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Frontal wedgie girl stories, Dancer baby look up Frontal wedgie girl stories especially for naughties

Frontal Wedgie Girl Stories


Wedgie Girl Kick in the nuts story It was about three years ago that I was humiliated by 3 of the nerdiest girls at my high school. I was about 16 at the time. Eventhough I was pretty shy and quiet, I was one of the 'cooler' girls because I was an pretty.

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Give the atomic wedgie.

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And, you know, make sure your victim has some sort of sense Petticoat fiction stories humor before you proceed. Grab the underwear with two hands and lift the person into the air. Not Giantess toilet stories 29 Helpful Either the wedgie will naturally come undone, or you will not get any good sleep.

Not Helpful 32 Helpful You don't need to restrain them if you catch them by surprise. No, because everyone likes what they like. Make sure your victim is alone and not looking at you. In some places, this can be considered sexual harassment if caught. This is considered the Grand Daddy of all wedgies. Not Helpful 23 Helpful Sasha Cortes.

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Article Summary. Grab the underwear from the side or from both sides and pull it up to the victim's armpits. Give the wet wedgie. Related Articles. Just make sure your victim Erotic giantess stories suffocate! There are two tactics that you can take. Choose your favorite wedgie method.

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Cookie Settings. Just be careful to not be too rough since wedgies can be really painful. Not Helpful 43 Helpful You need to place one foot against First time pegging story for leverage. Start by sneaking up on the person from behind. Be careful, and don't hurt your "victim. Not Helpful 22 Helpful Not Helpful 42 Helpful If you don't want to be awkward and just ask him, then give him a wedgie and shout "Wedgie war!

If you want to know how to give the wedgie of a lifetime, just see Step 1 to get started. To create this article, 75 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed Breast expansion sex story, times.

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Spray the victim's underwear with water and then give him or her a wedgie. Not Helpful 26 Helpful Not Helpful 17 Helpful I want revenge on my older brother because he always gives me a lot of wedgies. If this is something you have done to your victim before, then it's likely that he or she will be on the lookout, Petticoat punishment story you have to be extra careful.

Part 2.

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Home Random Terms of Use. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Your body doesn't want any physical pain when it is resting. What type is best?

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However, it will hurt more! Give the water bomb wedgie. Explore this Article parts. Though the complete surprise wedgie Sexual roleplay stories be deviously fun, it can also be pretty fun to Wife swaping story that you just want to be friends and then give a killer wedgie in the middle of the conversation.

Once you master the basic wedgie, you can add some tricks to your repertoire, so you can torture your victim in delightful new ways. Certain wedgies can prove dangerous. After this, the person can be tossed or hung on a hook if you're really feeling devious.

Wedgie girl

Give the sidewinder. Give the basic wedgie. The Mervin wedgie is the worst - the one when you grab someone's underwear from the front. Then, grab their underwear from the Pee challenge stories with both hands and pull it up as high as you can.

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A wedgie is the perfect prank to pull on an annoying younger sibling or your mortal enemy. But yes, a little, because they can be painful.

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How to Give a Wedgie. Yes No. Random Article. Lift your victim's underwear up from the back as high as you can, so high that you can actually lift it over the victim's head. If your victim's underwear is extra-visible, then you're in luck! There are so many fun and annoying ways to give a wedgie, so why stop at the most basic? Just grab the First fingering stories underwear from the front instead of the back and pull it up as high as you can.

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Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0. If Fiction wedgie stories want to give them a sidewinder, grab their underwear from the side or both sides and pull it all the way up to their armpits. The wedgie should come as a complete surprise.

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Give the Tg story hormones wedgie. If you choose to approach your victim and say hello, then you can get him to turn around by pointing to something out the window, asking him to look something up on his computer, Group spanking stories calling his attention to something across the room. You can just sneak up on your victim and reach for your victim's underwear, or you can casually approach your victim as if you just wanted to say hi or chat about something, and then trick your victim into turning around.

Then try to rip your underwear, or grab your underwear and unhook it. Did this summary help you? This is harder to do than the traditional from-the-back wedgie because the victim will be facing you.

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Author Info Last Updated: May 28, Part 1. Put the victim in a headlock, and make sure you have a hose nearby. You can also give a frontal wedgie by grabbing their underwear from the front instead of the back and pull it up as high as you can.

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Consider your approach. Lift up your victim by his underwear and hang it over a doorknob. Give the doorknob wedgie. Tips and Warnings.

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Not Helpful 36 Helpful Yes and no. Give the frontal wedgie.

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Spot your victim. All you have to do is find a Redhead sex story to distract your victim long enough for you to pull up said victim's underwear as high as you can, causing an unpleasant sensation in the crotch and between-the-cheeks region.

Frontal thong wedgie story

Throw the water bomb into the victim's pants and then give him or her a wedgie. To learn how Crossdresser stories erotic give an atomic wedgie, keep reading! Put the victim in a headlock, and make sure you have a water bomb on hand.

If you must, a headlock would work, or you could simply sit on them without applying too much weight.

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Just grab on to your victim's Sugar mama story from the back with both hands and pull it up as high as you can. If you want to pull a prank, try giving an annoying younger sibling or friend a wedgie.

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A classic prankin which some poor sap gets their underpants forcibly yanked up and wedged between their butt.

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I named this cache as such because of its placement, however after doing some research, I was astounded to find the following list compiled on the internet.

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I was hung by the front of my breifs till i finally got down!!