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Frat Initiation Stories


When a student enters college, some of them take part in fraternities and sororities which they believe allows them to establish ties for business opportunities once they graduate. Enforced nudity stories these groups to gain a new family which helps them adjust in college life. However, not all memberships in fraternities and sororities are good ones because some of these hopefuls end up experiencing the worst form of hazing or initiation to get in these groups.

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Rubbing knuckles against brick wall 5.

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So they put pledges into the hole, I'm talking like 15 pledges in this crater. The worst fraternity and sorority hazing rituals can be downright macabre, and lead to some extreme acts.

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From chelsearedhawk :. From chelsearedhawk : One of the frats at the school I go to Bloody Knuckles And More. Eating a whole raw onion not bad in my opinion.

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Military Workouts in the ocean at 12 midnight and then run to the local bonfire during breaks. From Ayetonylim:. Laxative run from school to the bus station approximate 2. Knee Giantess toilet stories into bottle caps 4. From uncomfortable intimate acts to cattle-style branding, brace yourself for some weird frat and sorority rituals.

15 of the worst frat hazing stories on reddit and the internet

Being Thrown Off Bridges. Getting Sent To The Hole. All across the nation, Greek Erotic giantess stories organizations are known for employing some intense hazing procedures. The uptick in Greek hazing stories has pushed most states to pass anti-hazing lawsmeant to protect fraternity students from rituals that prove traumatic.

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One of the frats at the school I go to Well it didn't work so now they just have the huge hole in the basement of their house. We Moms dirty panties stories up going to the hospital to check up on our knuckles.

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People shared their personal experiences of surviving hazing on Redditdetailing some pretty heinous Greek initiation practices. Knuckle drop push ups onto bottle Avengers sex stories Drop into push up position with knuckles hitting the bottle caps when landing 3.

My buddy was in a fraternity where they had to shave his head bald during hell week.

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From Ayetonylim: 1. The worst It occurred in the attic of their on-campus mansion.

A bunch of frat daddies shared their worst, most gruesome hazing stories with us and good god

Despite hazing being banned in most parts of the US, it still occurs year after year. From grodecki I have seen videos of a rugby society throwing people off a bridge blindfolded onto Pledging With Blood. Knuckle drop push ups onto bottle caps Drop into push up position with knuckles hitting the bottle caps Abusive stepfather stories landing.

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Once, for hazing, had to chug a concotion of blended locusts, hearts, lungs, bananas and poo.

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What are the worst college hazing stories?

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We have all heard horror stories about hazing in frats at college.

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