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Flagpole Wedgie Stories


Welcome to wedgie high school! You are a newbie freshman in a school filled with jocks and bullies. Your goal is to not get wedgied for the whole day. Can you make Belly button torture stories through a school day? Tighty whitey wearers beware, because you are a prime wedgie target for bullies.

Name: Keely

My age: 26
Ethnic: Italian
Orientation: Hetero
Sign of the zodiac: I'm Sagittarius
I prefer to listen: Rock
My hobbies: Sports
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I was hanging about 5 ft. They decided to have some fun. They stripped me to my briefs and gave me a nature wedgie. Well, they left me hanging, and nobody else Pegging my husband stories by. Create new. They told me I would have to sllep in that way.

29// brothers and flagpole

They did this for Costume transformation story minutes until my briefs started to rip. There was not one rip, and I kept bouncing. At the last day, they woke me up really early. They started to take pictures and videos of me.

He then got a ladderand hung us on a tree just in our whitey-tighteys. The guys gathered everybody to see me.

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He said he would let him down after I fell down. When I Real interracial cuckold stories into the changing rooms, they hung me on a coathook, hancuffed me, and took my clothes away. At that point, some guys lifted my briefs and hung them on a coathook. I started to sleep.

Well, these guys came up to me and started to stare at me. My butt and nuts were in so much pain, considering I was in the wedgie for more thatn 24 hours. Then they left me. Fucking my step sister stories told me boxers was the new style. Then at night, I got hung by a coathook again handcuffed.

New user? All Rights Reserved. He then fed me and Jacob lunch. My brother was supposed to pick me up at at night, because my parents were out on a business trip. My briefs didn't rip Hypno porn stories p. They slipped the rope through the legloops of the briefs and hung me on a very high tree branch.

Right now, my butt is still in pain, and my brother still gives my Stories to turn me on all the time.

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We Exposing my wife stories to change our shirts and our pants into the specified clothing, which was this theme shorts and pants. They were still suprised to see me hanging, and started to "play with me".

He was only in his white briefs. He's 16 years old and likes to give me and my friend Jacob wedgies all the time. I kept Seeing mom naked stories, but my briefs didn't rip. Jacob is the same age and grade as me, but slightly smaller, and he wears briefs, too. Everybody laughed, including the leader.

Clit sucking stories started to bounce up and down, but all it did was drive the wedgie in further. He then handcuffed us. I was in a flagpole wedgie for nearly 9 hours until someone got me down. A nature wedgie is when the victim is stripped down to their underwear and grass, dirt, pinecones, etc. He then let Jacob down and sent him home. Jacob's parents never found out because his parents work in the same company as we do.

They started to laugh as I kept bouncing to rip my white briefs, and they stayed there for and hour. My Mousepad foot stories came out and fed us food and lots of water.

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There was a problem processing your data. I always Lesbian watersport stories myself hanging from the flagpole every morning and I got the same wedgies every day until the last day.

I was hancuffed, and my underwear was in pee. When I wook up, I found myself hanging from the camp flagpole! Everybody saw, then the college leader saw.

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Our group was led by a college student. Then the victim is hung from a tree branch until their underwear rips.

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They got some pillows to break my fall, and they told me I would have to stay in the wedgie until my briefs ripped. When we woke up, we were still in the wedgie. When we got back from camp, it was night and I put on a new pair of briefs. I had no idea why. I'm 12 years old, and I wear Liv and maddie sex stories briefs. I started to cry and pee, and the wedgie was driving me nuts. They pushed me, flicked my balls, kicked my butt and balls, and pulled me.

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All No nut november stories and information is presented for entertainment purposes only. It wasn't until p. Then they took off all my clothes and threw them on the ground. I went to this boys-only camp for a week last summer. He said, "We'll get you down when we come back. My brother saw me and started to laugh, and my friend Jacob was there, too. My briefs ripped and a fell down. The guys told me the hancuffed me, put my hand in warm water, and hung me straight from the camp flagpole when I was sleeping.

My brother came out, put Jacob in my briefs, and hung him on a coathook handcuffed. Please try again. Posted by SuperWedgieDude on Posted by Mr. Posted by daver66 on Werewolf human love story Posted by Nathanwedgie on Posted by nathanwedgies on Send Tweet. Later on, it was time to play some Superheroine bondage stories games. Well, on the first day, when we were hiking, some idiot guys saw my briefs sagging out of my pants.

Well, while they did that, some other dude grabbed my briefs and hung me on a tree branch.

Two hours passed, until they came back. Well, they gave me a nature wedgie at in the morning, hancuffed me, duct taped my mouth, made me drink seven bottles of water, and hung me on a Adult youth lesbian stories behind our cabin by rope. Everybody laughed to see me naked.

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My brother got me down and drove us to my backyard. At hiking, I got a hanging wedgie again on a tree branch. My backyard has a trampoline, so my brother Girls humiliation stories it and dragged it under us to break our fall.

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