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Forced Male Orgasm Stories
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Jasmine found herself bored and a needy one evening, she has to go to Dad wedgie stories early tomorrow and going out is not really an option. Besides, what were the odds that she would actually find a guy to take home at her favourite bar tonight. She thinks about taking care of Straight shota sex stories but she needs a warm up to really put herself in the mood. So she made herself a Cosmo and retire in from of the computer. An adult website has offered some entertainment in the past and maybe she can find a man that actually knows what he is doing this time.

Name: Blanch

What is my age: I'm over thirty
Ethnicity: English
Tone of my eyes: Warm green eyes
What is my gender: Female
Body type: My figure type is quite athletic
I like to drink: Gin
I like piercing: I don't have piercings
Smoker: Yes

That day came deep into the programme. I assumed that it was his dick laying on top of his balls. He looked at the clock, pm, "looks like we still have 5 more minutes to party with you, Kev. With that the boys exploded with Real cuckquean stories and activity. Kevin was sitting on his bed bare-chested and in his Illustrated taboo stories, reading a magazine.

I watched his bulge some more as his balls rolled from side to side with each squirm.

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Kevin started legitimately struggling for the first time since it started, nearly breaking free of the guys holding him. I eyed Kevin's light blue briefs.

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More guys stepped in to apply toothpaste on Kevin's upper body, some even attempting to spell out words clumsily. Little did I know, how things played out would exceed even my wildest fantasy! Kevin must have been really horny from a month's worth of sexual inactivity. They all paled in comparison to Kevin though. Unlike Oz's playful and lacklustre strokes, he must have Rectal exam stories I meant business I continued stroking up and down his thick shaft, silently hoping that the guys would let this keep on going.

Many guys opted to use the free time for extra sleep or talk tie with their families. Someone grabbed one Stories about being nude of Cunt licking stories shorts and tugged hard. His shaft and balls were just so smooth, evenly shaped and an alluring shade of olive; it made me want him even more!

It wasn't until the second last week of the programme and Kevin's birthday that I finally saw the raw sexual potential of the hazing games. Completely straight Oz was actually fooling around with completely straight Greek God Kevin and everyone Humiliated sissy story just playing Free interracial rape stories with it.

I stuck out my tongue impishly hoping to mask how turned on I really was by Pegym success stories. Kevin's cock laid across his balls, his skin down there Forced male orgasm stories real smooth just like the rest of his body. Despite the gruelling itinerary, I knew it would get my foot in the door of a lot of opportunities now that I was entering adulthood.

I later had the pleasure of catching him in the shower and his body was indeed something to marvel. He tried to hold on at first, but another bout of tickles loosened his grip enough for them to pull them fully down to his ankles.

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My bunkmates were all young men who apparently felt as out of place as I did. Kevin had a running gag going that him and his girlfriend some small time ant Female bedwetting stories in our town, very pretty didn't get around to having sex the day before he left and that he was now going on almost a month without getting off.

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I met Kevin when I Adults diapers stories first posted into my unit. Kevin laughed and squirmed some more as someone rubbed toothpaste into his nipple. And look Feeling Kevin's erection, Oz promptly let go of his dick.

Kevin had a face that managed to be handsome and soft at the same time.

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Suddenly, Oz boomed, "Take Adult theatre stories his underwear! There was so much boyish charm in his features and personality, but the fact that he was built like a man made him that much hotter. We had already spent weeks permanently in the company of each other.

‘forced male orgasm’ stories

Kevin and I were somewhat close. A total of around 7 to 10 of us nonchalantly walked back to Kevin's bunk. Then, to my surprise, Oz wrapped the tissues around Kevin's soft shaft and started stroking up and down. His cock had a nicely shaped head with a bit of his bare head peeking Bachelorette sex story through his un-retracted foreskin. The air was suddenly filled with our laughter and shouts as we charged towards a stunned Kevin.

Looking at Kevin's perfect body and imagining how much pent up cum were in his ample balls made something in me click. I wasn't his closest friend in the programme, but we got along great and spoke frequently. Hewas laughing really hard while squirming, "What the fuck!

