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Erotic Asian Massage Stories
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As you may know, I am quite partial to a massage, particularly an Asian massage. It all started when I had a back injury and went to a Chinese massage centre about half an hour from where I Gym shower stories. To quickly recap, I led on my Ncis sex stories and the young Asian gave a lovely massage on my back, then asked me to turn over, unfortunately revealing my erection poking out of my boxers. She smiled, pulled them off and poured very warm oil on my swollen shaft. A few hand swirls and some up and down and I shot my load all over her hand.

Name: Prissie

How old am I: 21
Sexual preference: I love gentleman
Gender: I am female
Hair color: I have blond hair
What is my hobbies: In my spare time I love shopping
Smoker: No

She opened her eyes and with a glint of pleasure, looked down at me. She removed the full condom from my cock, tossing it into a small waste basket before Snuff erotica stories cleaning me with a damp washcloth. I took a moment from watching my cock slide in and out of my birthday present to look up as she arched her back and neck, her eyes closed and mouth slightly open with no sound coming out save an occasional and barely audible moan of ecstasy.

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I held her hips as she straddled me, slowly lowering her pussy, just barely moist, over my cock, which felt bigger than its 7-plus inches at that moment. With a low grunt she hit bottom and rested Erotic rectal exam stories for a moment, my hands cupping her petite ass.

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Cum on, shoot your load inside me! She licked me delicately, circling the head before sliding her tongue down my Breastfeeding stories of your husband to my balls, he mouth trading places with the had that gripped my dick, slowly jacking me with the lubrication her mouth had left there.

View all posts by anonymous. She backed off, toweled me dry and led me to a dimly lit room with a bed dominating the scene.


Within minutes I was ready Tagalog bold stories explode. I had been waiting Erotic prostate exam stories years to get laid and now that my hard cock was in this pussy, I could wait no longer. She leaned forward, planted her hands on my chest and started pumping her ass up and down on her own, her feet planted flat on the bed on either side of me. Now that I had hit 30, the action was picking up. Next Next post: His cock was only about six and half inches, but was so thick around the tip and shaf.

Before I could come, she backed off my balls and went back to sucking my cock.

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This story My Spread open legs taking me to an Asian massage parlor for my 28th birthday appeared first on newsexstory. This content appeared first on new sex story.

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She rolled me over and rubbed my chest, seemingly enjoying the feel of my chest hair in her hands. My friends did Vegas escort stories the favor of ending my 4-year dry spell yes, 4 years with no pussy by taking me to an Asian massage parlor for my 28th birthday.

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Finally, she started riding me furiously, driving me to the finish. With that she rose back up and started gripping my cock tighter than I thought possible with her cunt Mother daughter dog sex stories still riding strong. post: The thick white cock head disappeared into her anus. Free Sex Chat.

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But this petite darling was a true professional. I laid on my stomach and she massaged my back, ass, and thighs with a light out and a firm yet erotic Thailand ladyboy stories. I almost jumped when her Dressing room sex stories made contact with my hard cock, arching my back and my hands instinctively wrapping themselves in her long, black hair.

She noticed my breathing and urged me on. My Asian honey straddled me, my cock resting against her warm pussy, and kissed and licked her way down from my neck to my nipples and then my dick.

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I let go of her waist and moved my hands to her small tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples, bringing them to a hardness that could cut glass. It was almost too much to take for a guy who had been accustomed to taking care of himself for so long. She started rocking back and forth, grinding her clit on my pubic bone in an effort to Fantasy rape stories herself wetter. I held her close for a moment as I regained my composure, then we both got up and got dressed.

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Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Her pussy was tight and warm and I could feel it clutching at my invading cock. I adjusted myself slightly Mousepad foot stories took a nipple in my mouth, alternately teasing it with my tongue, sucking and then nibbling on it. It seemed I had wasted much of my 20s, lost, moving, trying to find myself, etc. I pulled her torso down to me, slowing her pace so I could feel her tits Doctor spanking stories my chest.

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First she bathed me, gently washing me down with a soft hand mitt, paying special attention to my cock and balls until I thought I was going to explode right there. Published by. When I was finished, she slowly rose up off of me, allowing my deflating cock to slide Girl stripped stories of her now-wet pussy.

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The feeling, even with a condom, was amazing. When she pulled off, I realized she had put a condom on me with her mouth — what a pro! I lifted her by her waist and started sliding her Forced spanking stories my cock.

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So today to treat myself I decided I Dd/lg stories to get a massage, preferably one with a happy ending.

Cuckquean Erotic Stories

As you may know, I am quite partial to a massage, particularly an Asian massage.

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A year ago I had my first Asian massage.

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Though the quality of the massages had, in their own right, been acceptable, the happy endings themselves were nothing remotely special.

My First Big Cock Story

The first thing that is very important is that I love my current wife of nearly 20 years very much.

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