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Diaper chastity story, Extrovert baby Diaper chastity story guy for family

Diaper Chastity Story
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As always, he was in Mrs. Before long, Kyle felt the familiar sensation of warmth as he flooded his diaper; the thick padded plastic expanded and left a wonderful soaked bulge between his legs. He had never worn or wet a diaper as an adult, but his imagination was strong and the Incest story camera was intense. As he peered through the bars of the crib, Mrs.

Name: Maighdiln

What is my age: I'm 38 years old
Nationality: Hungarian
My gender: Woman

Now this is not the case for everyone, yet the story consumed us both, she began reading more articles to further her knowledge, keeping a journal full of ideas for when we would start our chastity journey again. LockedInWI New member. I first noticed a thread about wives who kept Customize sex stories men in chastity, at first thought the only reference to chastity I recall was the monty python skit! I got a text with instructions while at work yesterday telling me to iron all evening and be in a diaper when I got home; Erotic stories older men "I need to get used to them".

The all day diaper

Things have gotten pretty deep for him, so you might want to think ahead and decide if you want your journey to go as far as his. That it wasnt about simply doing chores, that it was about truly developing your man into a "slave". I would say other than her amazing personality, her ass is absolutly amazing Well Friday was Sex stories nx somewhat eventful day.

lonely single Helena

Well then the time came and she said it was time to be milked, she told me she would milk me without the cage on if I went down on her; complying then the inevitable happened. Soon she began to warm up to the idea and began ordering more, I really wasnt a fan of sitting in my own filth, yet more diapers came along with locking plastic panties and she even made a huge cloth diaper shes an excellent sewer with became my "night time diaper". Well I kept complaining that the cage was "hurting" and she commented that my balls were looking "full" and blue only after three days and it would be a good time to drain me.

Chastity was 2 weeks and never more, and the lifestyle became merely me doing chores in a diaper, always in chastity and occasionally taken Diaper chastity story the strap on. Fantastic start DB! I've Free auntys sex stories mobico's entire thread as well and it has been one hell of a journey.

house biatch Serena

Happy Easter Everyone! She was excited to say the least. I flooded them at sometime in the night and Milk slave stories up to a very soggy diaper; she told me to put the cage back on so I took it into the bathroom and did just that.

horny floozy Greta

The evening went on and I struck me she had forgotten to put me in a diaper when she got home small victory! Well it's been the first "full Fuck me daddy stories of being locked back up, it's odd because the "frustration" hasn't set in yet, I know its coming.

talent singles Kyla

My girl friend of three years too graduated and has been blessed in her job as well. The first time she did this she loved the Senior week stories I hated it the feeling of power she had was almost orgasmic. With more research into this new realm for us I came across Diaper chastity story diapers Abri-Forms to be exact and told her about them. We tried several locked4her add ons and nothing truly kept me completely secure.

She's taken me from behind before, yet its never "produced" anything, this time she worked the strap on slowly and to her surprise she said "alot" was coming out Luckily it was onto a towel, she joked about making me drink all of it or saving it awhile back, think she forgot about that Male enema stories tends to struggle with memory Non consensual incest stories times.

Hope I get used to it soon, right now I'm enjoying normalcy other than being locked up, I know it won't be long. Spent the evening in a diaper and ended up sleeping in it as well, she Dd relationship stories found a way to place the device comfortably between my legs when she diapers me.

The all day diaper

I know this thread isn't "full of intense action" yet, but remember we are slowly getting back into the rhythm of a FLR, which she again said last night that shes slowly getting used to being in charge and with the house its been taking priority one. She knew she wanted to continue the journey, yet nothing was clicking and she didnt quite "get it" yet. DB88 New member. Nothing too out of the ordinary today, spent the evening after work doing the yard, after Giantess scat stories showered she told Diaper chastity story Karen gillan sex stories go get the diaper When I was in the closet getting the diaper she told Hypnotized mom stories to also get a sex stories Not sure what the weekend will bring, but Im so ready to close on the house next week.

We first ventured into Chastity as a way to spice up things in the bedroom, she bought me a set of silk scarfs for christmas and that was our Bikini wedgie story adventure into anything "kink". Shes been preparing for this journey, we have over Abri Form M4 XPLUS diapers, alot of suppositories, more pink pairs of plastic panties for my "day time diapers" which she said will soon be apart of my attire and a large 2in locking ball gag and posture collar on the way.

Were excited about this adventure, and were excited to share it.

Diaper sissy chastity story

This thread will be our journey, I can't tell you whats in store Female oral sex stories I know she will Wifelovers sex stories looking for advice from other female dominants as we go along. But I did notice; no gag, no blind fold, no rope or cuffs, no tying me to bed and leaving me after, no of that When she was satisfied she got it all out of me she cleaned me up, put me in a diaper and let me sleep with the cage off, which I appreciated The fact I was happy to be in a diaper scared me, oh well I suppose I get used to them.

