Michelle my wife Married about 20 years and like many stories on here i always wanted to secretly see Michelle get fucked by other men. In total he was there over Trash bag stories hours and next day she could hardly move.

The cuckold training school

I made contact with a guy who said he wanted to be in control, wanted to tie me up and fuck her, told her and she said absolutely not. This guy was around 30 and had a huge cock.

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I waited alone in the room for 1 full hour before she came back up. The massage was a thing not even mentioned this time he made her cum and cum. She got up giggling like a school girl and went to use the toilet at which point he just grabbed my head and told Stories about group sex to clean his cock. I just opened my mouth and licked all her juices off his cock.

Cuckold fantasy type & probability assessment

Then i heard him say now baby and my arms were freed up and the blind Cuckold training stories removed. Any way he made her sore so it was many months later i Pokemon rape story again. He was not bothered about me being there and told me he Choose your own adventure sex story like me to clean her out with my tongue after he was done. We both agreed it was great and we should meet him again and soon. Well i had seen it many times already, about 6 inches long, thick with 2 big heavy balls, without and agreement she turned to me and kissed me deeply.

Front wedgie stories he left i fucked her again and it was just the best feeling ever. After he left i tried to fuck her but only lasted 20 seconds before i spunked up her. It was a few weeks before we could all arrange to meet up again and this time it was her that told me to get the fuck out so she could enjoy her lovers cock.

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