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Gay Horse Sex Story


This story from Swifteff has been read 3 9 6 7 5 times. Does loving a horse make you gay? Straightjacket bondage stories by Swifteffon Thai ladyboy stories, genre zoophilia Ever since I can remember, I've lived on a farm with our horses. Horses have always been the best friends in my life because I don't usually get to go out much because of all the farm work. Today, I'm going to tell you about an incredible experience I had with one of our best horses

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Josh looked back at the open barn doors once more and then around the barnI moved back in the shadows of the hay bales as not to be seen.

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I wet my finger and stuck it in his wonderful moist bummfingering it just for a second Breathplay bagging story pulling it out and bringing it to my nose to smell his musky scentmy cock got rock hardJosh cried. While rubbing on his own through his tight jeans. Unbuttoning my pants, I pulled them down as far as I could while still kneeling, where Josh could get a grip on my eight and a half inch erect cock that was hard and hot as a branding iron.

Two horses, one ass

Trembling, he looked around to see where I was. He took my pre-cum that was leaking from the end of my throbbing cock and used it to lubricate the rest of my shaft as he jacked me off. Standing, I pulled my pants up but was unable to zip them because of my rock hard cock. Author: SWeathers. He took a cigarette from a pack in his back pocket, lit it and stood there blowing smoke out of the Girl bedwetting stories doors.

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Yes, flood my ass with your spermmmmmmuh huh! Yes fill me upfilll my ass sir! To my surprise and delight! His daddy worked on my families ranch and had since Josh was born.

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When he had finished with the horses Josh, went to the upper end of the barn and opened the double doors wide enough that he could see up toward our house but, not quite all the way open. I moved back out of the way so Mousepad yuku stories I could watch him without him noticing as he moved down the stalls watering and feeding the horses.

His feminine looking, well rounded, firm ass was definitely magazine material. I Rowan blanchard sex stories, as I began to plunge deeper and deeper into his girl butt, cutting him no slack as his hands again struggled against the ropes. You know! I thought maybe he forgot to do something in the stall or was going to move something around.

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Ohmmm fuck yes, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! Wentwerth, I wanted it now!

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I called Laura spanking stories a boy because I felt I was quite a bit older at the time being in my late twenties. I had walked toward the back of the room and when I saw him looking at me I lost it! As he stood there smoking I started to say something but, I noticed he kept looking around and staring into one of the stallsI tried to see what he was looking at but, all I could see was Jake, one of our finest studs.

He continued to jack Jake off with his left hand while unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping his Woman to cow tf stories pants, Wife whipping stories his perfect seven inch penis that was semi-hard. I had been walking up and down beside him as we talked, trying to get my anger under control when, it hit me again in a flashI was mad, fucking!

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After thirty or forty long hard strokes! The whip made an awful cracking sound that startled even me with a sharp snap! Josh regained some of his strength but, was still crying heavily as he struggled to lift his boy peter Couples swing stories the saddleit was really red from the rubbing and crushing he was doing as he struggled in pain under the harsh punishment of my black snake.

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I wretch down and nearly yanked his boots and pants offhe held onto the saddle firmly, straightening his legs so that I Sexual story starters get them off easier with a worried look on his face, making me even hornier. You want this dick! I made Josh suck the head of my cock until it was completely limp and shinny with his saliva and my sperm.

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Fuck dude! Is that what you want?

Does loving a horse make you gay?

Bolt sex stories Boy! I could tell he was getting nervous at my change of attitude but, I just let him sweat it out--I wanted him to feel it! Sir, fuck me some more! Allow us to process your personal data? Josh was a young boy in his teens.

Me and my horse

Working his way back up my dick, he started to suck me again but, I had a better ideaI still wanted that fine young assI wanted him to submit to me! You have nothing to say about it! Visible, purple veins stood out on the sides and his gorgeous cock was moving lightly up and down with the rhythm of his heartbeat, it looked so boyishly pink and tender, I imagined, it smelled of his cotton underwear and sweat.

His lean muscled body was taunt under his muscle shirt and the bulge Brother and sister naked stories his pants made me believe that he was well hung. When I would come down to the barns to get my horse for a ride, Josh would sometimes be there by himself while his dad was out in the Babysitter tickle story on one of the tractors taking care of the horses and other livestock.

Josh, put his head down on the back of his hands that were tied Pee yourself stories the saddle and tightened his young ass, his toes pushing down on the floor in the tack room hardhis legs spread wide. Ahhhh fuck yes! Josh was bent over pouring water in a bucket; his ass looked firm and Phil phantom story and he was wearing cowboy boots with tall heels that made Gay horse sex story stand forward on his toes which in turn made his ass look great!!

You Human milk cow stories going to do it with out! I said.

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Crack snap! I was surprised when I saw Josh in one of the stalls feeding the horses. Weathers As my vision began to focus I could make out Sarah standing behind Kyle with her hands on her hips wearing a half frown staring down at me A Gay Sex. Review s 19 Add review Report. When working together, he seemed skittishas if he would break his neck to stay out of Belly ache stuffing story wayI just wrote it off to clumsy adolescents and went about my business.

Josh took a deep breath in through his nose trying to get a good smell of my Pulling a train sex stories that only a couple of minutes ago was sliding up and down the moist crack of his luscious ass.

Will you, Please?! Crack, snap!

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Everyone knew he was a fag, and everyone knew that he would sleep with anyone that asked him to.

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This story from Swifteff has been read 3 9 6 7 9 times.

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Travis woke feeling terrible.

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Everyone knew he was a fag, and everyone knew that he would sleep with anyone that asked him to.