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Feeder Feedee Stories


Keys jingled as they landed on the counter. The sound of the garage door closing sounded throughout the house as she walked in.

Name: Ollie

My age: 39
Sexual identity: Guy
What is the color of my hair: Honey-blond
What I like to listen: Heavy metal
My hobbies: Sailing
I like tattoo: None

You stand there, swaying and stumbling, your massive, unstable, quivering legs feeling like two, huge pillars of jello. There are countless diversions on the Internet to entertain you. I guide you waddling, huffing, and groaning from the dining room, down the hallway, to the large bathroom Mousepad yuku stories to the master bedroom.

Your belly stinging as a bright, red, streaking hand-print develops.

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Hard core, hungry girls enjoy. Your teats begin to stiffen, your clit tingling, pussy beginning to drip, as you become increasingly embarrassed, uncomfortable, and at the same time, progressively more and more aroused as you listened on intently. Your throbbing, creaking belly threatening to BUST! You know who you are. But oh no - not Hotwife gangbang stories

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A casual observer to this unfolding, little scene might expect you to have broken down in uncontrollable, sobbing tears by this point. Struggling to keep my own arousal in check. With a deep, devious, knowing chuckle, Possessive boyfriend stories stroke the dome of your prodigious abdomen appreciatively for a moment or two. Just Look At Yourself Piggy!

Your hugely swollen belly jutting prominently outward, stretched round and taut, sagging heavily between your widely spread thighs. This is fantasy material.

Flustered and flabby, you can’t believe that you only have half a pizza left! not enough for you and your explosive appetite! keep eating piggy, and i’ll order more food.

My rough attentions bringing forth a loud, rising rumble from deep within your titanic belly. You wince and give a sickly, Abdl interactive stories squeal of painful discomfort as the bloated mass of your belly sways and wobbles from the impact.

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Quite resembling jello in fact, the way they jiggle and wobble, trembling unsteadily. You sit, Unknowing cuckold stories back in the chair, motionless, except for the erratic, stuttering rise and fall of your chest as you gasp for shallow breaths.

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Your dilated eyes staring blankly at your wobbling reflection as you unconsciously, reflexively reach out to grasp the bulging sides of your huge, undulating belly and steady it. You are a mess! You knock shit over every time you turn around!

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A suite, which I had custom built to accommodate your expanding girth. Begrudgingly, and after several lethargic, clumsy, Cuckold wimp stories attempts. Only an occasional belch, hiccup or groan interrupting your soft, contented moans of aching overindulgence. I wrote two versions of this story. To say that your belly is noticeably, even profoundly engorged is truly saying something, as you are after all, quite immense.

You are too incoherent and exhausted Sexy pregnancy stories even unconsciously, instinctively reach up and rub your own, aching belly. A mirror large enough for you to view your entire body in. Your evening feeding concluded, your eyelids droop as you begin to drift into a post-gorging stupor.

Eventually gaining enough momentum to grunt your way ponderously to an erect, standing position.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Groaning and creaking in protest of the tremendous amount that you have consumed. Captivated by your own reflection, and amused by the absurdity of the difference in size between yourself and I, you Forced babyhood stories, and gave a little giggle; In a goofy, delirious sort of way. You stand momentarily frozen, displaying a blank, stunned expression, as if you had just been slapped in the face!

For those Feeder feedee stories you who ARE interested in such things, please, read on and enjoy. Remnants of your True mom and son sex stories pasta sauce, melted cheese, gravy and more, all smeared across your face, dribbling down your chin, onto your whopping udders and down the upper slope of your hugely-protruding belly. Having maneuvered you clumsily through the double doorway, I position you in front of a very large, full length mirror.

You just sit there … dazed, moaning, groaning and purring in a half-delirious state. I release my grip on your hair, and give your ass a good, hard SLAP to get your attention Fucking my teacher stories.

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Look piggy! You are far too full to even think about moving right now, effectively incapacitated by your current, thoroughly-glutted state. No, really! You huff and gasp! Your whopping belly arching far out in Possession interactive story of you, so stuffed and tautly-stretched that it sways Feeder feedee stories you in one, solid mass.

Tensing, squealing, as I grab a good handful of your thick, long hair, twisting it firmly in my clenched fist. This story is not for everyone. While this story is fairly grounded in reality, it certainly pushes the boundaries of reality. Pain transforming and giving way to Naughty nanny stories pleasure. No one would ever know! For now, you are perfectly content to just slump back in the chair, lazily basking in your delightful, post gorging ether, until your heavily inundated belly settles a bit.

You blush with embarrassment under my volley Adult mature taboo stories piercing remarks, your skin tingling, a shiver running up your spine. But, I maintain my controlling grasp, ensuring that you stay focused. Your fat-laden, pillowy arms drop, flopping lifelessly to your sloping, bulging sides. Though, making more of an observational statement than posing a question.

Feeder and feedee stories feedee relationship

Your self esteem utterly destroyed, as you retreat into pathetic, devastated self-pity. I continue. Are you proud of what you see?

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Your thick, bulging rolls of fat spilling over the edges of the custom-built, double-wide chair in which you are confined. Only my head peering over your fatty shoulder, and my arm stretching futilely to reach around in front are visible. Commandingly pulling your head erect, I give your ballooned belly Real first time cuckold stories series of good, firm SLAPS to get your attention. You groan and whimper pathetically in mild protest. Then, in a serious, somewhat condescending and scolding manner, I commence.

You stagger and sway as if in a drunken stupor. Then proceed to unfasten the bindings holding you captive Male breast growth stories the well-padded chair.

Feeder and feedee stories feedee relationship

Standing behind you, I am completely hidden from Real insect stories by your massive body. Struggling to catch your breath once again. It is no small task for you to heft your overly-generous, fatty bulk under any circumstances. You YELP! But, I have something a little different in mind tonight! Suddenly jolted from your giddy, self-appreciative trance by my brazen comments, and the sharp sting in your ass.

But I persist, and you know all too well, that continued hesitation is not only futile, but will ultimately solicit punishment.

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Rolling heavily from side to side True glory hole stories each, plodding step, making you appear as if you are massively, impossibly pregnant. Look at what years of greedy, gluttonous, gorging has done to your body! Your arms drop to your sides once more, quivering as you stare straight ahead in obedient compliance. One, in Third-person and the other in Second-person for all the lovely, hungry ladies out there who like things a little rough Coach sex stories intense.

Your infraction earning you another, sharp SLAP across your taut, aching belly!

Having trouble deciding what to write about!

The very spot where I normally conduct your inspection and review, a ritual that I like to engage you Real babysitter stories on a regular basis. You finally manage, albeit with much whimpering, huffing and moaning, to rock your considerable bulk forward. A squeal that gradually softens into a contented, moaning pur-r-r-r.

But, especially so in your current, heavily-gorged condition. Your eyes flying open as you are straightened up by the sharp, powerful blow!

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