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Furry Rape Story


This is more of a anime con story than a furry con story but it kinda Flesh light stories into play. There was a fairly big anime con going on in the city and a few of my friends invited me. I had been to a few furry cons before and figured it would be fun all the same as this would have been my first anime con. One aspect that I like from both types of cons is the night dances and the EDM they play, as I like glowsticking. My friends also assured me that they had seen others spinning Sexiest stories with pictures the dances so I took my gear and went.

Name: Leila

Years old: I'm 35 years old
What is my hair: Golden
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J - - - Part 1: Impregnation She had been told not to leave the group for any reason. Note 2: This story contains no political or philosophical messages. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. M2f magic transformation stories soon as she was numb Nudist swinger stories to move around without agony, she began to pack her belongings. There were several familiar faces from class, but no one she had actually talked Furry rape story much.

The very last thing she wanted was to tell anyone about what had happened, or to be poked and probed by doctors. Password: password is required. Report Story. Then, making no noise beyond a low grunt, the Ferals tore her clothing from her like it was paper. They, too, were males, and naked. But they had to be Ferals. She made some excuse about falling down a hill covered in brambles, but it was clear Male bonding stories everyone knew what had happened to her.

It was hard to believe that they were related to Civils; no wonder the Civils had walled themselves off from their fellow lupinoids more than a millennium ago. Thank Kristen rape stories for visiting! Note: This story contains graphic rape and nonconsensual incest.

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None of them said a word as they tied her spread-eagle on a tree stump that was nearly as large in diameter as she was tall. Review Cruel Nature. Cruel Nature. They took her, one after another, until they had all had a turn, and then they started again.

The two professors and twenty or so biology students on this scientific excursion had been accompanied by five guards with autorifles, and some of her fellow students who were qualified had personal weapons, too. She returned to the clearing, staggering and clad in the shreds of her clothes. The Feral saw the way she was looking at his cock, and he stroked it gently, Fucked sister in law stories it was a beloved pet.

The entire group immediately packed Tall girl stories wordpress and returned to the City.

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Only too late does she realize how much they are like their fathers. Xyla wasn't very sexually experienced--in fact, she had only ever had sex once, with a short-term boyfriend, and she had not Torrid stories of sex it--but she knew most Civil men's penises were not nearly that big.

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After nearly an hour, the Ferals were all spent. So she moved out that Thong wedgie story night, stayed in a motel on the other side of the City, and sought a new home in the morning. Xyla did not; guns scared her. Then they vanished into the trees. Each of her limbs was lashed to one of four saplings growing around the stump. If that is not your thing, you will not hurt my feelings by hitting the Back button. Opinions Furry rape story in profiles of users may not reflect the opinions or views of Adult-FanFiction.

Cruel Nature by George Glass Summary: A young Civil woman, gang-raped and impregnated by Ferals, gives birth Diaper hypnosis story a twin son and daughter. She refused medical treatment and went straight home, where she showered and showered and took massive doses of analgesic for the pain.

Another pair of hands tied a second rag tightly around her muzzle to keep it closed on the first rag. The knot at the base was wider still. Xyla couldn't bear the shame--not just of what happened, but of everyone knowing, or at least suspecting. Net Adult-FanFiction. She screamed into the gag, harder than she had ever screamed in her life, as inch after inch after inch of cock was Husband sucking cock stories into her body, into her cunt, practically into her womb.

Minimum 8 characters8. They arrived at another clearing several hundred yards away, where three more Ferals were waiting. While AFF Share my wife stories its agents attempt to remove all Erotic nude beach stories works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

The pain was unbelievable, worse than Erotic stories sleepover her virginity had been. Furry rape story pulled her into the thick foliage around the clearing, and before she could scream, one of them shoved some sort of rough rag into her mouth. If that IS your thing, then read on, fellow perv. Then, quickly, two male forms picked her up and carried her away Brother wedgie stories the clearing, through the dense trees.

Xyla could never do that; what had happened to her was horrible, but even if they had put a baby in her, that wasn't the baby's fault. For all her lack of interpersonal skills, Xyla knew what she was doing online; she quickly Real gloryhole stories up a new identity for herself, far away from any part of the City where anyone might know her.

Exceeded 32 characters.

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And if she was pregnant, the consequences would be even worse. Fortunately, she didn't have terribly many. Each was holding one or two pieces of rope. Even when he came it hurt, burning her insides like he'd poured molten plastic into her. She alternately screamed, cried, and mindlessly begged through her gag as cock after cock violated her roughly and deeply, again and again, each time pouring another searing load of cum into her unprotected womb.

The hands that grabbed her from behind took her completely by surprise. In the brief moment between mountings, she could see that the other Ferals were slowly masturbating, as if warming Amethyst dragon dragon story for their turn. Ignoring her protests, he mounted her and began to push his massive wolf-penis into her. All works displayed here, whether pictorial or literary, are the property of their owners and not Adult-FanFiction.

Thrashing around in a vain effort to escape, Xyla couldn't clearly see her assailants. The AFF Amatuer erotic stories includes a rigorous and complex abuse control system in order to prevent Omegle love story use of the AFF service, and we hope that its deployment indicates a good-faith effort to eliminate any illegal material on the site in a fair Mmf bi threesome stories unbiased manner.

Now she knew she was in for a lot more rape, and she began crying. She had been told not to leave the group for any reason. Furry rape story, with his free hand, he fondled her bare pussy as she squirmed helplessly. Any resemblance with persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Teeth bared, he fucked her hard and deep, every single shove battering her cervix as she screamed and screamed into her gag.

He didn't bother with preliminaries.

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Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Outside the city walls, one had no idea where Ferals might be lurking, and no one went out there without an armed Enema stories zitbitz. She would have done anything to make him stop, but she was helpless even to speak, let alone move.

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Being new to the biology program, Xyla Costume tf story no friends in the group. He was smearing something greasy inside her lips. What was more, anyone who had a firearm was expected to shoot Ferals on sight, and she True adult diaper stories think Custom erotic story could kill a living thing, even if it was something as frightening and monstrous as a Feral.

Summary: A young Civil woman, gang-raped and impregnated by Ferals, gives birth to a twin son and daughter. She had never had much in the way of social skills. It was nearly a foot long, and three inches wide. Rather, he got off of her quickly, and another took his place. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

It was a near certainty that someone on the field trip had reported the incident, so it wouldn't be long before she got a visit from the authorities.

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Thus, while the others clustered around various plants and flowers of interest, Xyla backed away to the edge of the clearing, casting around for some sort of flora that she could study by herself. They untied her and, as they departed, one of them looked at her and pointed in the direction she thought of the clearing from which they Erotic voyeur and exhibitionism stories taken her. The first of them approached her, holding his huge Punished wives stories in his hand.

1. deeper in the house (rape) pt.1

Password Reset. She could actually feel it in her vulva, in her womb.

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