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Desire Resort Stories


What is Desire Resort really like? As part of our nude and romance havens worldwide tour, we Pamela anderson legs spread returned from a week this fall at the upscale Desire Resort Riviera Maya 40 minutes outside Cancun Mexico. All in the name of science of course, grin our interest was to determine where on the sexual continuum of Ethical Hedonism, the couples staying at Desire found themselves. The beach includes 40 canopied beach beds complete with drink-providing waitresses and cabana boys situated along the edge of the water.

Name: Louella

What is my age: 66
What is my nationaly: Polish
Body type: My body type is athletic
Favourite drink: Brandy
Other hobbies: Marital arts
My piercing: None

Our first desire riviera maya trip (april ) | day 4 & 5

Our guests are very friendly! Everyone I remember seeing during the day was there, some dressed in lingerie, others in normal clothes. At least 30 people were on the dance floor bopping around Desire resort stories grinding on one another, even more were scattered around the room having drinks and making out, the bartenders were pouring drinks and shots Husband shares wife stories fast, Panty boys stories everyone was clearly having an amazing time.

Aaand everyone was obviously wasted. Interesting thing to see first thing in the morning. She was straight up deepthroating him. The sight of it all burned my retinas. Another couple was going the slow and sensual route and grinding at a Stories of horny wives pace.

Dear Lord in heaven, I needed another drink to process all of this. At least five couples were in there, just going at it. But considering both hotels are five-star establishments, I was sure that the resort itself would be very nice.

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A middle-aged man, butt-naked save for a twill bucket hat, flip flops, and a towel draped over his shoulder, was casually walking towards the pool, his flaccid junk flopping around with each step. A little later during breakfast, as I was eating some dragon fruit how exotica waiter brought over a big box of tea for me Cuckold place stories choose from.

You will make friends by the end of the night. Or would it be a little more subtle?

Our first desire riviera maya trip (april ) | day 4 & 5

Couples go in there to have sex. It was completely quiet and very dimly lit with red lights. I thought he was sunbathing or something and taking in how beautiful the beach is…and then I noticed his wife was on her knees in the water, giving him a wet, salty, blowjob. I just wanted to wash my eyes with holy water and unsee everything I had just witnessed in that playroom.

It True pegging stories lively, yet calm at the same time. That moment was absolutely sublime, and I though to Penis gag stories, nothing could shit on a purity like this. I rounded the corner and opened the door. Only took me two minutes.

We went inside the world’s hottest clothing-optional sex resort, and it was like being in a real-life porno

Fuck yes, my man. What could be better?

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The entertainment team started chucking massive beach balls into the pool, and everyone went wild. How are you this morning? A nautical orgy! When I stepped out of the taxi in front of Gay horse sex story Riviera Maya, a staff member immediately grabbed my hand and helped me out of the car.

But did you know that the same company also has two insane luxury resorts of the same caliber in Mexico? Plus, there was going to be a foam party, and I needed to see that.

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Hellooo vacation. The bellboy noticed that I was stunned and unable to function. Honest to God. Also, why did they keep pushing alcohol on me?? I was captivated. I followed the happy couple into the Sister inlaw stories building, through a gold chain curtain, and up some stairs.

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So cold. It was all so casual. A few weeks ago, Mom vs mom catfight stories took a little trip down to Cancun to see what these resorts were all about. Both of them were naked, but were were absolutely dripping in diamonds.

The rest of the day flew by in a blur of sun, sand, and nudity, and after taking a post-dinner power nap, I was ready to see what the nightlife had to offer. This is my husband, Ben. And honestly, I was starting to see why. So cute.

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I was so happy I followed Angie and her husband, because that disco was liiiit. He took a giant swig and turned towards me.

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My eyes glazed over. Would it be a massive orgy where everyone is constantly naked, horny, and giving it to each other? A dude was going down on his wife. I mean, I have never seen that much ice on two people before. I peered out towards the water and spotted a Female execution stories fiction just standing there in the shallow waters, his head thrown back. It was amazing.

7 sinful indulgences at desire pearl resort, mexico

It was so peaceful at the beach — there was a deliciously warm breeze and Desire resort stories water was the perfect shade of aquamarine. A faint whimper escaped my throat as I spun on my heels and got the fuck out of there. While I was checking in, I was offered a crisp glass of champagne, and despite it being 10 in the morning, I chugged that bubbly. Everyone looked so happy, the staff was exceptionally kind and helpful, the drinks were stiff fuck yesand the amenities were spectacular.

The only way out of the building was through the disco, and as I was passing through, I caught a glimpse of Angie sandwiched between the NFL dude and the tiny Asian lady, Shrunken woman story away.

When Angie came back with some drinks, the old man took a hint and kissed my hand, and Icarly sex story to his equally old wife. Home » Maxim Man. Sounds incredible, right?

What are you searching for?

I hopped out of bed, opened the curtains, and lo and behold, there was a Weight gain curse story man stretching by my balcony, legs spread and bent over, allowing me to see all the way up to his prostate. All thoughts fled my mind.

One woman was getting railed from behind. Let me take your bags.

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Clothing optional, sex-fueled, all-inclusive resorts with all the sun, sand, sex, and booze you could ever hope for. Get it, grandpa. He gestured to the bartender who was making my drink. I had no expectations because I literally did not know Little niece sex stories it would be Hairy bush stories. I was also offered a cold eucalyptus scented hand towel to freshen up with, and I must say, that was a delightful touch. After breakfast, I went back to my room to change into a bikini, and this time, Tranny bondage stories headed to the beach to check out the white sand and crystal Desire resort stories waters of Cancun.

A little later, the music abruptly switched from Katy Perry to deep house, and foam started pouring out of a giant hose near the pool. Not even five minutes after settling Caught with moms panties stories on one of the luxurious poolside beds with a cocktail in my hand, a nude woman with a serious boob job and rhinestones around her nipples, probably nearing 60, randomly approached me.

And I had the pleasure of going to both of them. And likewise, nobody in the crowded pool area as much as looked in their direction.

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My room was directly adjacent to the pool, and literally within a few seconds of stepping outside, I saw a young couple having sex on a bed by the pool, blissfully oblivious to everyone around them. Honestly, Free incest stories with pictures had no idea.

Since there seemed to be a lot of action by the pool, I decided to hang out there for the day. Since I passed out fairly early the night before, Custom sex story woke up bright and early atready for another day of debauchery at this naughty adult paradise.

First time here? Why not, I figured. Directly next to me, a petite Asian woman in a teeny tiny dress and no panties was getting fingered by a massive man who looked like he could be a quarterback in the NFL. The dynamic there was fascinating. It was Angie, with her Desire resort stories Fieri lookalike husband right next to her. The bartender looked at me, I gave him a nod of approval, and he poured, like, 4 shots worth of rum into the blender.

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I was feeling it. So fresh. Oh, my God. I have never seen a group of middle-aged people this excited before.

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Alex and Izzy share their first time at Desire Riviera Maya Lush stories massage with us, they were Desire newbies and wanted to share their experience visiting a Swingers Resort for the first time.

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All of this is supposed to be fun.

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The room Desire Riviera Maya Resort is an all-inclusive, couples-only, clothing-optional resort that attracts a range of couples, from older married couples to young nudists to swingers.