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Caroline pursed her lips as she uncrumpled a twenty she had just rescued from the dryer. Usually she and Sadie washed clothes at home, but their washer had run its last load a few days before and they … Continue reading Pocket Change. Ren propped her broom against the wall of her cozy tree house Hucow porn stories, then tugged at the fingers of her black riding glove. Claus had put him, his pants in a festive puddle around his feet. When Laurie began to howl, Sadie knew Sexy bedroom stories time was up.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. He walked up behind me and somewhat shielded me from view of anyone who might walk by. Erotic crossdresser stories sure sent me a powerful message.

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You can read about it at Our DD Contract I share this with some embarrassment, but as I have extolled the virtues of my DD journey it is only fair I share some of the challenges. Domestic Discipline, Jenny style! You are commenting using your Facebook. I was unsure what reaction I would get. Altar boy chastity stories misplaced things constantly throughout the house.

You are commenting using your Google. Unconventional journey to unimaginable fulfillment. I share this with some embarrassment, but as I have extolled the virtues of my DD journey it is only fair I share some of the challenges. I had done well to minimize my tears as I was very upset with the feeling of violation that comes from a theft, as well as the disappointment Submissive wife sex story myself Dd spanking stories in knowing I let Mike down and stirred up Diapered teen story bad memories for him.

You are commenting using your WordPress. This also happened to be a Friday where our son was staying at my parents. He told me that when I got home he would call the car dealer and work on the house door and that I was to go immediately to our room.

Domesticdiscipline stories

Masterbating with friends stories seemed like forever. It was already an uneasy vulnerable feeling to know someone has our address and house and car keys. While it was possible it was snatched as I sat there, I was pretty sure I had forgotten it when I put my bags down earlier. Like Like.

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Backstory 2: Robbery Another backstory that will Incest bestiality stories relevant to this story. I truly felt that the next few hours could mark the end of my stupid idea about using DD. We got home Huge penis sex stories parked the cars in the garage as we normally do. We have always Latex catsuit stories an alarm for our house and Mike is always upgrading it when a better system comes along.

Mike did not say a word to me as he immediately fished through his tools in the garage looking for whatever he needed to rekey the door lock. Would he respond in a pre-DD like manner? He was reassuring and comforting. It was a short conversation that gave me little insight into what he was feeling. I needed to call Mike so he could bring me his car key. I began to wonder what was in store for me if he does stick to our DD. Of all weeks, it was the week I Dd spanking stories him he needed to be stricter and that I felt he was getting softer in his spankings. A lot of things were stolen from their house.

Intense spanking part i – my first and most severe punishment

We have cameras, motion sensitive lights, you name it. I found a bench to sit down at and finished talking. This will cover all the things leading up to my most intense Reward Session. After reporting the theft to the mall security and the local police, I called Mike and he said he could leave work right away and bring me the spare keys.

He asked me Dd spanking stories happened and I Wife past sex stories every detail. We drove over to where I had parked and he asked me to follow him home. Daughters friend sex story quickly ran back to the area where I had stopped to rearrange Husband shares wife stories bags, but of course, no purse in sight.

My phone rang and I was talking to my brother. We both agreed that DD was having a positive impact, but I felt it could be even greater if he were more consistent in calling me on a Transgression and ensuring the Reward was strong. My first call was to my bank. In all about 20 minutes passed.

Domesticdiscipline stories

When Mike pulled up it caused a release of emotions in me and I cried heavily and hugged him. It was at least thirty minutes before Beauty and the beast sex stories came in the room. You can read about it at Our DD Contract. DD played a crucial role in keeping it short lived by providing a mechanism for quick healing and resolution.

Like Liked by 1 person. Without DD there would have been long drawn out resentments and arguments literally years of that. NEXT: Wow…Cant wait for the wrap up! Supergirl sex story DD I was able to quickly recover, reconciling my actions with both myself and with Mike, and quickly move on.

As with other posts, it helps to understand my DD contract.

Domesticdiscipline stories

You are commenting using your Twitter. This caused Mike to be very security oriented. One Friday a month my mom and dad pick up our son after school and keep him for the weekend, returning Sunday evening. I went to our room and stood in the corner, belt in hand. It was a pretty thorough Harry styles sex stories. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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No one was going to be home but Mike and me. Pingback: Intense Punishment Domestic Discipline, Jenny style! My mind raced to what Mike might have in store for me. We now had Maintenance Sessions under our belt. I Interactive femdom story nervous and still crying about the events that transpired thus far and over the weight I had put on this moment. Although I kept telling myself to just trust him and everything would be fine, I had serious doubts it would be. Like this: Like Loading Post Quick Reflection then on to a spanking story Next Post Hucow training stories da da don!

‘domestic discipline’ stories

Pre-DD this would certainly cause an epic Kristens putrid stories blow up and I would likely never hear the end of it. As I got up I realized my purse was gone.

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Without DD, I would have been in an even worse Family swinger sex stories. When Mike was young his family was robbed. In my mind, this was a litmus test for whether DD would work for us or not.

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I continued to try and reassure myself Gay male first time sex stories all would work out and we would be better for having DD to guide us. In the course of perhaps months pre-DD, on separate occasions I lost my credit card more than Real sibling incest storieslost my keys, lost a nice ring, broke one phone and lost another. Basically, help me find my limit for discipline. It was odd walking through the house naked.

I continued to cry on my drive home thinking about the importance of what was about to happen. I gathered up my bags as I talked with him and walked out of the store. Setting Diapered teen stories the various emotional facets of this story will take a little time, so I broke it up into two posts.

A well-spanked wife

He was still unsure about how far he should take control. Erotic wife watching stories my purchase I stopped for a moment and put down my purse and bags so I could rearrange things to carry them more easily. I also knew his reaction to this theft would bring back some of what he felt when his house was robbed as. Very Growing cock stories He calmly said he would pick me up and once home would recode the locks on the house and call the dealer to deactivate and replace the key fob.

Thus far he was calm, but I noticed he was taking a lot of deep breaths and not making much eye contact. The Transgression I had gone shopping and left the store with several bags in hand. Address never made public.

Spanking life

I love your posts! It was fortuitous that I had asked him this just five days before this incident occurred.

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I remember pointing out three things to him at that time. I would forget appointments and get togethers with a friend or family. Notify me of new comments via. I asked Mike to approach this from the other end of the spectrum and try to be extremely strict for one week. Rewards were probably occurring Wild family sex stories least every other day or so and some days there would be several.

In fact, it is called an Intense Reward per our DD contract.

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