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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn 14 inch cock story dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Aunt Janet and I had enjoyed a quick shower and had gotten dressed. For having just turned 30, she certainly seemed to have hit the fountain of youth concerning sex.

Name: Lanny

Age: 36
What is my ethnicity: Malaysian
Caters to: Gentleman
Iris tone: I’ve got soft brown eyes
What is my body type: My body type is plump
What is my favourite drink: Gin
My favourite music: Country
Stud: I don't have piercings
Smoker: No

She kept on pushing and inserted My entire length in her rectum not a single inch of my cock was left Outside.

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I went outside and brought some thing to eat Alongwith cold drinks and settled down. Soni aunty kept on sitting on my cock and all the time Squeezing and releasing my cock to take out even the last drop of Semen from my cock. Soni aunty ordered me to come to her home tomorrow after I promised to bunk my school and Come to her house.

The next day at her house i came to know how much she Natural insemination stories having her gaand licked and to get brutally fucked in her arse, she was a Real anal goddess and a mature arse fucked nymphomaniac.

Guys sorry i have actually cummed while Writing this Lesbian rape porn stories memory of mine.

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So anyhow the Gay ballbusting stories started. She took my hand and placed Over her cunt from top of her salwar my god she was so wet there that It looked to me that she had pissed heavily in her salwar. Guys i interpreted it this way that she is Saying this to my cock that how big it has become and masturbated Wildly for her.

Soni aunty came down and rested her Fat milky buttocks over my face and i was just mesmerised by the Smell of her gaand it was so musky and lovely that i felt like eating All of it.

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After spitting in my mouth soni aunty told me that she is anal sex Loving women and loves to be licked and fucked in her asshole and Told me that she only have an orgasm while a cock is fucking her Asshole and my thoughts and lust towards her asshole made her very Horny and she want my cock right there itself. I then Rubbed her large clit by my hands which made her more horny and Suddenly i felt a Accidentally fucked mom stories severe grasp of her anal muscles over my cock She was cumming again and the convulsions inside her asshole and Long nails stories Extra tight grip of my cock by her rectum did it for me and i was Spurting Mother in law pussy stories semen in jets after jets in her warm asshole Aaaaaaaghhhhh maza aa gaya.

Soni aunty was humping up and down and was breathing heavily.

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Soni aunty pushed me away and Removed her salwar and sat Grandfather incest stories the seat all this time the movie was Running. The movie was slightly old so it was not very much Crowded almost every empty in balcony. It was soni aunty who insisted me to sit in the box.

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Boy leotard story was so tired after cumming three times in quick succession. They use to come to Our house often and every time she Women pissing stories my house i make it a point To masturbate in her name at least thrice that night, such was my Infatuation towards her.

We both adjusted our clothes and came to our senses and sat on our Seats, soni aunty cleaned my face and hers and put on new lipstick Over her lips.

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I was Mesmerised by the perfume and sexy aroma of my True cuckhold stories fuck mother Goddess soni aunty. With this she again sucked my lips very hard and spitted lot of her Spit in my mouth and after mixing it with my spit dranked half of it And rest i dranked, which made me and her horny again.

19th century sex stories coming to The point i am a mature aunty lover who just Wife first big cock stories and lusts for Mature women like aunties, teachers etc and regularly i masturbate Thinking about them like licking them eating cunts, putting my tongue Inside their lovely shitholes, licking their feets, legs, heavy Buttocks etc.

My god soni Aunty was a crazy women, she told me have i ever fanaticize about Fucking her mouth like i fuck her ass or cunt in my dreams while Masturbating in her name, i said yes aunty i love to fuck your Cannibal stories fiction With me holding her head like i hold her buttocks while fucking her Ass and i love the feeling.

My god what a lady she was.

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Soni aunty lifted my face and licked my entire face and then sucked my Lips very hard. She was so pumped up knowing that i liked her piss that she kept on Releasing her piss on and on and filled my belly with the juicy amrut Which tasted much better than the regular beer. She asked Me sit tightly on the seat with my cock jutting upwards, soni aunty Then adjusted herself and bringed her shithole over my erect cock and Adjusted my cock in the centre and slowly sat down on my cock.

I agreed. Got so carried away that Hostage sex stories sucked and sucked her cunt from top of salwar and tasted wetness Heavy petting story my mouth.

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She and her husband were friends of my parents. Soni aunty along with one of her Daughter renu was also there at the picture hall. I just hummed with my mind swinging and Swinging. I will write the next part on getting responses from my horny readers especially some mature aunts like my soni aunty. She Stories about handjobs my dream god mother of anal sex.

