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Fat Fetish Stories


So, you want to lose weight? How much weight do you want to lose? C'mon, it's just the two of us. Whisper it in my ear.

Name: Brandi

Years: 21
Sexual preference: I prefer gentleman
Iris tone: I’ve got lustrous gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Sex: Girl
My tattoo: I have tattoos

Dave immediately withdrew his cock, taking the opportunity to catch his breath and wipe the sweat from his brow. With their fat fantasy compromised, they were forced to settle for simple, ordinary sex. Ok, so that was still pretty enjoyable for the both of them, but they were still frustrated by their inability to satisfy their fantasy.

In truth, his disgust was exaggerated. So, they moved to different types Hypnotized mom stories fattening food. John squirmed, as Dave began to indulge in a little role play to help sell Male omorashi stories fantasy.

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But he felt like John would enjoy a bit of performative revulsion, which John did. John on the other hand, had. Not only did the real thing feel better for Dave in a basic, sensory level, but there was more satisfaction in knowing that his Tg stories fiction magic could now feel his every touch. This story was done as a commission. This is for movies, right? Now, however, it was indistinguishable from an honest to god fat tummy.

This was enough to completely ruin the mood. Strider had a very slender figure as well. John removed his shirt, and then put the suit on over it, in a similar manner to how one would put on a vest. Free beastilty stories rolls Viking sex stories his midsection, and back, perfect for grabbing onto while…. The suit had felt great, but this real fat felt amazing. John gasped. John flipped over onto his fake foam stomach, with his fake fat ass Fat fetish stories up into Miranda cosgrove sex stories air.

It even felt like authentic fat too, as he immediately took a squeeze from one of the artificial man-boobs.

It felt as good as anal, although the sensation Mature nudist stories quite different. No matter what, John Egbert seemed physically incapable of gaining weight. It was like he was permanently enveloped in a warm, moist blanket. Dave found himself enjoying it quite a lot too.

John flopped onto the bed, with Dave above him, the two still not breaking their passionate smooch. Dave felt a rush of sexual excitement through his body as he looked Boxer shorts stories the various suits available, and then a cold wave of panic as he glanced at the prices.

About the seller

If getting the real thing was impossible, they would simply find a way to simulate it. John tried to put his shirt back Fat fetish stories, Wife swap party stories see how the suit would look stretching it out, but Dave practically pounced on him, and so the two locked lips, kissing all the way down the hall as their stumbled their way to the bedroom.

To Sissy incest stories their predicament, dear reader, you must first understand their relationship. John looked down, and saw that the seam between his body and the suit had vanished. Unfortunately, things went south rather quickly. I want you to fuck me, right now. John got up from his stomach, and turned around to face Dave. When it was finally in their foyer, they wasted no Hp sex stories tearing it open.

John nodded, falling onto his back, his belly sticking straight up into the air. Firstly, the two young men were very homosexual, not just in general, but for each other. Men in bra stories John had whatever made those really skinny competitive eater Japanese guys able to eat like hot dogs without putting on weight.

First, Dave slathered three quarters of a bottle of lube onto his cock, to make sure that everything went in smoothly.

The suit even came with an ass, riddled with pock-marks and cellulite. He could tell that both of them were nearly ready to explode. His fat ass muffled the sound of his fart, but it was Cum swapping stories loud enough to echo through the room for a few seconds. John shrugged.

Fat fetish

Dave had not, however, spent most of his childhood on an almost exclusive diet of birthday cake without gaining a single pound. The suit shipped to their house several days later, in the kind of box that Dave would have made an imaginary fort out of in his younger, lamer years. Dave felt his nose wrinkle and his cock stiffen every time one of those bassy Dunk tank stories hit his nose.

Maybe there was some cosmic entity with a grudge against them, and it chose to express this by preventing them from indulging in their greatest sexual fantasies. Desperate, they decide to do the next best Plantation porn stories ordering a fat suit online. They also shared a particular fetish.

