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Erotic Giantess Stories


Nipple tease stories looked at Matt not knowing how the evening would pan out. She wanted to have sex with him, wanted him to lick and fuck her, but she knew what would happen if he did.

Name: Doretta

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Presumably, that was purposefully done to emphasize her need to develop. For example, the basketball court floor has no markings and is Pregnant tg story a solid color. sociální síť pro dospělé

Lastly, there Lesbian stories app some odd coloring choices, like giving blue hair Erotic giantess stories a Police officer sex stories man named Dan for no apparent reason. Share this: Twitter Facebook. For example, a middle-aged bald heavyset man, presumably the city mayor, was shown in Chapter 7. Of course, readers of these fantastical tales should accept Jap erotic stories a ificant suspension of disbelief is required.

Long gone are the days when a macrophile felt lucky to find an image on a dial-up bulletin board system BBSperhaps from artists like Cat or Elbee, involving giant women. Lastly, I would like more implicit sex scenes, the story includes breast fondling but no other sexual depictions. Readers initially follow the protagonist Ariana as she transforms and seduces her long-time crush. Great art and an entertaining story. Notify me of new posts via. Lastly, it would have been nice to see rank inia on the military members, such as stars for the general and chevrons for the enlisted soldiers. sociální síť pro dospělé

That said, this is still a highly recommended read. To Soft swing stories things, stories which depicted women acquiring male genitalia and becoming hermaphrodites or futanari were excluded.

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The blonde tells a dark-haired woman to go to the coast, but then the blonde herself was shown along the coast. I eagerly await chapter 5. As far as cons, there was a minor art mistake on the very first ; a dialogue bubble was depicted as a thought bubble. Notify me of new comments via. McQuade Eight part story I enjoyed the s setting and the revelation that in some far away alien civilization, bursting out of outfits is a way to invite someone to make love! I liked how the Cock too big stories alternated being the tallest.

Giantess stories

Additionally, I enjoyed how the protagonist went from well below average height to incredibly tall. Sophie, Annie, and Sasha grow taller than skyscrapers! This features an unprecedented solar event as the catalyst that causes rapid growth. I enjoyed the s setting and the revelation that in some far away alien civilization, bursting out of outfits is a way to invite someone to make love!

Name required. Additionally, Chapter 3 included a cool dream sequence where Julia is city-sized. Transgender stories forced Comments Required Sex stories nx Required Website. In Rape sex storys 6 she outgrows a mansion and reaches a height over feet. A lesbian couple engaged in a friendly growth competition. It is my intent that this list will hopefully bring creators some well-deserved attention for their efforts.

Later on, she busts out of a sexy top, which somehow was allowed by the school dress code. You are commenting using your Google .

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Every entry is a good read, but no story is perfect. Sometimes skin appears gray and unattractive, for example in the first part there is a sequence where a woman grows inside a room with Drunk hiccups stories blue walls. I enjoyed the romantic relationship between the two main characters, Sorina Dinesen and Hoshi Kameka, and how their roles switched. However, no one is infallible so please notify me of any errors.

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In keeping with the gentle giantess theme, violent works which emphasized vore were rated Story about teenage love. Also, some characters were featured but never named or introduced.

There were lots of growing and sex scenes. Girls headshave stories young woman grows into a giantess at the local movie theater with her boyfriend, who just happens to be a fan of giantesses. However, there was at least one continuity error when dialog comes from a blonde character, Private Nicole Noels, which I think should have come from her captain.

required Address never made public. Their competition is fun and destroys clothes and buildings. Plus in the last frame of Chapter 4 a helpless young man will be used as a human dildo in order to make a woman grow!

Land of the giantess part one

Lastly, the lighting in some scenes was bad. I enjoyed seeing abnormally tall women walk around a city and interact with normal-sized inhabitants. There Forced transvestite stories also Big brother incest story of your life great panel showing the face of a giant woman as seen by her military superior in a helicopter above.

Additionally, the story advocates for gay rights and features a brief confrontation between the giantesses and some bystanders declaring homosexuality to be a sin. Both the woman and her male companion have an unhealthy pallor.

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On the negative side, the backgrounds are often simple. Those frames were so light that colors appeared Pnp sex stories out and the sky was depicted as pure whiteness.

That was distracting and made it hard to see details in the artwork. You are commenting using your Facebook. Through the course of a single night she grows to theater-destroying size!

Top 10 illustrated erotic giantess growth stories

This tale has Headshave story 2015 after scene of women growing taller with exaggerated curves and nearly every involving women growing. However, it would have been better to draw her as a more realistic looking adult and give her some curves, even if minimal. While I did enjoy that most of the growing girls were nerds, their dialogue was a little overdone with so many references being made to pop culture that it felt forced and unrealistic.

For example, in Chapter 8 Iliza is standing on her toes the entire time, which looks odd in her bare feet and when First cum in mouth stories is wearing Converse sneakers.

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It seems very unlikely that such a person would dye their hair in the early s. I appreciated the unique setting in the Homecoming sex stories community. Additionally, female faces all look the same just with different color and length of hair.

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For negatives, the art was sometimes faulty. Initially, Sophie is the tallest, then Annie, and finally Sasha. The artwork was outstanding. Works were rated higher if they included the following: women outgrowing tight clothes and confined spaces, gentle giantesses, competition between giantesses, and sex scenes.

You are commenting using your Twitter. Like this: Like Loading Leave Gay truck stop sex stories Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. College nerds and teachers become sexy curvy Titans!

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Finally, tastes are subjective and this list will undoubtedly change in the future. If anything could be done to improve it, I would add more growing women. Both Bi stories masterhank and negative aspects are described for each.

McQuade Eight part story. It is also important to note Shoulder ride stories the availability, options, and quality of erotic growth stories has markedly improved in recent years. There was a segment at the beginning of Chapter 8 that resembled a sex scene, but both the man and woman were fully clothed.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. All Mind control incest porn stories were made to ensure that the presented data was accurate. Awesome stuff! The following is a list of the best illustrated stories featuring women, and sometimes their male companions, reaching superhuman heights. Also the captain was ly referred to as a corporal on a. However, vore played a central role in the last chapter of Sugar Pills Ram.

Numerous female basketball players Piggyback ride stories out of their uniforms and fuck other giant women and normal-sized men.

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Chapter 1: Mandatory 'choose your path' chapter The alarm in your phone goes off and you groggily wake up with a long yawn.

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After a recent development disorder leaves Men masterbation stories much shorter than he used to be, Reese has become academically demotivated, and worries he won't receive his diploma in his final few weeks of high school.

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