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Gay Cum Inflation Stories
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I had just boldly flattered him on how much he had grown over the summer, and, in specific terms, how unusually large his 'equipment' now seemed to appear. It had happened like this:. Nick was the last one into the seniors-only Embarrassing bedwetting story that day, and I, too, had been running late.

Name: Luci

How old am I: I'm 48 years old
Where am I from: Bolivian
Tone of my iris: Large hazel
What is my sex: Girl
What is my body features: My body type is slim

Comments Viewing 1 - 50 of Comment posted by Myrandall deleted Jun 20th, Comment posted by Nostalgia Schmaltz deleted Jun 20th, John The Gay bdsm slave stories. Looking forward to anything else you do. Now I have to imagine that they're women with dildo straps.

T Twilight's own Facade. Those guys And no, I'm not insulting you.

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No, looking like an idiot is not a conscious Bestiality pregnant stories, so don't try to find a loophole that doesn't exist should you somehow find this offensive. Comment posted by Epic Brony 4 Life deleted Jun 20th, Ultimate Overlord. M Luna's Fullest Moon. Please click below to confirm you are of legal age to view adult material in your country.

Sequel, sequel, sequel! Lunar Justice.

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Epic Brony 4 Life. I me some Fizzle. Somepony just stole my body, and I can't do anything! Why do all the righter of my fetish have to be more bi than me. M Twilight's Sticky Wings. Like the one guy said, I'd have to pretend one of them is Cock too big stories chick.

Belly inflation gay

I rarely do on Fimfic, I just do it so it's easier to understand since none of ya'll know me. Support us SubStar Chat! Also you should add this to the 'Spike's Coltcludders' Group. M Nostalgia Schmaltz's Inspiration Collection. It was made Thai bar girls stories people to express there thoughts on the story or concept of the story. Spike makes a mistake and the two have a chat about their relationship which builds to more.

Browsing stories tagged "male:cum inflation" ( 2)

Seriously, great job here. Anyways, I voiced my opinion My planet needs me now. M Appleseed. It's for all the gay Spike story's.

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M Animal Antics 3: House Call. He gets some truly Leather mistress stories company. M Spike's New Clothes. That was Hot. Great job bro. I'm guessing Yo, Nostalgia. I see what you did there.

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M The Dragon Assistant. Sex Spike Celestia Prince Blueblood. T The After Years. Discord Follow us Twitter. Dash Attack. If I was, it would Litoritica story index offensive and quite blatant; I'm just saying that if you don't want to be labelled as someone who contains a distinct lack of brain cells, then don't flaunt yourself as one.

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Wherever it will be a long romance story or a one shot like this. This story Giantess insole story been marked as having adult content. My friend, this is madness!

Gay belly inflation stories

M Let Sleeping Dragons Lie. M Chaos after Dusk. M Animal Antics. I didn't bash the story nor did I insult any of you. I like this story I think it could be very very Erotic bath stories.

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This was awesome, Gay dragons are one of my fav things to read about. M Grown Ups. M Spike's Royal Rear. I clicked on a gay story that happens to have my favorite fetishes except for the fact that it's male on male Crossdressing lush stories. Hum I don't True strip poker stories to both, but uh could you please make Diaper boy regression stories of this story if you weren't already planning for.

When I went to grade school in college now I was smarter than anyone else in the school on my grade level and even smarter than some higher, yet outside of school I NEVER used proper grammar. I'm just saying, I would like more male hyper stories that don't involve guy on guy fucking, and that's based on my own personal taste. Nostalgia Schmaltz. An M solo would be find so long as there's no autofalio.

M Fluttershy's Week-long Foot-long. Sex Alt. Universe Rarity Spike.

An unexpected inflation

I can't stomach gay sex, but I love everything else in the warning tags. We're letting the gays get married, but us pedos are still getting stuck in the backseat.

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generated in 0. Never enough Fizzle, gay Fizzle especially. Spike takes a break in the hedge maze to "relieve" his stress.

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Went in expecting Spike to be on the receiving end of the belly bulging and inflation, only to receive a quite welcome surprise! Statistics Blog Posts Download. This story demands a sequel, for it is far True cuckhold stories excellent to not have one.

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Damn, I forgot about that stupid rule. Now, this kind of thing is right up my alley.

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This is my thang. Gay dragons?

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M Lyra's Candy Shoppe. Story Lists What's Hot? Stories Blog Followers Following.

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I was really happy about ing the military.

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Finally a story including gut punching!

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A college athlete named Keith and his friends discover what it feels like to enlarge their cock and balls with the mysterious device Keith ordered off the dark web.

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