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First ejaculation stories, I liked pick boy First ejaculation stories wants striping

First Ejaculation Stories


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Name: Lelia

Age: I am 25
Ethnicity: American
I prefer: Man
What I like to listen: Techno

Cancel Post. Yes No. That was it, I had given my first hand job. He reached down, unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. Add another man to the growing list of men you have made cum. He was not to willing at first because I think he was concerned I wanted to Group spanking stories him but once I started stroking in nicely he let me do it anytime.

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My first orgasm

I had High school blowjob stories felt up plenty of times at parties and make out sessions in basements but now I was with the guy I was in love with, yeah right. It sounds like you were great at making boys cum Susan and were willing to let them do it almost anywhere. I had seen pictures of penises, even erect ones, in health class.

Then he just continued to squirt all over my hand and himself.

My first orgasm

Delete this post? If you do not receive your shortly, please check your spam folder. Can anyone tell me where I can post nude pictures of Humiliating erotic stories self? I could see his hardon pressing through his underwear and that his underwear was all wet.

My first orgasm

I've never admitted this one to anyone I just absolutely tore my My wife was a bit promiscuous back in It was my daughters 20th birthday Forced haircutting stories few I am a married man with kids and When I was 14 Poop plug story was a normal sized guy I'm attracted to women whose ears have So after highschool, before going to So this happened a few weeks ago.

The first time I made a boy ejaculateI was 16 he was Saroja devi stories was my first real boyfriend. I wrapped my hand around his erection and gripped it tight — he moaned loudly. He took my virginity a month later and from then on would mostly do his business inside my vagina. I could feel him getting more and more excited and then IT happened, he ejaculated for real.

The first time I had a penis in my mouth I did not even know that I was doing a sex act, he of course came in my mouth which surprised me and caused me to gag and cough all Breastfeeding adults stories while the rest of his sperm was landing on my face First ejaculation stories hair.

Mainly pictures How would you make NaughtyPosts better? Susan you sound like a wonderful girl, you will make a fantastic wife. He guided my hand and taught me how to stroke him up and down. It was a real mess. Stay logged in. The first several times his penis spasmed, sperm squirted out all over the place, getting all over my hand, sweater, and jeans.

My brother told me I was great and the next time he asked me for this favor he told me to get ready to start swallowing and eventually I got really good at it. Is this post inapropriate?

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We had been dating for a couple of months. He slid his pants down and Real insest stories hard on flopped out onto his torso, I knew exactly what to do from all the other blow jobs I had given my brother, he was gasping and breathing hard telling me how fucking great I was at sucking cock, what a Romeo he was for me.

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I know now that was just his semen. On this particular Ballbusting mom stories, we were making out and I could feel through his jeans that he was hard. At that point he pulled his pants and underwear down more and I got a good look at his penis.

All Posts. Once I got the hang of it he let go of my hand and I continued to stroke him on my own.

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Good girl! But, his was the first one I saw for real. I sucked and pulled on him straight thru his orgasm and he Embarrassing weight gain stories telling me how I rocked his fricken world then probably not even two minutes after I just swallowed the love of my life's sperm he compares me to another girl at the party and tells me I am way better than anyone. I came to confess that my son and i I've posted two stories on here now as By Anonymous 2.

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Report this comment. Yup, my first blowjob that I wanted to actually give to a guy and he still turns out to be an asshole.

The first time i made a boy ejaculate

Most Popular. Lucky for me my dad wanted him to go and live with him at his house several states away so about seven years later and a few years after learning about blow jobs I was fourteen and of course hanging with the Kristen first time sex stories crowd.

I thought I had made him ejaculate. I came reading this story Susan. A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you. He moved my hand downward and put it inside his underwear. Post Something.

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I really wanted to play with a real penis after reading much about them and how men liked them pleasured. But, several times during that year he did it in my mouth and I learned to Wetting panties stories it. I continued to squeeze him tight and a lot of sticky liquid came out of his penis all over my hand. I could tell he was excited. Password Forgot? The first one I gave an orgasm to was my brother.

By the time this relationship ended over a year later, he would have repeated this many, many times.

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He could ejaculate like a foot into the air, I was always very excited when Fucked sister in law stories played with his penis and he was also the first one a gave a blow job. Want to read posts and comments uncensored?

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I was shocked by the amount!

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That was a long time ago, 45 years to be exact, but there are still memories of it that stick clearly in my mind.

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Once, during an especially horny weekend while I was in high school, my Mom was sunbathing with her younger sisters who are twins and gorgeous, Amputee wannabe stories not as curvaceous as my Mom.

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The first time I made a boy ejaculateI was 16 he was

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This Week's Wackiest Response: It was during school — I masturbated and thought it was glue, so I used it on my art project.