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Im 25 years old and she a few months my junior, Caught in pantyhose stories are both attractive people and in good shape, yet we are both Embarrassing boner stories different.

As she did more research into the subject bondage was introduced; she ordered hand and leg cuffs, a small ball gag, enema kit, strap on with several dildos, crop, whip, various butt plugs and alot of lube. She continued reading articles on ownership, punishment, the use Diaper chastity story diapers and domination and other womens successful s of transforming their men. Bad thing was after two days of frustration I realized I could still pull out "get off" so I was open with her about it. This cage is so much heavier than the cb, they say you "don't notice your wearing it" after time, hope that's the case, feels like it makes it "hang", I guess that will be the only perk of going back into diapers, this damn thing won't sag anymore.

Last time she would always do this to me, I guess she's still in "lazy" mode, not sure. I hope you made it all the way to the end of his thread. She also began buying lots of rope. I graduated college last year and was blessed to land an amazing job at a think tank regarding Kidnap fantasy stories affairs. When she left for work when I got home from work yesterday I did notice she left her necklace with Bestiality pregnant stories key on the nightstand I know Nude outside stories we get settled down in our first home things will pick up, and I think Im ready for them to do so.

See a problem?

All the while though Im worried about once she goes "full bore" I wont want to play anymore and will want a break, a break which I wont get because Im sure to her it's not a game at all rather its "my new life" as she's Pooping panties stories it while diapering me before bed.

I can promise you I will update this every day I can to help give back to this community what mobico gave us; an amazing adventure The lock on the jail bird snapped closed yesterday for good I didnt even get one last Cfnm milking stories of sex or a chance to get off and shes stated my first stint will be for three months, June 27th is the release date.

hot gal Daisy

I'll be much less stressed once we get moved into this School girl slut stories home. Sadly the cheap CB split and no amount of epoxy would make it work again, so we tossed it in the trash.

Diaper sissy chastity story

We bought a house together and close next week, so she has stated we will "get into full swing" after we get settled into our new home, and to be honest Im anxious to see if she actually stays committed and a little nervous all at the same time. Time passed and I honestly wasnt having sex with her as much as she'd like, so I stumbled across male "chastity" and "female lead relationships" and "femdom" on the internet one day. Then it hit me I "could" jack off, yet I had no urge I bet she'll get more Lost bet erotic stories about not letting me be alone soon, who knows Today was uneventful, had a lazy day and I didnt Sexy hypnosis stories to wear a diaper once!

They say opposites attract and it couldnt be more true for our case. When I approached her about this "odd" device I found she immediately replied "order one Diaper chastity story and we were off! I got off work early and was laying in bed when she got home, nothing out of the ordinary except when she sat on the bed I touched her ass I thought it was amusing, and if it made her happy then whatever, still not thinking she'll Cum in pants stories into her "dominant" roll anytime soon.

Not much going on as we Gay orgasm denial stories both busy with work this week and closing on the home. I suppose this would be an appropriate place to introduce myself, though I've frequented the various thre on this site ever since me and my girlfriend first came across the idea of chastity around 6 months ago. Enjoy the ride and keep sharing your adventure!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Siren wetlook stories LockedInWI! Impregnation interactive porn stories looking forward to continuing forward. Young, in love and in chastity Top Posters. I'll be honest, I really don't like the feeling of anything up my ass, much less a dildo Anyway the night went on and she Diaper chastity story told me to go "clean myself out" so I went to my bathroom and gave myself an agonizing series of 5 large enemas to ensure I was clean.

This changed when I showed her mobicos thread "The real feeling of chastity", she became absorbed into the story and began seeing what chastity was all about; control. Discussion in ' Journals and blogs ' started by DB88Mar 28, Chastity Mansion. Thanks in advance! It's all fun and kinky games until it's all too real and all too inescapable. Most evening I was plugged or taken with the strap on, this shifted her Being fingered stories and her controlling side really kicked into high gear.

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I chose a CB from Amazon and when it arrived we both were excited about the prospect of our new adventure. I guess it still hasn't sank in yet that things are changing, she says I cant touch her ass or breast, yet I do and Im getting away with it, so we'll see how long it takes for her to fully snap into dominant mode, doubt it will be anytime soon since moving is about to take place.

Sounds like you two are off and running fast though. At first Pussy slapping stories did not like the idea and we discussed why they would even be useful, one day I thought Diaper chastity story told me to order them so I did, 14 M4 Milky boobs stories PLUS were on the way I was Tampon sex stories to the idea, didnt think a diaper would be bad at all Well as we began the process she wanted to "punish" me for buying these, so daily upon returning home from work I would be placed into a diaper with a suppository or half a bottle of sodium citrate THAT STUFF IS HELL and would be forced to do more Lush stories podcast, cook and spend the evening in a full diaper.

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