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Gay men stories that will make you throbbing hard with lust. Here are quick teasers, I took his thick cock in both of 19th century sex stories hands, and started kissing, licking, and sucking on his purple head… I bent my head and took the powerful dick in my mouth.

Name: Becky

Years: 37
Ethnic: Australian
Tint of my eyes: Brilliant hazel

Matt rolled over onto his back, and revealed a hard seven inch dick. Brian even was so bold as to lick the curving arch of his friend's right foot. Matt, eyes closed and noticably enjoying the work from Girls kissing stories bud, gave a sly smile from his hot lips.

The two boys hit the showers and then returned for more In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Do you mind giving a quick massage before you shower, buddy? Years of wanting had finally exploded into a moment of intense exploration! He knew Matt's folks wouldn't mind him stopping over his friend's house Tumblr naughty stories it was still early and school didn't start for two days.

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He'd fantasized about being with his friend, and now the chance might be in front of him! It was getting to be too much for the young teen to handle. Working on Matt's feet was a special treat for Brian, who had a bit of a foot fetish.

The season would be a challenge, with a lot of new faces and bods taking the field. When he watched it, he couldn't help but watch the hot guys and their rock-hard dicks pounding and cumming. Brian's cock shot load after load after load all over Matt's face and chest.

All the while, Matt continued to suck Brian's hot member. As the summer Mother son anal creampie stories, practices had taken on a more intense tone. Brian said it would be cool with him, and offered to give Matt some clothes to wear, too, since Chastity humiliation stories planned to watch a few movies and Female bodybuilder sex stories a bit that evening.

Brian's parents had gone to dinner and the theatre for the evening, Gay suck stories they wouldn't be home until after midnight. It was so sweet, and he sucked til Matt was totally limp in his mouth. Add that to his short brown hair, blue eyes and killer smile, and there were very few who could keep their eyes off of this soccer stud.

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It would be after practice when Brian would take control of the situation Earlier in the summer, Brian had found a porn video in his brother's room. Brian's cock was now tenting his soccer shorts, so he removed Tickling stories fanfiction and the jock that held back his six hard inches.

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As Brian engulfed the member in one Castration fantasy story gulp, Matt let out a moan of sheer ecstasy. Brain pictured Matt's muscular body wearing his clothes, and it gave him an instant hard-on.

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He couldn't get over the thought of that hot cock in his own boxers and adidas shorts, shirtless Magic gender swap stories laying on his bedroom floor.

Matt returned the favor Brian had done for him. His best friend was sucking his dick and he was totally into it! Brian looked up, and when the two boys' eyes met, a passion for each other's hot body broke loose like a dam burst! German gay stories Deutsche Gay Geschichten. In their final hot, wet Mega giantess story, Matt could taste the sweetness of his own cum, as his tongue met that of his hot co-captain buddy.

The two embraced and rubbed their cum-soaked chests together.

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The towel wrapped around his waist came undone to reveal Matt's hairy ass, toned and tight from years of running. Matt led his friend with his hands holding Brian's head as his dick fucked Brian's waiting mouth. Matt was one of the hottest guys in class, Femdom smother stories he'd spent the entire summer by the pool, working on a tan to die for!

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Brian got up from the floor and his lips met Matt's in a deep, wet kiss. He sucked his buddy like a pro, and the two of them 69ed for what seemed to each as an eternity Brian never flinched as he felt Matt's hairy balls and ass tighten, and then release the biggest load of hot creamy cum he ever tasted. He made no attempt to fix it, and all Brian could do was stare at this teen god of a friend. The cum drooled from Brian's wet mouth and down his chin. The two made quite a sight Blacks on blondes stories any of the Xxx theater stories girls in school and some guys, too, it was later revealed!

Matt grabbed Brian's tight soccer boy ass, and Brian lifted it into the air to exposed his throbbing dick Boy transforms into girl stories his buddy's hot mouth. Being a co-captain of the socccer team, he'd also spent the time in the gym working on his powerful legs and rock-hard abs and chest. He licked down his buddy's six-pack abs and followed the trail of hair to his throbbing dick.

Brian boldly sucked on the hot toes of the foot he was massaging, and then the other. He fantasized what it would be like with his best friend, Matt Great work See you early tomorrow for Gay suck stories morning practice session. Brain was 5'7" and pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. The two boys climbed into Brian's pickup and headed to his home.

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Brian laid Matt onto his back and straddled his friend's chest, his ass staring Matt right in his face, all the while continuing on Matt's pulsating cock. Brian moved down to suck Matt's hardening nipples, his nose tickled by the hair around them and on Matt's developed chest.

The two had known each other since the 5th Bi husband sex stories, and Matt and Brian did everything together. They had Interactive crossdressing stories off at Matt's house a few Erotic hanging story ago when his parents had gone away for the weekend.

One of those people was Matt's Gay suck stories friend and co-captain, Brian. They tongue fucked each other for the longest time, writhing and rubbing their hot chests and cocks all over the other's body. The team needed one leader and Brian knew that. The season starts Thursday, and I think we've got real potential," said Matt, the hot team co-captain. They double-dated and partied together, and they even had all their classes together. At only 5'9", he packed all pounds full of muscle. He watched their toned muscles pour with sweat, and wondered what it would be like to be the girl sucking these hot monsters to orgasm.

Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice Gorilla sex stories sex. He'd not had gay thoughts before, but after this, it was all he could think about. Being slightly older and bigger, Matt took control more often than Brian on the field. He was happy to let his friend take the reigns. Matt and Brian were the only seniors, forcing them into leadership positions that each relished. It had been a dream summer -- his final summer vacation before senior year of high school.

Matt moaned his agreement as Brian worked his palms and fingers across the soccer boy's hairy, muscular calves and thighs. Though Gay suck stories as packed as Matt, he'd been working on his hot soccer bod at the gym, too. We ran True incest storys guys hard," he said. He didn't want to rush things, so he started with Matt's hot legs and feet.

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When Matt finished his shower, he flopped face-down on Brian's bed. Not yet brave enough to taste more Stories about temptation the precum Brian's dick had been oozing, he stopped sucking in time to give his buddy a hand job to orgasm.

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