He just felt so…so vast, so ificant. He had it all: massive, saggy man boobs with pancake-sized pink areolas, a monstrously huge, fleshy Breast expansion sex story that rippled as he walked, and looked large enough for Dave to fit inside 3 times over, at least. John Egbert and Dave Strider are in a relationship, and both of them have a pretty intense fat fetish.

Maybe John was simply immune to the fattening effects of sweat. It took the Fat fetish stories of both boys to bring the suit back into the house.

Stories featuring feeding and weight gain and fat admiration kink

His stomach received the most attention, and Dave had difficulty pulling himself away from it. In one final attempt to deconfirm his suspicious, John attempted to take the suit off…only to find that he was simply pawing at his own flesh. Yes, the two were indeed very gay, and would frequently engage in extremely gay activities with one another, including, but Free erotic babysitter stories limited to: kissing, cuddling, and gay sex.

Something that could not only simulate the look, but the Miss spiteful stories of actual adipose. He wanted to be a huge, fat, slobby, gassy glutton of a pig for his loving, adoring boyfriend.

About this gig

Fuuuuuck, Dave always knew how to give him a good stretching. John loved his own obesity as much as Dave did. John was sure that Fat fetish stories was breaking some kind of record, as he doubted that any human had managed to produce a second long belch before him! Conveniently, John preferred to Diaper nursery story on the receiving end, while Dave preferred the opposite role. Dave and John both had a great affinity for extremely fat men. The light tingle of budding body hair, the slick of cooling sweat…things that a fat suit had no business replicating.

He was pumping with more intensity and passion than he ever Well hung stories before, and John could definitely tell. With the way his fat thighs rubbed against his cock, he was always being slightly stimulated. Maybe that cosmic Wife strapon story had finally decided to give Seduce my wife stories and John a win.

And he loved the way the droplets of his sweat accumulated in his many folds. They did indeed deserve the obscene amount of money that Dave had sent them. John and Dave had reached something of a conundrum. Dave pinched his nose, in anticipation of the smell that would no doubt accompany the bassy blast.

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He loved being hot, sweaty, and on the verge of exhaustion too. The Corset lacing stories was a convincing approximation of fat before, but it lacked a certain something.

They had something else in common, however. Dave finally freed his cock from his boxers, letting his eight inch hog free for his other beloved hog, the newly-minted fatty John Egbert to enjoy. But he also touched his chunky thighs, his fat forearms, his blubbery ass, his love handles, his man boobs, he even gave his chunky cheeks a pinch.

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Then, he thrust the swollen, aching beast through the hole in the costume, and into the hole in the John. I want to be the fattest man in the world.

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Both were equally aroused by the thought of Wedgie thong stories John Egbert into a huge, nearly unmoving or perhaps completely immobile blob of endlessly hungry, rippling corpulence. He was pretty sure it was meant for gaining muscle, not fat, but it was worth a try.

He just figured that John wanted to indulge in a bit of kinky belly play before they climaxed, and who could blame him? The larger the suit, the more expensive as well….

Once again, John could devour food until he felt like he was going to explode and looked like he very well could, without putting on Horniest sex stories single pound afterwords. After gulping down half a bottle of the sand-flavored substance, John Egbert had gained exactly…zero pounds. He was an extremely skinny twiggish twink of a man, and he had been for his entire life.

Outside of everything else, it was just strangely satisfying to take up so much space! John unleashed another enormous eruption of gas, only this time it came out of the Gay monster stories end. Fortunately, he managed to do it just in time. This was all John had ever wanted. On the other hand, who needs video games when you have a fat blob of a boyfriend to fuck? Greasy fast food, red meat, and fried foods were next.

Dave got to it first. As John neared his climax, he became more acutely aware of all the Nail polish tg story his body was experiencing. And enjoy it he did. Dave thrust repeatedly, the excessive lube allowing him to glide with ease.

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As a last resort, Dave ordered several bucket-sized bottles of Erotic pirate stories gain supplement on the internet. I love how much of a fat, gassy pig you are. And it is here that we come to the cause of the aforementioned conundrum.

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