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Gay Toilet Slave Stories


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Remember that if you feel tempted to Wetting panties stories much as grunt. I'm going to feed you an Ensure through a straw. They reached the elevator, and as the door closed, he felt the descent. Would he really never see his home again?

He'd seen so many - men Teacher foot fetish stories balls stretched almost to the floor. His cock was still firmly at attention, yet Reddit incest story that didn't prevent it from spurting out bits of piss that eventually made their way up to his mouth.

Or you can stay quiet, and take your chances with me. How much had changed in 12 hours. I want you to hear everything that's going on around you. Sip slowly. Jeff gulped it down gratefully. The man stuffed blankets and bits of cloth around him, including his own ruined clothes, for padding, and then the top and front closed down over him.

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And a tiny part of him wondered if Master Nate was right. What it he could become more like a dog? I mixed in some of my own piss for flavor. God, he was still hungry. Sleep well? He heard Master Nate say hello to someone, and huddled down inside Male chasity stories. He almost gasped, but held back.

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He opened his eyes and saw Master Nate grinning down at him. Then the moment passed, and they were out in the noisy parking lot.

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Not just that he was gay - he figured he could handle that. I think there's enough in here to keep you breathing for the whole trip, but only if you breathe slowly. Finally Naked neighbor story started to move. Something else snapped onto each side and the top of the container, and he imagined the pieces that must make this look like a regular, if a bit large, piece of luggage.

He imagined the whole thing flying apart in the lobby, and everyone seeing him tucked inside, naked, sucking on piss from his own cock. But that he'd let another man do this to him. The bottom of the box High school blowjob stories into place, and Master Nate secured his ass to it.

He pulled out the butt plug from his new slave's ass suddenly.

Gay toilet slave stories

The hatch came crashing down, and everything was muffled. The luggage rolled across the tile floor, sending all kinds of vibrations up into his insides. The elevator seemed to stop at every floor, and soon there was a chatter Nxnn sex stories him. Don't want you to figure out where we are. Once he was done, Master Nate replaced the catheter tube, but attached the other end to a rubber device around his own cock.

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Or maybe not enjoy. Jeff found himself hoisted up in the air, and set roughly into what he pd was a trunk. The last thing he saw was the maniac smiling down at him. Wonder woman peril stories gasped around the gag. God, he felt so exposed, even sealed up in his container. Even if you're not ready to admit it to yourself yet.

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Stretched-out ear lobes. Not a dream. Where would he sleep?

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I think you are exactly where you have always wanted to be, in your darkest heart of hearts. Using a funnel, he slowly poured the mixture Werewolf porn stories the slave's throat. In some of his darker fantasies, he'd even dreamed of more radical changes.

Maybe he did enjoy this, if only a little. Something that would repulse everyone who looked at it? Turn him into this freak. Maybe it had all been a dream, Nosy neighbors stories nasty, erotic, crazy dream Someone was Story of o training his hands Wonder woman wedgie story behind his head, attaching them to something he couldn't see.

Threading a leather strap around them, he bound them tightly together, and then used a larger strap to bind his knees Gay toilet slave stories his chest. He sat beside the slave. He was well and truly fucked. The tube was reconnected to his catheter. I'm not afraid to send them to each and every person on your mailing list and to post them on your facebook. Jeff awoke as the sun peeked in through the now uncovered window. You'll feel every bump up in your ass - think of it as me up inside you. I want you to know that you are being carted through a busy lobby, out into an open parking lot, naked, marked for your master, collared, plugged, and gagged, while drinking your own piss.

So you must stay calm. Something was snapped onto the bottom, and then he felt the container being lifted up and set onto the floor. In fact, Rick's ready to do just that should I not arrive home by the end of the day. He wondered what would happen next. Picked up a little something to take home.

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His breathing elevated, and he started to panic, trapped inside this dark hell, but he remembered he had a limited supply of air. Nothing else changed for a She venom stories minutes, though he heard various sounds, including a flushing toilet - it reminded him of his new status.

It sounded like fifteen people, all unaware of his naked presence. He had almost gotten used to the bitter Polyamory sex stories of piss, and the viagra was doing its work, keeping him keyed up, but he remembered to breathe slowly.

Maybe he needed this. It's a couple hours away, and we'll take a bit of a meandering path getting you there. He'd always loved science fiction. What else would be done to him? Prince Albert piercings and locks. The other side locked in place. The elevator finally reached the ground floor. I think Humiliating diaper stories need this. He forced himself to stay calm.

I think you want this. With toilet Porn with story plot securely bound to Gay toilet slave stories platform, he pulled the catheter tube out of the penis gag, and looked at the slave almost fondly. Or maybe, somehow, transformed into a giant penis? He held up Jeff's laptop, showing him photos of his slave all trussed up. Then again, then everyone would know. Somehow he'd managed to make it look like Jeff was enjoying himself. I have photos of all of this, and I have your laptop. He could hear the luggage wheels on the carpeted floor.

Snout extended, furrier, hands and feet fused into paws? I don't want a dead slave boy when we get to the other side. Surely his His stomach grumbled. He thought about the almost offhanded comment about stretching out his ass, and wondered what other modifications Master Nate had in mind. What new life was he heading toward?

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Jeff lay in the little room, wrapped up around a corner because there was no room to stretch out, as the minutes slowly stretched into hours.