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Diaper wedgie story, Erotik Diaper wedgie story found male for date

Diaper Wedgie Story


Wedgies r cool. Search this site. Definition of Wedgie.

Name: Sally

Years: 18
Body type: My figure type is muscular
Smoker: Yes
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I Girls farting stories had a predisposition towards inflatables like you! As for bondage, the earliest memories I have are of refusing to stop using my car seat although back in the mid 90s people didn't keep their kids in them as long.

Click to expand LilMonkeyAlex Est. Messages 1, Role Other. Sesy Contributor. BoundCoder said:. Diapers are much more compact then infaltables, mind you. And I discovered it was a thing.

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I still tend to lean more towards the bondage side of things when it comes to diapers. Babysitter incest stories should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I do consider myself both still a Wedgie Lover and a Inflatables fetishist. Forums New posts Search forums. I wear diapers for most of the time now.

My mother used to put me to bed wearing only plastic pants, only Milky boobs stories then decide to wear regular underwear after a year almost time periods are vague.

But I still like diapers.

How long you have to stay in a wedgie and what type | comments

Messages 1, Role Private. Now in my mid Adult video booth stories I wet the bed all the time during my sleep. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. I still like the idea of being strapped in unfortunatly, it would be hard to explain a 6 point harness in my 4 cylinder Sedan lmao. When I was in my teen years I really started liking diapers a lot.

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I'm on four other diaper sites and they all find it interesting. Then in my twenty's I had bed wetting problems again.

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That is when I started to like diapers. Did anyone get into diapers from other fetishes?

How long you have to stay in a wedgie and what type | comments

Something not too dark dark has it pretty right with Stolen panty stories. Except at work I don't. It is also the reason why I like girl themed diapers better than boy ones. You are using an out of date browser. So did anyone get hooked in such a weird way? Musician Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover Other.

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EmilyL cuteandadorable Little Est. Messages Age 28 Role Little. I eventually did, but by the time I was 12 they didn't fit so I had the Idea to wear the pull-ups. Zoran Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover Diaperfur. I don't remember Diaper wedgie story interested in Tickle bondage stories until I was a bit older and my mom threatened me with them when I misbehaved Not sure why I never called her bluff.

Fast forward a few years and now I'd have this 'goo' come out of me after I'd have fun with my rafts and still not knowing what i was doing I'd figure since it was coming out of Erotic stories preg same place as peek it would absorb this goo.

Search titles only. I've never had another fetish that isn't directly derived from sex, just diapers BoundCoder nnember Est. Got into diapers as an offshoot from Family sex slave stories. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I like diapers purely for sexual reasons because of that Tg stories with pictures time so many years ago and thats pretty much it although there are some kid things I like except my mom says I'd be a pervert in the public's eye.

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I didn't even notice the sexual connection until I first ejaculated into a diaper while reading stories about said fetish and I didn't even know what I had actually done. Experiment said:. It started out as an interest of wedgies of guys Panty wetting stories themselves, and onwards to "dares" of wearing diapers.

During my teen years I did not wet the bed but I like diapers. Media New media New comments Search media. SicartheaSpikefan Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover.

Embarrass stories

Log in Register. Trevor Est. TheWolfEmperor Contributor. Install the app. I think for me it is part of my interest in bondage and submission.

Ouch - i never wedgied him again

So two ro that led to the same thing. Erotic sleepover stories Waddling Mouse Est. Well for me, It was purely plastic pants that eventually lead me to try pull-ups then goodnites.

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New posts. When I was 8 I somehow got a fetish for inflatable pool toys and lots of non water ones too but I had no idea what I was doing. I had my tonsils taken out during that time. Thread starter Zoran Start date Dec 10, Status Not open for further replies. Bigbabybret Est. So, I'm actually I've, and got introduced to ab stuff from an ex gf, from back in like But, as I'm sure most people have other fetishes too I also like tight clothing, corsets, etc Although not inflatables, I love wearing life jackets But, I can say that I F/m tickle stories traveled to the Abdl side to also make them less a burden and have some fun with an Gay pirate stories situation too BabyToddler Est.

The hospital put me back into diapers at age 6 due to bed wetting.

Wedgies in tighty whities and diapers

Eventually diapers were the natural progression of that obsession. You guys are all normal compared to me! NateSean said:. But are Tumblr adult stories respecetble fetishes in of themselves! Log in. One thing I wonder now that I didn't on the other four sites is that since I like diapers for sexual pleasures more than dress up,wetting, messing and being a baby can I call myself a DL or just a diaper fetishist?

My best friend in preschool had several little siblings and their car was always full of car-seats whenever his mom drove Cfnm bondage stories and our other friend to school I would volunteer to take the car-seat Crossdressing sissies stories while I had no idea why I loved it at the time they got me really excited when I was strapped in.

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Sorry Mom son massage stories that's too much info. It doesn't get much more submissive than being a baby. I had an obsession with peeing a pooping as. Search forums. I had found an extra pull up from my sister's training days above our washer so I took it,put it on had my fun and the rest is history.

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