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Drunk fetish stories, I Drunk fetish stories for boy that loves chasity

Drunk Fetish Stories


Ben Hur was in its second month, and the lines were finally down enough that we could catch a late matinee showing. We sat there enraptur

Name: Annetta

How old am I: 34
Ethnicity: Emirati
Sexual identity: Man
Tone of my iris: I’ve got large gray-blue eyes
What is my sex: Woman
I prefer to drink: My favourite drink tequila
I like: Blogging

Good idea I said I will help you get him in to the cab.

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So I pulled harder her head was pulled back and I Erotic pokemon stories lifting her up off the bed when I pulled Yea she screamed yes yes oh fuck she was comming and she was comming hard she grabbed my pillow and clawed at it and bit it as I slowed she pulled off and collapsed into the bed panting and twitching from a good orgasm.

I wanted to cum now I pulled her hair and was going at it rough I could feel my cum was building Married couple threesome stories I grabbed the collar and gave it a pull to choke her but so she could still move then I whispered in her ear you can breath again after I cum you got that!

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It was like I was playing an instrument smack the ass pull the hair twist the nipple and on and on I could do what ever Prostate milking stories wanted and she was taking it all. Jessica had nice hips, brown hair and hazel blue eyes that seemed to change in the light.

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Pull my hair she said I grabbed her long dark hair and started to pull as I shoved into her ass I pulled her hair back harder she said pull my hair harder. Do you see anything you like she asked, Ummm dam boss's girl dont fish off the company pier no I said just thinking about work. It was a Christmas party my boss was True slut wife stories lushdrunk as hell as always at the party's he was off talking to some office workers about who knows what and his girlfriend was walking toward me.

The next month the boss was a real prick at work to everybody. Jessica cleared her throat Dam was I staring at her leggs.

Drunk stories

Dam this is bad if my boss ever finds out I am a dead man ah what the Strict spanking stories I can get a new job but a piece of ass like this only happens once in a life time if at all ok let me get some thing to lube you up with I said. Jessica stopped and said come on fuck me.

She had on a tight black dress with 4 inch healed black boots that went up to Pokemon sex storys knees and fish net stockings it looked odd but what the hell it looked sexy all the women here dressed like old ladys and she stuck out.

She is about 5 Drunk fetish stories 3 and about lbs and about 10 lbs of that being her tits she had a big rack for a small girl she had to be about 24 years old the boss was in his late 40's lucky bastard to Catwoman sex stories a fine young one like her.

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Fetish Stories. Author: Dennis.

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It seemes Jessica moved out to go live with her sick aunt and dumped my boss. I paused to drink her all in Jessica had nice c to d cup tits hanging down and her ass was so nice and round and her leggs were great too I could not help but smile she was hot. A Sex Stories.

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Check also our Tube. You may not duplicate or copy any portion of this site without M4m spank stories. Lisa was her name I think or was it Jessica, Dam it think think.

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Jessica looked over at Tg diaper stories and smiled and said I think I have just found my new master as she curled up next to me. I smacked her ass 5 or 6 times harder each Drunk fetish stories she just moaned and said " yea come on baby fuck me " as her ass turned bright red. Hello she said do you remember Emma watson bondage story umm yes I said Jessica, why you do remember me she said with a smile do you mind if I sit down, no not at all I Crossdressing femdom stories sounding like a.

I drove home not wanting to take a cab I lived close enough man all I could think of was Jessica I could not wait to get home and jerk off thinking of her she was hot, I walked in and got a bowl of cerial and a glass of water I just put the glass and bowl in the sink when I hear my door bell ring.

True story, foot and shoe fetish

Lets dance she said 2 or 3 dances later and my boss showed up he was so drunk all he could say was dish was da besht party ever we helped him back to a table and he wanted another drink, so I went and got him myself and Jessica drinks half way into his drink he passed out. Jessica and Drunk fetish stories had a few more and decided to call it a night I asked her if she was ok going home she was drunk also she said she was going to leave the car and take a cab.

I grabbed a 7 inch vibrator and a collar and leash with leather cuffs " so you like to play ". Jessica Backed up to me on the bed and she was just at the right height I turned on the vibrator and pushed it slow up her ass then I grabbed the cuffs and cuffed her feet behind me then grabbed her hips and pushed into her cunt hot and wet and I could feel Short stories of incest vibrator on my dick I grabbed the leash pulled it tight in one hand and started to fuck her I slapped her ass and said you are a bad girl, I pulled her up to me and twisted her nipple's one then the other then pushed her down grabbed her hair and the collar and started fucking her again.

I jumped on the bed and was behind her as I put me cock head up to her ass she pushed back hard and fast ohh god she moaned I am just over 6 inches and thich not huge but just over average she was riding my dick I did not even have to Phil phantom story this Drunk fetish stories great. What the fuck ifs like who the hell is at my door.

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I get to Gay beastiality porn stories door and there is Jessica in a Black leather coat I look behind her as a cab is pulling out, She said well you just going to stand there or what, umm come in, you got anything to drink? I grabbed a 7 inch vibrator Grandmother and grandson incest stories a collar and leash with leather cuffs " so you like to play " she just got this big shit eating grin on her face and said I knew you were into kink I could tell she grabbed the collar and put it on grabbed the leash and clicked it on and got in her hands and knees on the bed and barked like a puppy dog, my dick got so hard she looked at the vibrator Incubus true stories started to wimper none of that I said you have been a bad girl turn around and get your punishment.

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Jessica got up and ran up the stairs and found my bedroom turned Boot licking stories the light and got on the bed like a dog. At the same time ripping the buttons on my good shirt "Hay thats my good shirt" I undid my pants as fast as I could and was kicking them off she took this time Raped by dogs story take off the boots and panty's the bra was gone before Cuckold chastity belt stories noticed she jumped to the floor and started so suck my cock like a demon I never in my life have had a blow job this good Jessica realy sucked hard and was using the roof of her mouth to add friction "slurp slurp" she went just as I was about to cum Jessica stopped got this evel grin and Drunk fetish stories not to quick Jessica giggled and smiled.

I want you to fuck me up the ass she said right here right now as she dropped to her knees and pulled her panties to one side and bent over sticking her ass into the air.

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It was a Christmas party my boss was a lushdrunk as hell as always at the party's he was off talking to some Gay sleepover sex stories workers about who knows what and his girlfriend was walking toward me.

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