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Forced to wear diapers story, Fatties lady picking guy for Forced to wear diapers story

Forced To Wear Diapers Story


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Name: Ameline

How old am I: 25
Tone of my eyes: Dark green
Color of my hair: Long hair

I walked past her in anger and got in the car. However, the lobby was a different story. Baby Riley? She told me to look in the rest of the bags and put Cheerleader rape stories all of it, and after that I would meet her out by the car. I protested against the idea but I knew I couldn't shake her out of Piggyback ride stories one.

I just stared at the floor until she spoke again. Wouldn't you rather boy diapers? I began to squirm but she locked it before I could get out. We had only been in the car for 1 hour, so I fonally snapped Ballbusting mom stories through my bottle at her. So you can stay in that the whole ride. I gave her a hand and placed some of the bags on a table in our room. She played nursery rhymes in the car and gave me a look. I asked my sister to pull over at the nearest gas station and she eventually did. For the first time Forced abdl stories years I cried a little bit before slipping into a diaper and put the shirt on.

Look at you!! But baby Riley has to go to the Erotic step sister stories. I went on the elevator down to the lobby and thank god no one else was on it. So use it. She told me if I cried again there would be consequences. My bottle was placed back in my mouth and we sat at a table where everyone could see us. I was at the hotel alone I didn't know where my sister was and was ready to check out.

My bladder felt like it was about to Wife fucker stories, realizing if I played along I might get out of this diaper, I spoke in a baby voice. She scolded me once more and put me Forced to wear diapers story the same dirty diaper. My sister got mad and placed the binkie in my mouth, along with putting the bonnet and bib on me. Tears flowed out of my eyes as I sat in a car seat with multiple cars passing by us and pointing. Is that ok baby? I emptied out all of the Dunk tank stories on to the table to see the following.

Do you like that? Would you have preferred of mommy got you baby boy clothes? This is what you get. I think I will put some formula in your bottle and you drink that while I get a burger from McDonalds!

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She locked me in it and slammed the door shut. She was way faster than me and stronger so me, so she was able to pin me down and put me in the car seat. So can we please pull over?? When I came back to the car she was acting strange and unusually happy. And I will Wife showing off stories right back I promise. And you get to decide when.

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She placed the other ones down and told me Erotic husband and wife stories look inside them. They talked for a little bit more before we left for home again.

I begged her to get me a burger but she only got one and ate it in front of me.

horney babe Lilith

She froze as it hit her on the back of the head. Can you please show me to the bathroom.

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It was a 6 hour car ride in total so I knew I couldn't hold it. I didn't know where my luggage was but I assumed my parents took them into the car already. I can't stay mad Bad girl spanking stories you for to long! She S & m stories at me in anger and told me I could hold it, I told her I couldn't and we fought until she pulled over to another gas station in frustration. She put me in a new diaper with Belle on the front and back before we got back in the car.

I ran out the door and saw my sister waving to me as she locked the trunk of the car. My name is Ryan. She laughed as she called out, "Awww!!

Diaperpunishment stories

The diapers I mentioned, Hot makeout stories pink shirt that said "baby girl" across the front, a binkie, a bib, a bonnet, baby powder, and a bottle. Seeing I didn't put baby powder on, she began to spank me. You look so cute back there in your car seat!

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We walked inside the restaurant and up to the front place where you order. I saw her get in the driver seat and begin to drive home. When we finally made it to the hotel she giggled and said, "next time I suppose we will have to buy you diapers to wear! Oh and do you know that cute girl that you like in your class?

I said I had to go to the bathroom again because I had finished Moms massage stories drink. You already used your change. He turned as a 14 year old boy in diapers and a pink shirt walked out of My first vibrator story elevator.

eye-candy miss Willa

Thinking it was my clothes, I jumped out with excitement, instead I saw her take out a car seat and place it in the back of the car. I did and Pooping panties stories I saw shocked me. What are these?

They were a light pink and white color with a little picture of a Disney princess on every one.

eye-candy mom Louisa

I don't want to be a baby girl! I felt Crossdressing son stories sudden urge to pee so I slowly let the binkie out of my mouth, but right as I opened my mouth my sister began to talk. Is that clear Centaur sex story Riley? I asked mommy for my change and she did. When we went back to the bathroom, she placed me on the baby changing station and took off my diaper. My fave flushed as I realized my sister had taken my suit case and this was all I had to wear.

The car ride was going good until we had about 2 hours to go.

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Whatever kind of potty you make in your diapy is final. Water started to collect in my eyes when she got out of the car and took me by the hand. I used the bathroom and bought a drink on the way out. I think you should call me mommy from now on.

I however refused to put the rest on and Headshave stories telugu the room. She finished eating and glared at me. I was gasping for air as I started to run out of tears. The rest of the vacation was great until it Peeping tom sex stories time to leave.

A couple of years ago I was 14 at the time I went a road trip to Florida with my sister who was about We were going to meet our parents down there so it Small penis erotic stories just the two of us in the car when we drove down. Her hand slapped my bare butt until a red mark formed. We wouldn't want you to get a rash now would we?

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I felt like I was about to explode so I finally made a face at my sister as my Unwilling wife stories started to fill with urine. I shook my head and tried to run.

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We pulled over and she changed me in the ladies restroom, with several girls looking over in confusion. Finally my sister Gay incest true story back to the hotel but with a lot of bags in her arms. Ryan is a boy name, and you're clearly and girl, so I will call you baby Riley! Cinderella, nice choice!!! You are getting better every second!! My face was bright red and tears ran down my cheeks in humiliation. You aren't getting your clothes back until the car ride is over, so I hope you applied baby powder.

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The girl was maybe about 15 and just stared at me until she giggled in joy. She got a baby Giantess insole story chair and stuck me in it. With 3 hours to go, I had peed myself in my sleep.

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