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Genie Tg Story


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Name: Luise

Years old: I'm 47 years old
What is my nationaly: I'm finnish
Meeting with: Hetero
Eye tone: I’ve got misty gray-green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my hair: Black
What is my body features: I'm quite athletic
Smoker: Yes

The walls of the hotel room faded as mansion walls took their place.

The transformation genie

Last night after I arrived I looked through your window and saw this lamp. Dwayne took the lamp back to his room. You aren't going to believe what's Breast tickling stories today. I was curious what it felt like to be a woman. He hated wearing a suit and tie. In some of those stories I download from the Internet, men are transformed into women. She told him about the antique shop. Really, I'm Dwayne. She was at least eight, possibly nine, Male impregnation story shorter and probably a hundred pounds lighter than she'd been as Dwayne.

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And the second part is only the standard prohibition that you may not wish for more wishes. Hell, I'm not deaf. The only occupant was the old shopkeeper. But it was nothing like she expected. Besides, I don't want to waste my last wish on clothes.

But you can't fool me that easily. A young woman, still dressed in jeans and sweat Femdom giantess stories, looked back. Things just aren't all that different. The lamp. Stroking her clitoris, she moaned softly "Oh my. You made no mention of changing your attire. But then it suddenly occurred to her that stroking her clit produced sensations that felt Aniaml sex stories the same as she'd felt as Dwayne, when he stroked his dick.

Dwayne opened the door.

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It was her partner Bruce. It was odd and confusing, but she felt being female wasn't that much different from being male. Can I cancel it? The wish to be a woman. They generally become airheaded horny bimbos with out of control raging hormones that'll screw any man in sight. Dwayne had seen the shop when he'd checked in the night before, but it had been very late and the shop had been closed.

Abruptly, she quit caressing herself. Some for power. Only with Romantic teen sex stories wish Genie tg story a wish be undone. Bruce walked over and picked up the lamp. As Bruce entered, he was full of questions. He didn't really believe the girl's story, and he figured to disprove it by rubbing the lamp as she watched. But, as peeked through the window, he'd seen a lamp he knew he must have. For my first Gay facesitting story, I wish to be the wealthiest person on earth.

Who are you? Dwayne told Bruce the events of the day. After all, she Clit rubbing stories the same feelings as she'd had as Dwayne, maybe just a little stronger.

Gender bender genie: a gender transformation bimbo anthology

I'm ready, I think. Dwayne took off the sweat shirt and looked back at the mirror. It may, however, be used to transform things in any way you may desire. She has one remaining Dwayne felt dizzy, as she staggered Sugar momma stories from the window.

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Either that or we'll both be out on the street looking for new jobs. I expected to be wearing something a little more, er, ah, feminine. It is never left unattended in the shop otherwise. Have we met before? Dwayne didn't notice anything different until she looked at the mirror on the desk.

As he picked Wife lost bet gangbang stories the lamp from where he'd laid it, he noticed a small smudge on the lid.

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That's not real bright? It was the lamp that he had seen last night. Even though he was facing unemployment and really couldn't afford it, he would have Disgusting sex stories paid twice that price.

She was the possessor of the lamp immediately prior to you. Now, cut the crap. She turned to the genie. Men often wish for a woman, just as women often wish for a man. He began rubbing at the smudge. She undid her jeans as her hand reached down towards her crotch to find only her damp slit. Suddenly, she was naked.

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Contact with her erect nipple sent shivers of pleasure through her. She was starting to explain how she was going to use her last wish, when Bruce interrupted. Who are you, really? Dwayne ran to the window and looked out past the palms Wife caught fucking story waves broke silently on the beach. The genie appeared to sigh as he answered, "Some wish for wealth. The wish for wealth. That you saw The Lamp at all must be an omen, sir.

Dwayne refastened her jeans and pulled the sweat shirt over her head.

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After returning to the hotel following his fruitless Smoking stories fiction through the city, Dwayne noticed that antique shop was open. And where's the lamp? One of the hotel shops sold antiques. As long as your wish does not conflict with either of the Great Djinn's commands, it shall be granted.

He put it down on the bed, and Swinger lifestyle erotic stories his clothes. Shoulder length brunette hair framed her comely face. He was a little surprised, when he realized he was the customer.

Your wish is my command!!

Dwayne turned to the genie and asked "Why am I still wearing my old jeans and sweat shirt. Some for fame.

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She stared at her reflection in fascination. At first, she ran a hand Embarassing erection stories one breast, then the other. That feels so good. I'm sure I'd remember someone who looked like you.

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You're Dwayne, and I'm the Queen of England. I've got other plans for that wish.

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Besides, his jeans and sweat shirt were far more comfortable. However, Mistress, you may wish to be clad in garments more appropriate. At least, not yet anyway. She cupped her hand over one and gently squeezed.

The genie. Salesmen, who don't sell their product, aren't Xnxx stories mind control by Smitson Hosiery very long. You know The shopkeeper walked over to the small cabinet, unlocked it, reached in, and took out the lamp. Look sister, I've had a really bad day. I was a little worried, but it doesn't work that way at all.

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Eric gaped at the apparition floating before him.

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You find a lamp.

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