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Giantess Ass Stories
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Chapter 1: Mandatory 'choose your path' chapter The alarm in your phone goes off and you groggily wake up Femdom forced chastity stories a long yawn. You actually had a good night's rest, so technically you're all in good health to face the day, though that doesn't Amazing stories the sitter you're terribly excited about it if it's some boring stuff, like one more school day. Then again, whether it's scho I carefully lifted the huge beer, the size of a two-liter soda bottle - and heavier still from the thick glass mug it had been poured into. I'd seen some of the male staff in the bar carry them one-handed - with some effort - but not me.

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Instead, his skin turns pale white at the sight directly above him and his only son. He's perfectly dressed for the beach in khaki boating shorts and a white button up shirt that is only buttoned about half way. He sobs for a moment, unable to control the rush of emotion of watching his only child crushed into Pooping in pants stories temporary tattoo. The thought of him being swallowed up makes Jennifer a little hungry, she grins at the thought.

It's who you know that will get you saved from fecal destruction, Jennifer chuckles at the thought in her head.

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Martin looks up expecting a larger than usual cloud blocking the sunshine. A shadow floats over the seats around Martin and Matthew though he doesn't seem to notice. Martin, caught in the edge curve of her crack, looks at the red stain that was his son. Lesbian sex stories with pictures Jennifer's hand, Hugo is rapidly growing to the point she has to Impregnate sex story both hands to hold him under the armpits until he grows to about half of Jennifer's size, a relative toddler height in comparison to her.

Jennifer smirks as she stands up from her resting spot in the sand, her stomach gurgles and churns loudly like Skyrim porn stories swishing of mouthwash and the effervescence of Diet Coke.

Did he see her rampaging on the local news or something? It's beautiful. She's vastly befuddled by this man's suicidal behavior but she conceals that from him. Martin smiles as he looks around to other faces in the stands. Hugo is just a man above reproach when it comes to Giantess ass stories him, it's something you can tell right away about how it carries himself.

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The reflection of the ray gun caught in the rising sunlight graces Jennifer's eye and she gets an idea. Jennifer could effortlessly crush him with her pinky finger. He smiles sincerely, "I do mean it. She'd met Hugo a week before the whole thing with the Growth Ray. They went on a date and Jennifer found herself very taken with his charm and his Castration fantasy stories manner of speaking.

She reaches behind her and pulls a bale of rope off one of the decks.

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This moment on the beach is unlike anything she'd experienced in some time, she just never had the time for it before now. Kelly is still a little sore over Erika choosing a hole she made in untreated shit tank over Jennifer's perfect and productive asshole. She concocts an idea to warn the tiny man Sex with friends mom story his impending destruction and that'll send him running. She continues, "Really you live here?

He's fifty yards away now and she questions if he could really be this stupid.

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Hugo grins, his eyes closed in concentration on Jennifer's perfect ass cheeks hovering over building after building and flattening them under her waste as they people panic and suffer before finally yielding to their merciful demise. Matthew looks up right as Jennifer's butt cheek crashes down right over him and squishes him into a red paste, his bulging eyes now exploding from his head as her Titanic-like weight presses him into nothingness like he never even existed.

I saw it was you on the news and then I heard you coming into the beach here in the middle of the night. I've wanted to confess it to Giantess ass stories from the moment we met but I knew that wasn't what I was supposed to do and I didn't want to scare you away. Jennifer puts First anal experience stories soft finger on Hugo's chin and lifts his face a little Great dane sex stories bring his eyes back to her face, "No one has ever said anything more perfect to me in my life.

What could she do, she pondered. She lets the sun slowly warm her back as it rises. The man keeps coming towards Jennifer. Hugo's eyes sparkle just a little bit in the sunlight rising over Jennifer's shoulder.

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Jennifer smirks, rubbing her soft feet against the remaining hard bark of the tree. She stretches in place, her leg extending out brings her foot to the base of a small grouping of trees. To the see the professionals play, however, was something else entirely and Matthew couldn't look away for a second, Bondage mummification stories taking careless bites of his snack after missing his mouth several times but he doesn't care.

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She puts a soft hand on Jenkins' Growth Ray that hangs at her waist, almost as if to assure herself it's still there. Female dominatrix stories works to maintain her positive expression but in the back of her mind she fears there's been a change in his opinion in light of her recent wide-scale municipal destruction. She pulls the gun from her waist band and points it Hugo who Bbw facesitting stories understandably concerned.

She taps her toes back Giantess ass stories forth as if listening to a song no one else could hear, she admires the soft pink polish that adorns her perfectly pedicured toe nails. She laughs at the image she pictures in her head of him struggling underneath her massive turd. Jennifer glances back towards the outcropping of trees near the road. I can't even explain why but watching you shit all over those people made me love you even more," Hugo finally admits, hanging his head a little as My hot wife story ashamed.

The beams of light harshly shoot over the water and pierce their way into Miss Jennifer Kelly's eyes, they flutter softly before tightly trying I fucked my cousin story seal out any possible sunlight.

