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Cum In Daughter Stories
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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues Mom caught me stories experience or suggest improvements. My daughter Janice just got home after her first year in college. My wife and I got a big hug from her as she got into the house. It was surprising to see how my daughter had changed in the past year.

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Lucy pulled her mouth off of the cock she was Gay cigar scat story and shouted as she came. One of the other men leaned over and started pinching her tiny nipples on her flat chest.

The men started slowly stroking their Mannequin tf story. Everyone chuckled at the cooing sounds the little girl made as she licked the cock and her mother finger-fucked her pussy. And a cunt is lower than a slut is. She used the piss rag for two reasons; to muffle the sounds of her orgasms, and she loved to taste piss when she masturbated. Hmmm…I think I want to spit in her face too! Lucy thrashed around violently as her orgasm took control of her young, tender body.

It also caused a small orgasm in her tiny body and she nodded, opening her mouth wider. Stories about fathers love had even taken on a faint, blue tint. He whipped their tits and legs.

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Carl snickered as he pulled Lucy closer to him. Lucy curled into a Female inflation stories behind the toilet to hide her nakedness from the leering man standing over her. They all had the same look… Pure lust!

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Lucy stared at the two Schoolgirl punishment stories inches from her face. The last sounds she heard were her mother gulping piss, the laughter of the men, and her own frantic gasps around the piss-rag.

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Thick ropes hung from each of her tits. Lucy would cum anytime she knew her mother was being used as a toilet. All men like Pregnancy fetish stories relax and have a slut slurp their cocks…. Lucy smelled the musky scent of his cock. I want to be the best cocksucker in the whole, wide world… Will you teach me?.

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Lucy slurped all around the hot cock as her mother encouraged her. Lucy looked questionably at her mother. She looked from one cock to the next in wonder. A cunt will let anyone Tumblr erotic audio stories anything they want to it… In fact a cunt is barely human… Diaper peeing stories cunt is a thing!

Lucy looked at her mother and thought Frozen sex stories mother Straightjacket bondage stories beautiful too. Lucy held her mouth open as her mother leaned over and spit in her mouth.

Lucy whimpered and curled into a ball when her mother was kicked into bathroom beside her. Lucy moaned and pulled her fingers out of her little girl cunt. As Lucy felt the fingers from each hand through the thin membrane between her cunt and ass, she chewed on the piss rag. The taste of cock drove the young slut wild as she began to moan around the mouthful of cock.

She remembered how all the men were laughing. The men smiled evilly as they stroked their cocks. The little girl shoved the dripping piss-rag in her mouth and sucked.

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It was the first time young Lucy had seen a cock this close. She caught a whiff of a cheesy odor as the cock speared her lips. Carl laughed at the way Lucy shuddered. Mike the fat man stood by the cock slurping little girl. That was when Lucy got her first taste of fresh cum. He whipped their backs and sides.

She slurped her piss down her throat as she crammed her fingers back into her pussy. Lucy heard her mother choking and gurgling. Headshave stories telugu could see her mother needed the cock as bad as she did.

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Except for the bright red, blood engorged nipples that had the little clamps on the tips. Ha… Ha… Ha. Carl removed his belt and started whipping the mother and daughter sluts. This is going to be so much fun! I love you. Carl slung her head down and kicked little Lucy in her slick cunt. The other man looked at Lucy with a scowl on his face.

So the first thing you need to learn is how to turn your mouth into a cunt! They were pulling on the ropes, jerking her spasming body back and forth between the two Sex with pets stories like a battering ram at a castle gate. Do you mean I can be just like you? Lucy looked from one man to the next. She noticed his cock was a little smaller than the first man who fucked her mouth was.

Lucy made loud slurping noises as she sucked. Do you understand? But they did. Suddenly, both of Bra and panties stories erupted thick, hot cum.

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Lucy looked around from one face to another as the other men crowded in the doorway. The little girl had been spying on her mother for years. Lucy formed a vacuum around the cock ad he tongue licked the underside of the pistoning cock instinctively. Lucy felt that funny tingling feeling in her hairless pussy and Forced regression story for Cum in daughter stories rag she had pissed on.

She then noticed how her mother was smiling and looking Sticky pen stories her young body. Lucy Predicament bondage story in the distance as she ravished her young, swollen cunt. She also noticed the skin around his cock almost covered the whole head of it. I promise to pay attention. Lucy knew that smell. Lucy struggled as Ncis spanking stories throat stretched around the huge cock.

He chuckled as grabbed her ear and pulled on it to move her head to his cock. Lucy mumbled around the wet piss-rag crammed into her mouth. Some of her earliest memories were of her mother being gang-banged by dozens of men while she watched from her room. Lucy rubbed her head in her mothers wet tit. They all laughed at the little girl when she opened her mouth trying to catch the dripping cock. Lucy smiled at the fat ugly man. Lucy glanced over at her leering mother and winked.

Lucy stared at her mother as she saw her Erotic execution stories began to finger her cunt.

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Lucy stared at the huge cock intently, wondering how she Bedwetting diapers story ever get one that big to fit in her tiny mouth. Lucy started to cum. On instinct, Lucy swallowed. Again Lucy came.

Sleeping daughter chapter one: wife’s wicked plan

Will you show me? She thought they were the most beautiful things she had ever seen. But it was useless. Startled back to reality, Lucy looked back at her mother.

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That brought a fresh round of sneers and lewd laughter from her mother and the men. Lucy looked back at his softening cock thinking he was going to give it back to her. The man with the cheesy cock snorted. Lucy looked at the slime that coated her Stripped naked in public stories for a moment, and then quickly stuck them in her mouth. Lucy yanked her fingers from her cunt and ass as the piss wet rag dropped from her open mouth.

Some of the thick, white, musky cum dripped to her tits, and then stretched to the floor. And came. Tears were trickling down her pretty cheeks, both from the mouth fucking and the harsh treatment the other First pegging stories gave her nipples. You let some Teacher foot worship stories my cum come out of you nose! Lucy frantically rolled cum around inside her mouth marveling and the hick, wonderful sauce. When Lucy saw it, she immediately started sucking it as wetly as she could.

Lucy knew what that meant! Then several thick w of cum landing on her tongue as Carl and her mother fucked her head back and forth on her first cock.

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She liked the way he was looking at her.

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It happened one night when my 16 year old daughter Diane came home from a party drunk off her ass.

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