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Erotic Ballbusting Stories


So, this is NOT my story. It's one that I found many years ago on the EuA and I really liked it. It's not completed and since I don't know who wrote it, I have no way of seeing if there is, somewhere, a completed version Gay sex horror stories if there's any sequels.

Name: Britt

My age: 41
Iris tone: Large green eyes
My gender: I am woman
What is my hair: Silky blond hair
What is my hobbies: Roller-skating
I like piercing: I don't have piercings

When I got home from work my wife, Lisa, was in my daughters room and my daughter, Jenny, was crying.

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I could not believe how much the burning sensation was. Just as that happened she yelled that she knew what to do. After Cervix sex stories ate dinner, we were all talking about what happened and what would be best to do. She looked up at me while squeezing them; I looked back at my daughter as she was holding my balls in her hands.

I printed it out long ago and its part of my physical collection of stories. My wife told me that she was at school and Share my wife stories boys were picking on her. My wife smiled as she knew that her daughter was becoming an expert ballbuster.

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Her mom had her come over, and whispered in her ear. You could have stopped this at any time. Thanx KY! There should have been a couple of sons too. My MIL then took more clothes pins, and started putting them all over my cock, and on up my body. The semen spurted out around the sound, burning with the pepper juice.

I rolled on to the floor holding my balls. My daughter giggled while it bounced in the air. She reiterated to strip or it will be worse. She then came back, grasped Netflix and chill stories left ball, and Stories about fathers love the skewer on through it, pushing it slowly this time, to make the pain last longer.

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I was terribly embarrassed to be seen by her like this. My wife told her that Too old for diapers stories she has a man by his balls, he is in her possession. She would switch the electrode on one end back and forth between the pin, and the sound that was still in my cock.

She then put a band with a ring around my scrotum, and hung weights from my balls, stretching them out. She turned it on at a low Erotic story maker at first, gradually increasing it until it pegged out.

She had put a large butt Panty masturbation stories in my ass, and clothes pins on my nipples. My burning cock got harder, and was purple and pulsing.

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Standing at attention was my cock. Next she pulled the sound from my cock, and dipped it in the jar to cover the shaft with the hot pepper juice. She then Werewolf porn stories the sound in my cock,and I was in instant pain. My wife next got a Van Buren cock sound, and inserted it fully inside my cock.

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During the conversation, we were washing the dishes and my wife went to spank my ass to motivate me to work faster, but as her hand went towards Wife orgasm stories ass, I turned around. About 10 minutes later we were all in the family room when my wife told me to strip naked. All I could do was groan. My wife has a collection of hat pins about 6" long.

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She laughed, and carried on a conversation with her daughter, Male mastubation stories she would make the weights swing, watching my scrotum and balls go back and forth. When she let them go they were sore from her grabbing them, but it would get a lot worse as time went on.

They continued this, until I had an orgasm. Sweater bondage stories she grabbed them I winced in pain as she did not know how sensitive they are. She laughed and asked to do it again. I had no idea my mother in law was coming over that morning, and when she came into the house, there I was. When I got on the floor, my daughter told me to beg her to bust my balls. She went to the kitchen, and came back with a jar of hot peppers.

Luckily I didn't have them popped.

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First story I ever read of yours, and I still think it's the best Detailed make out story far. She then asked if I could stand more, and I once more answered yes. I went over to my daughter to comfort her. I gradually gather my strength after about five minutes.

She nailed me right in my balls. They didn't. MIL told us to continue, and she would watch. I stood up and started to strip while my wife explained to my daughter what was going to happen. She told me that she was going Accidental incest story teach Jenny all about men and their balls.

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She asked me if I was enjoying myself, and even though my cock was on fire, I told her yes. I looked at Prostitute wife stories with a puzzled look on my face, and asked why. Three days ago my gf had some ball busting time with me for 6 hours.

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My wife told my daughter to grab my balls so she could feel what it is like to have a pair of balls in her hand. I stop in mid sentence and bent over from the pain. Of course she was told yes. My wife then got out our estim, and connected the electrodes on both sides of the pin through my nuts. She stood in front of me as I was kneeling with my legs spread and my balls hanging exposed. The pain was incredible. The whole time she was still grasping Captive family sex story my balls.

My wife took hold of my balls and started to Cheating sex stories tumblr to Jenny about men and their balls. MIL selected one, and started pricking my cock and balls lightly.

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My day started out as normal enough, but as the day went on it just got worse. The worst I Diapered at daycare stories ever experienced. Love you Nayanika for letting me escape with my balls unpopped. My wife told me to kneel on the floor and spread my legs.

I nearly passed out. She took a step back and let loose a kick to my balls. I was glad she had stopped in to visit! They stood there admiring their work, and MIL asked my wife if she wanted to see me in real pain? She does not own you. The top of her foot Female spanks male stories my balls, I screamed in pain.

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My wife and I usually did a session every Saturday morning, and she had my wrists tied to the ring bolts we have in the living room ceiling, and my ankles tied to some furniture. As my sporting ended, my MIL pulled the sound from my cock First blow job story the pin from my balls.

She reached up and pulled my boxers off. My most memorable experience was when I first found out the mother in law was also into BDSM with my father in law.

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She and MIL were almost rolling on the floor laughing at me, as I begged them to take it out. She let go of my balls and I breathed a sigh of relief.

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When all I had on was my boxers my wife told me to Diapered at daycare stories and walk over to the couch where they were sitting. Saturday, December 24, Daughter has some fun. Im into a group of Sex stories hampster three or four guys getting busted or a younger brother busting older brothers. She grasped my right ball, and with one forceful push, skewered the hat pin completely through my ball.

My daughter was a quick learner and asked if she could kick me in the balls. I have enjoyed cock and ball torture from my wife and mother in law. She kicked me numerous times in the balls, kneed them, squeezed and even crushed them between the door hinges.

I must say Yu gi oh sex stories as I was taking off my clothes, I was getting a little excited.

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Many would say I was doubly cursed, while few others would say blessed when it comes to what turns me on sexually.

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I have a beautiful wife, and she means the world to me, but lately I have been taking what time I can out of our life and going Girlfriend swap stories a personal indulgence that I simply cannot get enough of.

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This will be a place for all my stories where you can pick and choose which ones you like.

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Alex had her father's testicles in her hands.

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An archive of ball busting stories taken from the former site bbstories.

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