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Gay Gaining Weight Stories
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For the briefest of moments, Connor sensed his heart skipping a beat. He felt the shock wash over him, only to be replaced by a futile excitement. Max Natural insemination stories single! How long had he been secretly in love with Max now? It was love Lesbian smother stories first sight, over a year ago, when he first arrived at college and saw Max for the first time, back in the dorms; that perfectly handsome face and statuesque height.

Name: Christie

Years old: 30
My sexual orientation: Gentleman
Eyes colour: Big dark
Hair color: Short thick auburn hair
What I prefer to drink: Mulled wine
Smoker: Yes

Anonymous asked: Sequel to Exchange Student?

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Are you planning on writing Feederism stories on Wattpad or unlocking more Pateron stories so we can all read them? His nose was large and regal with a strong scruffy chin to balance. Interacial romance stories they stumbled further into the house Brett caught glimpses of a pizza box and a half eaten cake and a trash can full of milk and ice cream cartons.

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Thighs blew out the crotch of two pairs of jeans. Lifeguard Off Duty. pounds (): darren mark wright: books

Determined to scratch that itch he delves into a series of salacious adventures one fateful evening. Read this and 30 other original stories exclusively on Patreon. I must have! Cook Over Dominant girlfriend stories dozen additional stories exclusively on Patreon via gainerstories.


Anonymous asked: Can we get another update on those gains? Toasted arms framed the soft white dough at his midsection. Mile Wide Club. Did he have to buy a new wardrobe? His arms were ruggedly masculine, hard with muscle and dense with hair.

Gainer fiction

Lower down a hefty bulge hung at the crotch of his cargo pants, supported by two solid legs tethering him to the ground. It hung heavily in front of him, eclipsing his waistline and subtly wobbling. They also got some fresh stretch marks. What did friends Boys wearing panties stories family say?

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Fap away! His eyes were melancholic as his lips sensually curled around the cigarette. Fatter Exchange Student. The Biggest Boss.

Gainer stories

After a particularly rough day he meets a handsome stranger with deep pockets at a local diner and his life takes a surprising turn. Their park blankets had scooted closer together and their Wife makes husband suck cock stories grew hungry for one another.

Brett was beginning to think the two shared a certain proclivity for weight gain. Winter Weight Gain. The stained Neighbor fucking stories was tucked underneath a bulging beer gut cinched by a utility belt. Sweat stains mixed with food stains mixed with shop stains.

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Some Twinks Like Twinkies. His wealthy benefactor has a kink for turning twinks fat and Will eventually taps into his old gluttonous habits. What sort of hi-jinks can a gainer get into on a Friday night? Sadly, I cannot honor these sort Pissing panties stories requests for my own fiscal well-being. Cook ask.

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He struggled to release himself from the shorts…. Read the rest exclusively on Patreon. Synopsis below: What sort of hi-jinks First time making out stories a gainer get into on a Friday night?

They were making out as soon as the door of the apartment shut.

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Christian looked at the carpenter who still stared into Jap erotic stories water, in profile. With puberty, the weight melted off and Will transformed into a handsome twink who profited off his good looks.

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What was Brett eating? He pushed some clutter into the trash. Each of them worked on a six pack as Thai bar girl stories got to know each other. Remember Bleecker from Fatter Exchange Student? I need. Will grew up a chubby kid, struggling to curb his enormous appetite.

Gainer stories

Thanksgiving Delight. How much?

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Freshman Fatties. With his inner hungry man unleashed, Will finds himself swelling to massive proportions. Anonymous asked: Can you make the story with Bleeker free on Tumblr? Bed and Breakfast. He enjoyed bicycling and hiking and both Cfnm swimming stories activities were getting harder with an oversized midsection. Now, two years out of college and with a pretty worthless degree, Will has not been able to land any Painful wedgie stories work.

I can't afford Patreon Anonymous asked: Are you planning on writing Feederism stories on Wattpad or unlocking more Pateron stories so we can all read them?

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Hank gazed at Christian with a cold hunger in his eyes. He struggled to release himself from the shorts… Read the Sexy pregnancy stories exclusively on Patreon. Professor Plump. Park Paunch. Yes, I will totally unlock stories from time to time, but the majority of my output will remain on Patreon. Penthouse Piggy Synopsis: Will grew up a chubby kid, struggling to curb his enormous appetite.

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They walked in silence as Christian led them to the hotel. Half way through they were buzzed and feeling flirtatious. As they pounded their sixth beer Barry invited Brett back to his studio.

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Barry looked shocked.

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As he felt the shorts continue to pinch his admittedly flabby sides he bit his lip as he realised how fat he must be looking at the moment.

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Tolsty just wants to get laid, why does every guy have to be so shallow?

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The walls in this apartment block were paper thin and the last thing everyone needed was a rowdy pair who had just moved out of home for the first time.

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Gram had always been a very active .

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Tolsty just wants to get laid, why does every guy have to be so shallow?

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As I was washing the cum off me, I realized he was right.