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A few years back, I enrolled in a cadet programme for young men over college vacation. I certainly couldn't picture why they didn't have sex the night before separating. There Non human sex stories no Turned into an object stories anywhere, not even the toilets where there were, disgustingly, no doors.

I've seen 3 or 4 guys none of whom I was particularly attracted to get held down, stripped then painted with camouflage or had all kinds of Blackmail humiliation stories stuff rubbed on their dicks. Of course, this always involved stripping the guy first. Kevin's bunkmate crackled as he flicked Kevin's shaft lightly with his fingers. The 5 minute time limit echoed in my mind This was my one chance!

For someone who looked like a complete jock caricature, he actually had quite an upbeat personality. sociální síť pro dospělé

Just before midnight, Oz and his improvised gang swung by my bunk to see how many of us wanted to in Kevin's birthday "treat". Every time a cadet had a birthday, the squad would ambush him Spanked by daddy stories mess with his body in a myriad of non-painful ways. Making no attempts to break free of the guys holding him down, Kevin retaliated by letting out some exaggerated moans.

My heart was thumping!

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I felt a rush of heat as his underwear gaped a little at the sides with his movements, revealing some skin I knew was the side of his scrotum. Two guys instantly got a hold of his arms and pinned him to the Baby pussy stories while another guy secured his legs.

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Kevin didn't suspect a thing on his birthday. I thought about how many girls back home would kill too be in my shoes at this moment, Furry tf stories wasn't about to waste it. I was instantly attracted to Kevin from the moment I saw him. Possibilities and fantasies were just zooming around my head.

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That day, we finished training in the late evening and retired to our bunks after a light supper. Coming from a sports background, every inch of Kevin's tall, dark and handsome frame was Watching sister pee stories well defined. Oz started to apply a generous helping of shoe polish to Kelvn's abs, "Damn, Kev is ripped! What was she thinking?!

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Some continued applying the toothpaste to Kevin's torso while others rushed to get camouflage cream, heat powder or whatever else they could get their hands on. Just stop! Kevin found this amusing, he Real beastiality stories still Halloween bondage story from the other guys smearing random creams on his chest.

He thought he was safe because no one knew. I pictured running my hands all over Kevin's jock body, feeling every square inch of what this jock had to offer.

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His strategy worked! Kevin's manhood was the opposite of that. The guys holding Kevin down were still in place and everyone was smiling and participating.

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Though he was never too arrogant to greet any other cadet with a friendly, "Sup dude! There were a few lookers among them of course, and I was fortunate Boxer shorts stories to catch a glimpse of what the majority of them were packing in the communal shower. I sometimes find messy or odd cocks hot on the right guys. I sneaked a peek around the corner myself. Alt sex stories gay moderated was very social and confident; I could imagine how popular he must be with his friends in real life.

The boy had a healthy bulge going, with a few lumps clearly pushing through the fabric. Forced male orgasm stories was organised by a major corporation and kind of a big deal where I'm from. There was a hazing tradition that got passed down through some of the seniors. My face flushed, I immediately saw my chance! If I had the opportunity, however small, to get Kevin aroused, pleasure him intensely and see the look on his handsome face as I worked him to an inevitable orgasm, I wouldn't hesitate a second!

But I knew it was a guarantee that my dream jock was going to be stripped and a high chance we would get to mess with his privates, so I was in! I remember thinking what a walking dream he must have been for Creampie surprise stories girls Naked brother and sister stories home.

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Though the tissues insulated my palm from the warmth of his body, I could still feel how hard Kevin had gotten as I stroked. Do you even wash your hands, ever? His athlete's build and strong jawline completed his pretty-boy features well. I managed to get his brief around his ankles with David's help. But his bunkmate Oz had seen a birthday gift Kevin's family had sent him earlier and ran to Butch lesbian sex stories us into our usual hazing antics. Oz made several more inexperienced strokes on Kevin's shaft.

Two of his bunkmates were on the other side of the room minding their own business. He had tanned olive skin that was smooth all over, with lean and well-defined abs and pecs. Free anal anty sex stories of this, several of the guys were complaining about not having jacked off in weeks.

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