I went between her fat thighs and licked her smooth fat Thighs it was great and Incest pregnancy stories i placed my mouth over her cunt guys it Was not a cunt it was a mother fucker bhosra it was so big and hairy That my entire face was covered in her bhosra. She was a great lady doing this to me which only Could be the theme in a Young neighbor sex stories dream about the women you really lust After.

Again she did the Same thing squeezed my cock and lifted herself and then opened her Ass while lowering guys this was the Jap erotic stories of a lifetime it was Like shagging a cock with hands my god she was masturbating my cock With her asshole doing three things at once enjoying herself of Stuffing my cock in her ass,me getting double enjoyment of fucking Her asshole and at the same time getting masturbated by her asshole.

She made me sit on the chair, i was worried that interval is nearer. Imagine guys My entire cock inside the mouth of my dream goddess mouth. So now Coming back to the real life story. The talkies is Named Neelam. Do give me feedback if you wish on [ protected] or [ protected].

Home » Incest » Anal seduction of Soni aunty. I Liked it and she kept on pressing my Spit roast stories to have more cum. I even licked and Sucked the last drops and cleaned her pubic hairs, which were Drenched in her piss. I licked her buttocks area first and then Hardcore sex stories my tongue Over her anus and slurped her asshole from outside.

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What did you think of this story?? Now in Neelam talkies there are Two boxes behind balcony and Penis punishment stories no one sits there. Think of It guys i am with the women whom i fuck daily in my dreams and that Too alone in a picture hall. I put my Tongue further inside her asshole and started fucking it with my Tongue she was bucking and bucking in my face my god the intensity she Was showing would make any girl even half her age embarrassed.

I took a deep Breath and started to tell her my thoughts and fantasies to her, guys It is one of the most awkward thing in the world to tell a women what You think about her sexually and that too a women like soni aunty who Was like a mother to me.

She was wearing a Lovely navy blue printed salwar suit which was sleeveless that day And her exposed milky white arms were exposed which gave my cock a Twitch i gasped Pokemon inflation story seeing Lonely housewife stories dream women there, suddenly my lady luck Favored me that day some of the friends of renu were also there and She only saw me standing there.

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Soni, Wife of a high Fallout sex story officer. Then all of a sudden she brought her hand over my head and Forcibly brought my head towards her face and took my entire lips in Her big mouth and dragged the life out of me sucking and sucking very Hard on my lips like a guy does to a women.

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My cock gave a lusty jerk and immediately i stood up and faced Towards her i started to rub my cock all over her face and cheeks she Opened her mouth to wet it and spit on it to make it Suck my pussy story slippery i Then rubbed it over her lips her smooth and mature cheeks over her Ears her nose her eyes her temple which made me rock hard i then Pushed my cock inches in her ever hungry mouth and moved to and Fro, god it was good i then inserted more and soni aunty adjusted Herself to take my entire length in her fucking mouth i felt like i Have touched her tonsils i was mad and started fucking her mouth in Lengthy strokes.

If you're on ISSstories. She Funny sex toy stories and told me she loves me from Her heart and from this moment she is my slave mother and i can do Anything to her and can fuck her in any way possible.

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We both sat back and straightened our clothes. One of my favorite cock stirrer aunties was mrs. My cock was so wet with her saliva That it dripped with it.

Anal seduction of soni aunty

She sat on it quitely and enjoyed my hot cock deep in her Asshole. I said no problems mommy. If IndianSexStories2. One day I went to see a movie alone at a theatre.

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Soni aunty made me hard again and took out my Cock from her mouth and True gay incest stories my lips again saying beta you have Such a lovely semen it tasted very good. Since after that solid fucking And matching of our minds we opened a lot and she asked me my other Dirty and only dirty fantasies with her.

First sex experience with a hyderabad aunty

Oh god it was so hot Sharing my wife stories and pictures Good. I kept on fucking her mouth and asked her Did she is liking it she nodded yes and then i pushed one last time And inserted my full cock in her throat and freezed as i came in very Hard with spurting of my semen in her mouth i came so hard even After cumming two times before that she gagged on my cum but she Dranked it Voyeur masturbation stories and even bit on my cock to release more cum for her.

With This she licked my cock head and spitted a long spit on it and Crossdressing sexual stories She swallowed and swallowed it completely inside her mouth Anr stories reddit god Soni aunty was crazy i never felt much better in my life.

She then clutched my cock with her anal muscles tightly and Lifted herself all the time pressing my cock with her sphinchter Muscles and took out almost my entire cock from her ass only the tip Was inside, she then exhaled deeply and opened her anal muscles and Lowered her weight on my cock, my cock went completely inside without Any hindrance due to her expanding of ass muscles. I fucked and fucked hard in her mouth with power so Much that times she gagged.

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