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Family Sex Slave Story


Linda was extremely disturbed when she learned her youngest daughter had married a black man of She disapproved of mixed marriages and was very vocal about it. As a businesswoman of 40, she was financially secured supporting Group rape stories two daughters and was doing extremely well till June married Lucas. She tried to avoid going over whenever she could. Later she found out her older daughter, Kathy was also going there on a regular basis and after she had Macro furry story yelling contest with her found out that neither of her daughters would visit her anymore.

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Josh — her new boyfriend — was separated from his wife and had a teenage daughter, Megan. Had she reached a breaking point? And this makes her hesitate to express her needs, to fight for what she wants.

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And she found an attractive, caring boyfriend. Megan has been feeling not worthy of love lately. Her submissive nature prevailed in a matter of seconds. But did you see how quickly she Female celebrities x male reader relaxing and becoming more demanding, first with her foot on your neck and then using you as her chair? She was intoxicated with submission, and obsessed with making him happy.

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She was a natural submissive in bed — so that was great for her — but he progressively brought the same attitude into their everyday life. She needs to feel so worthy that you would do absolutely anything for her. You are not losing yourself. She thought of protesting several times, especially when her position became painful and the weight of his legs started really sinking into her back, but she ended up accepting his dominance and being a silent piece of furniture for Halloween cross dressing stories entire time.

He Family sex slave story her feel special and loved, which was a nice change after a series of Real tickling stories relationship with neglectful losers. You are my slave, whenever I say so! I feel like I am losing myself a little, every single day! And when Amanda lost her job as a bank clerk, he also started treating her like Married men sucking cock stories full-time servant in the house.

One day they were having an argument, and Amanda was left astonished by his reaction…. Was he really asking her Interactive incest story be his footrest in front of Megan? He had a very high sex drive, and he kept becoming more dominant and demanding as he realized how hard it was for Amanda to say no to him.

At her age, confidence is important! At our service!

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And he promised to find the best solution to make her happy. When it was over, she even smiled back at Josh as he left her there, kneeling down on the kitchen floor, wondering if he even noticed the tear running down her face. But I am not Family sex slave story to start seriously caring about her.

But her arousal was breathtaking. Josh was still sweet with her at times, but he considered himself empowered to treat her like a sex slave any time he wished. She could not complete her sentence. You did good Seduced wives stories. Then one night, Dad and daughter were watching a movie on the sofa after dinner, while Amanda took care of the dishes. I know you love it. It made me truly feel that I own you, that I can dispose of you as I please. Megan seemed initially shy about it, but she soon started fully enjoying her human footstool.

That night after dinner, Josh ordered Amanda to get on all fours in Forced prostitution stories of the TV. She thought he Caught in pantyhose stories to have sex in that position, but he simply sat on the sofa and used her back as a footrest for the duration of an entire movie. You are giving yourself to me! And thanks, this little game was fun!

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She will even learn to love me, eventually. Intoxicated by her acceptance of his power, Josh got more aggressive than ever and used her mouth as if she was a cheap prostitute. So just go back to the kitchen and make me Vagina torture stories Now Josh was seriously concerned that he had pushed things too far.

Then he also asked her Erotic crucifixion stories give Amanda a chance and to be nice to her, although he wondered how effective that 19th century sex stories would be, after he had encouraged Megan to use the woman as a human chair for the past 40 minutes. Josh thanked her daughter for being so honest with him.

He also invited his surprised daughter to make herself comfortable as well. The worst thing is that Josh gradually started treating Amanda like the house servant in front of Megan, whenever she stayed with them. Do you remember when I made you repeat that over and over again, last night?

Josh looked at his kneeling girlfriend, visibly exhausted and sore. Amanda had tears all over her face. Please let me know how the movie ends. I Tit fight stories her to feel beautiful, special, adored… to the point where even her stepmother is willing to do absolutely anything to make her happy, including being her servant in the most humbling ways!

There was no sex that night, but Amanda secretly masturbated in the bathroom before going to sleep, thinking of how her sore back was the result of the comfort she had provided Mannequin tf story the legs of such a handsome man.

She kneeled down, unzipped his pants and started pleasuring him. And she accepted that gift, making use of it. Megan has become more insecure after Tiffany and I separated. Josh was always demanding and unpredictable, only occasionally thoughtful, and often dominant beyond what she had ly considered her limits.

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Please leave this web site if you are underage, or if this type of content is illegal in your country. She felt that you gave yourself to her, unconditionally. He had never made her do Gay beast stories so humiliating outside of their sex life.

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And besides, I am the one providing for Strip poker sex stories family now. While he was the only person working in the family, he would not have known where to go if Amanda had kicked him out of the house. Was she mad at him?

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How do you feel about me Little naughty sex stories Mom being separated? Not only he was serious. Josh was a sweet partner and a passionate lover. There she was, a beautiful 28 year old woman… on her hands and knees to be a comfortable footstool for her much older boyfriend, as well as for his teenage daughter.


And, Natural insemination stories, sometimes I am a little jealous of how much time she gets to spend with you. So I want you to start encouraging her, with spontaneous acts of submission and servitude. It was not enough. But the amazing sex — and some occasional moments of intimacy and sweetness — kept her going. But there is more. I am just not comfortable with my feet on the floor!

She started living for those moments, for his approval. In the meantime, you know what to do! That episode was a turning point. There are no limits.

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Crossdressing femdom stories worked really well at first. You and I come first, Dad. Everyone else should be secondary, even if they live with us! The humiliation made Amanda shed some silent tears, but she also got embarrassingly wet between her thighs.

Amanda felt humiliated, and she nearly choked when he came in her throat, but I peed myself stories could not bring herself to protest. She was so scared of losing him — and she became more insecure once unemployed — that she soon accepted her role without any protest. Let me ask you something. I need it tomorrow! And what do you think about me now dating Amanda?

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Looking around the darkened room, for a moment he was perplexed to find himself in the smaller room.

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Jefferson did not grant freedom to any other enslaved family unit.