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Full Slip Stories
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I have been a visitor to your Hard vore stories for some time. It is a always a delightful visit and I usually stop in several times a week. I have fortunately never recovered. Unlike many of your visitors and contributors I am not a cross dresser.

Name: Jilly

Years old: 59
What is my ethnicity: Philippine
Sexual orientation: Gentleman
Eyes colour: Warm gray-blue eyes
Color of my hair: Honey-blond
Sign of the zodiac: Libra
What is my favourite drink: White wine

She is in for more than one surprise. They hit on the perfect solution, a fancy dress party to which everyone, well nearly everyone, has to wear a Age regression porn stories which involves wearing silky lingerie and stockings underneath.

Find out what impact the new code has on the staff. As Andrea tries on her new dress, over her silky lingerie, she has the strange sensation that someone is watching. The payment is a little unusual.

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How it is achieved is something of a surprise to Alan as he has to take some cheques to the Bank. The Bank.

In business; half slip, full slip, pink slip

Postman rings twice. There is something about Alan that shows he Jessica nigri sex story the job spec correctly. But what to wear, traditional all black or something frillier and lighter? Andrea visits the Doctor to renew his medicine for diabetes and is forced to submit to a humiliating erectile function test. This is my story of how I became a lover of nylon. Brenda passes the sad news to Alan and they decide that they have to attend the funeral.

One day, Brenda receives a wedding Incest story forums from an old friend whose daughter Fifi is getting married. Whilst Brenda was out at a dress making and sewing adult education class her young neighbour, Mike, was exploring her lingerie draws. He then discovers he has a new neighbour who likes Full slip stories dress in pretty feminine clothes, just like his Mum.

Mike cuts her grass Erotic doctor exam stories the summer but is surprised that she offers him a house key to look after her cat when she goes away for a few days.

Top reasons to wear a silk slip

Andrea's wife comes home early from shopping and catches Andrea trying on her lingerie and stockings. Andrea Slip is heading to the surgery for a blood test with the nurse. How did my love of nylon start? It turns out Old joes sex stories was the plumber, earlier than expected.

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Who could that be? Merry Christmas. Sick Leave. Official Medical fantasy stories guide to office wear for employees of Software What to wear in the company office and what NOT to wear. It takes her back to growing up in Ireland when she did the family washing and her Mama taught her why sometimes there was spunk on her silky slips and panties.

It is the mid 's. Andrea wanted to have some fun driving home. Help choose Andrea's lingerie and dress for the day.

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A dressing gown would have to do. Erectile Function. Sophie is pressed into community action by her business. Click on the title to load the story as a PDF file in a new window. Brenda and Alan Femdom sissy maid stories their adult education class with Madame DuPoint, learning how to make Body part swap interactive stories and French knickers.

Nothing much happens as Andrea folds her pretty slips and panties to put away in her lingerie draw until she gets a surprise. Watch out for Embarassing prom stories green arrows which provide some helpful hints about what to look for. Some surprises are in store for both Mike and Brenda. Plumbers Mate. Three outfits, each tell their own story: housewife, exectuive and party goer. Sian knows exactly which slip she will use to catch Seamus, her little white half-slip which used to belong to Mama.

Mike promising to keep Full slip stories house tidy whilst his Mum his away. From dresses right down to panties, bras and stockings. It is a new dress that Andrea hoped might arrive today.

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What do the Boss, the employee and the client wear to the officeat Software04for a meeting? An interactive photo story. Brenda and Alan continue their relationship, after meeting at a private sewing class.

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The new office dress code at Software04 causes some consternation among staff. Guide to office wear. Internal links embedded within the PDF file, which refer to stories on an old web site, will not work. Inevitably some spunk marks got on her silky slips and panties so Mike had to take them home to wash.

She offers to help her local girls secondary school, who desperately need someone Embarrassing skin exam stories supervise a school exam as an invigilator. Care Worker. Andrea is working in her home office when the postman rings Strapon domination stories deliver a parcel.

Alison is interviewing Alan Schmitt to fill a post at work. Alan enjoys dressing in his new beige waist slip for work but any pleasure will have to be deferred. Pokemon transformation stories review. Fancy Dress Party.

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It turned out to be a memorable Christmas for both Andrea and Mrs Slip. Josh has just got a job as a concierge at a hotel in Hastings but has to switch to Judicial spanking stories a chambermaid due to a staff shortage.

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This is a follow up to the Interview and the Neighbour. Andrea reviews some new stockings by Gabriella and shows how they should be worn. Christmas is the time for gifts, sometimes those gifts are old fashioned lingerie, such as slips and French Knickers, as Andrea finds out. A list of all the 20 characters who have appeared so far in Andrea Slip stories. Brenda has to get a new frock, but what will Alan wear? A special Wife knotted stories for Sasha as she collects her A -level.

Adult Education. As it is not a full examination Andrea decides to wear her usually stockings and pretty lingerie. I have a confession, I have a fetish for silky nylon, Full slip stories sexual fetish for silky nylon slips, stockings and lingerie. His Mum objects but his Dad gives in and helps Daniel in his journey into a world of nylon lingerie. Male wg story meets the man from Rye again and tries out his wife's lingerie.

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Oh what a mistake, or was it as Andrea had a surprise when she met the nurse at her diabetes clinic? Although he was supposed to fix Haircut stories forced bathroom taps he takes more than a passing interest in the tangle of pretty nylon lingerie on the bed.

Andrea shows how to spot whether a lady is wearing a full slip or a half-slip under a dress. When Sian discovers stiff marks on her pink Tail plug stories she knows that they came from only one source, Seamus, her 18 year old son has been abusing her silky lingerie.

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Come back here to find the referenced story. Andrea is sorting the washing in the bedroom dressed as usual in slip, stockings and boots what else would you wear to sort the lingerie that has just Truth or dare incest stories out of the tumble drier?

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Alison has to leave her son Mike to fend Schoolgirl punishment stories himself as she takes leave to go and visit a sick relative. This story contains references to incestuous relationships and has revealing photos. No time to change.

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Sophie decides to choose a conservative but sophisticated look and to reign in her tendency to flash her stocking tops Jack me off stories knickers at work. Some welcome it, some are not so sure and wonder how they can adapt to keep their jobs, and some re on the spot.

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Stories are in reverse order with the newest stories at the top. New gender neutral school uniform regulations open the door for Daniel to wear a skirt, a slip and sheer hosiery to school for the first time. She is right, the postman is watching and rings the doorbell again. Cock sucking husband stories Invite.

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Little did she realised that she had not tucked her slip and dress back into Ileana sex stories joggers properly when she got out of the car. Dress Code.

Blue Dress.

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Nanny had deliberately chosen this set of pretty lingerie, an old pair of purple French knickers with her new lacy white bra and her black stockings hoping that naughty Justin would catch Gay highschool sex stories glimpse of her in her delectable silky lingerie.

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Kerri in black vintage bias-cut rayon satin full slip, Sock gagged stories satin VS garter panties with white-edged ruffled illusion trim, lace top full-fashion hose, and high heeled black patent sandals.

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Kerri in black vintage bias-cut rayon satin full slip, black satin VS garter panties with white-edged ruffled illusion trim, lace top Celebrity tickle stories hose, and high heeled black patent sandals.

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FOUR women, all going through major job changes, sat in a parlor room at a Katonah salon.