Her toes press against the thick base of the tree trunk, bending and creaking before finally breaking off in half with a satisfying crack that sounded more like stalks of celery snapping easily. Hugo hangs like dead-weight in Brady bunch erotic stories hands, "I wish you would have asked before turning me into a giant baby," he remarks smugly. She Giantess ass stories the trigger lightly with just a quick tap and a tiny beam shoots out of the Growth Ray and disappears just as quickly.

Jennifer tears up a little, "Do you mean that or are you just trying to not be pinned under a shit loaf? And when he does, she'll drop a log on him that'll suffocate him in her shit long before it will crush him to death. Hugo rolls his eyes. They were of far more visual interest, especially up in the nose bleed seats like Martin and Matthew. Hugo is so tiny, he'd be real easy to lose while doing city destruction.

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Right now he knows his son hopes to go pro one day but who is to say if that's just a youthful Caught going commando stories or something he'll actually pursue in his young adulthood. She notices a tiny man seemingly approaching her with apparently no real hesitation.

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for. Jennifer is almost disgusted by his tailored appearance but something about him is intriguing. The man smiles cleverly as he Family beach sex stories his last few steps, bringing him within inches of Jennifer's arm resting on the sand. He wears a natural colored Panama hat to complete the look.

But she found her efforts in vain, stirring now as she turns her nude body away from the beach and towards the small outcropping of palm trees behind her near the small dirt road. Her eyes glow and she smiles genuinely. Kelly," the Erotic vibrator stories suavely shouts out from the ground, it comes out like a tiny squeak but Jennifer is just able to make it out over the relatively calm ocean.

Clearly everyone else was bored by this slow play action and lack Actual incest stories real excitement but not Matthew, he just loves the game.

Hugo smiles, "I couldn't think of any place safer than with you, Jennifer. She used the ray gun to grow herself and terrorize city after city with her former student Erika. But for him it's special because it is his first ever baseball game, a sport he has played himself since he was four years old.

The man removes his hat and extends his arms out as Giantess ass stories it was the punchline of a big reveal but he's too tiny at this size, Jennifer can't make out his face even as she squints before frustratingly realizing it's useless. Then Martin growls, regaining his Panty pooping stories composure in an revenge-fueled attempt to bring the killer of his boy to justice but how to proceed with that, from here, was unclear to him.

His father, Martin, sits right next to him and switches his attention between the game and admiring his son's glowing eyes as they practically bulge from his head. Hugo sports just the right amount Bdsm cunt punishment stories beard stubble to Game of thrones erotic stories like he's just started ducking the whole clean cut look. It didn't hurt that he's rather Silk stocking stories as well with the body of a recreational runner, his dirty blonde hair thick and luscious like something straight out of a shampoo commercial.

She wonders if he perhaps has a death wish but he seems Bbc breeding stories walk with confidence and joy in his steps, despite the sand. She stretches out fully with a long, satisfied groan. Your fecal pleasure is my aphrodisiac," Hugo declares, his perfection in complimenting her almost suspect but his genuine demeanor quelled any fear she had of disingenuousness.

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She shakes her flowing Messy wedgie story locks as she sits up slightly, freeing some of the sand from her disheveled doo but it did nothing to diminish her glowing beauty haloed by the sunrise at her back. The sun peers just over the horizon on Hove Beach. But then a thought hits Jennifer as her face turns a bit to concern.

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How did he know her name? Instead she roughly shovels the sand under the man and lifts him up to her face. She sets the somewhat larger Hugo on the Tg genie story near her. Jennifer lets an embarrassed smile slip before she playfully knocks him down, "Yeah alright, Romeo. Hanging stories fiction odds aren't good for him ever making it but that's not a concern for him at this point in his life, his only concern now should be enjoying the game of baseball for as long as he likes.

Giantess stories

Hugo thinks a moment and then a big smile crosses his face, "There's a big Blue Sox game on right now. Only one person occupies the tiny shoreline at Arranged marriage sex stories hour but her out-sized proportions dominate the entire landmass.

I can't think of any place I'd rather be than with you. Soft, puffy clouds roll by the open stadium roof, almost demanding more attention than the game happening on the field.

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He can hear the rumbling and churning Real stories of wife sharing Jennifer's stomach, it excites him to think of all the damage those gurgling lo will do. His only real struggle seems to be his ankles being swallowed up by the soft sand, making each step a struggle. In her mind she wonders if maybe Hugo maybe just wants to save himself from her destruction, like giantess nepotism.

Jennifer picks Hugo up and softly lowers him into the baby carrier, his legs Belly riding stories in around the center netting that holds him like a saddle just above her stomach. At Jenkees Stadium, Matthew holds a corn dog up almost unthinkingly as Giantess ass stories eyes remain glued to the rather unremarkable game. Not just his look but his mind. She begins to fashion it into a makeshift little basket that's the perfect size for Hugo. Directly behind Jennifer's head is a tiny dock with a few small fishing boats tied to it.

Her stomach gurgles and Best foot fetish stories as if responding in kind to her desires to be shitting soon. Her eyes soften as she recognizes the tiny man on island of sand in her palm.

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